do not know why he did this and you know

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 12:16

I read the novel network novel material, site domain name phone synchronization read to visit Cap UGGs Mini Boots. 110 moment, Empress Dowager (Ouchi Explorer text reading)! Night, Ye Shao Jingjing drove his Maserati driving on the coastal road, parked in the top of the embankment of the lookout sea Got out, facing the sea, a deep breath, so silent and looked at the vast sea. Brain myriad of thoughts. Own today to see the girls of their own at night and think she is the same as before, where are the focus. Elegant and refined, gentle, giving a warm feeling forever like an angel. She was not the same as before Classic Short UGG, now Linger bones, revealing a refuse the breath of people thousands of miles, the eye is no longer as before Smart Happy Angel had now become cold. He knew all this because of their own. But he but no weakness. Although he can tell her the truth, but he can not be so selfish. Point on a cigarette, Listening boundless sea Meng whiff of rickets in the back against the anti-Looked for Ye Shao suddenly the speaker (Aboriginal read the full text). But he will not force me to do things you do not want to do, has always been like this. Ye Shao longer speak, looking at the distant horizon, quietly waiting for the cigarette in the hands of burnout, and then thrown to the sea. inhaled, the sky and said. pocket, raised his head and said with some frustration. road. But he still hopes to hear as a bystander the Linger own (Promise Heaven latest chapter). Although some narcissistic. his enthusiasm in the face. always cold in unnoticed, to help you get everything He is very enthusiastic, but the performance, I always like to call his wood because every time I said that he , he always giggle you know, if not you face some difference, I really think you're him! At that moment, the Empress Dowager! do not know why he did this and you know, I really want to go with him after his accident, but I can not. should smile I do my best to do, I do not have to give up life, life did not give up, stoop even I learned the face of everyone to give them an indifferent smile, but you know, I wish can hide in his arms cry I want to tell him that his days really no joy of life, every minute count the days Coach Poppy Bags Sale. really worse than dying ... I ... really do not want to go on like this ... really do not want to ... Heartbroken, Gone with the Wind Some sadness can float to heaven passed to their loved ones, but Shangguan Linger not Canada Goose Palliser. Ye Shao every word heard into the heart, but only stared watching their loved ones cried not do any comfort. The most distant human world is not life and death, but I'm on your side, but you do not know that I love you uggs outlet factory! Leaf Shao probably true!

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