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November 10 [Sat], 2012, 9:56
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe fat. It killed him ,don he do to add J ī Tuì Ji,killed his brother ,don go back to you to eat roast whole lamb ! Chen Feng has been under coercion is gasping for breath ,he growl .
Fat man listens Kaoquan Yang, the eyes immediately sure shine bright ,a connecting head to swallow the roast J ī Tuì Ji,double Tu ì Jia pedal ,chubby body such as the ball like a bomb like Stuart university .
Just then the fat man blow strength ,Stuart Zhengguo also know that fat is not common people ,can not underestimate ,omit coercion ,first shot, it is a fairy guide .It is pointed out that the strength of the food ,how quickly ,but the damage is not high ,but also want to explore Stuart Zhengguo fat strength .
Beacon immortal strength electro-optic passing between the fat body ,surprisingly ,sh è infat ,is the ghost !Strength without any block ,straight through, poor sky fly J ī ,was this strength played a moan ,output straight down ten thousand ,scared Chen Feng hastily height fly J ī ,lest returned .
Mystery girl patted the horse ,her crotch black actually float into the air ,twenty meters high !Fat body had disappeared immediately ,and in situ Zhengguo appeared ,fat hand to shrink to the waist ,fierce hit ,it is fat kill J īwithunique skills Pegasus meteor fist !The fist ,a murky sky over a dark earth !Numerous time in the dark shining ,straight Stuart Zhengguo hit .
Stuart country where thought of fat that f é Ifat body ,can have so sick ?He was scared at the green, but Stuart Zhengguo nor common people Jing Rong ,flashed ,body has such as the breeze dies ,poor country behind Stuart Stuart sky et al ,also did not react, then all the formation of white light .
Pegasus meteor fist fist Jin came out to see evidence of people !Need siege apparatus can destroy walls ,even in the fat one fist Jin ,potholed ,that is how destructive force !Stuart Zhengguo figure appeared in the fat man behind, have a lingering fear at fat resulted in the destruction of the heart ,where dare reservations ?Hand is out of a glass s è a sword,Stuart Zhengguo high jumping ,swords dance ,and shouted : flying fairy ! Time seems to stop ,all objects like paused .
Can still move ,only Stuart Zhengguo, and he hands the glass sword !Stuart Zhengguo differentiation for each figure ,figure with a sword ,all dancing posture ,elegant and chic !Immediately, all figure into a cold ,a to Rou eye cannot see with this degree to fat ,a cold ,is the pseudo immortal method of Oz shadowless seventh trick -- the flying fairy !Face to kill one ,fat face Montclair UGGs, nor is it right? No response !But when the light near the fat ,fat man suddenly shouted : small universe burst open ! With the fat man a binge drinking, fat body flashed countless light s è GangGang gas ,gas appeared, then up a gust ,with fat man as the center ,with more than outward bluster ,wind strength ,even tens of meters high Chen Feng ,feel is blown to skin Rou ache !Fat this trick ,but no difference in whole range of attack ,he seems to be no reaction flying fairy degree, only this one .
But the fat man with strong wind without defensive voids ,closer and stronger is the fat body ,strong wind ,I even Stuart Zhengguo, also dare not to close to go hard with strong wind !Sure enough, in order to avoid the strong wind attacks ,Stuart Zhengguo originally stabs the man heart sword ,had to withdraw ,only in the fat before Xiong to draw a bloodstain ,Stuart Zhengguo the sword back ,standing at ten meters away .
Stuart Zhengguo negative hands and stand, faint smile: your strength ,should be included in the world top five !Why didn the only together ,as with my cooperation ,to dominate the game ,how? Fat man looked before Xiong blood, such injuries ,that Stuart Zhengguo sword is broken fat a little physical defense !Fat face, small eyes twinkle at Stuart Zhengguo, seems to think what .
Stuart country see fat don ,smiled and continued: you although the strength of people ,but I only use seven success, you may not be my opponent ,fight didn ,find a place to drink, how? Stuart is the country intends to get fat ,so do not want to fight ,fat man was silent ,suddenly ,fat man whips up shouting: ah !I think !Your degree is too fast ,I as long as you enter the body can ! Fat man it has just finished ,before Stuart Zhengguo reaction ,show of hands is a punch ,Pegasus meteor fist strength and sh èafright ,Stuart Zhengguo quickly .
Are just some ,fat is a fist ,not to the Stuart Zhengguo breather !Fat body around the gang gas ,like a hedgehog ,want to close almost impossible ,Pegasus meteor fist and not stop play ,get Stuart Zhengguo time can only be embarrassed .
Chen Fengyi looked fat Hu 1uan punches ,think fat spell damage distance ,hastened to control fly J ī rose up tohundreds of metres away ,also did not forget to mystery woman shouted : beauty ,and brother ,the following risk .
Mystery woman is not a fool ,that fat early damage of long distance too, but still stop in the twenty meters ,but one look at Chen Feng .Chen Feng immediately realized ,this girl horse can rise so high !Thereupon control the fly J ī flydown ,the mystery woman with llamas fly J ī ,it flew to 100 meters altitude .
The fat man has a dozen fist ,but no intention of stopping ,Stuart Zhengguo is livid face ,but is unable to attack the fat method .Suddenly a coagulation fat eyes ,mouth shouted : Tianma lightning fist ! The blow out ,still pitch-dark !The difference is ,the punch punch stiffening streamer ,than the Pegasus meteor fist also twice as quickly !Stuart country just avoided Pegasus meteor fist fist Jin ,has faster electro-optic Quan Jin ,face a fear, but didn dodge ,upper and lower body not by the number of punches Jin ,direct hit a hundred meters away !Fat man clapped her hands ,eyes deep look at Stuart Zhengguo disappears Canada Goose D'Alpago Bomber Sale,the subtle : people are always thinking ,and often be inertial thinking victims, I use the Pegasus meteor fist attack your mind ,let you think I only this degree ,and then waiting for the right time ,with twice as quickly as horse electro-optic fist ,you will react ,there is no way to avoid it !People can not only brute force ,and wisdom !Next life ,reborn again as people Canada Goose Chateau,you will drink your mother Nai ,brain .
Breeze through the fat sea ,the egg will look ,this is the master ! I ! Leng buding Yiju scared trembling ,fat ,no master image moments Finnegan UGG!Stuart country station in the fat man ten meters long ,clothes rupture ,bulk 1uan ,a face of lime soil ,but not the slightest harm !Fat man staring eyes ,I said: become a ghost ? Stuart Zhengguo black face ,a cold channel : you make me eat a also Dan ,really extraordinary strength !As we make a bet ,if I win ,you listen to me ,if I lose, I will listen to you ,how? In response to the Stuart Zhengguo ,is a Pegasus lightning fist !Fat is so simply ,the enemy is not dead ,no nonsense !As quick as lightning fist Jin ,Stuart Zhengguo fear white Canada Goose Camp Hoody,hastened to dodge ,Quan Jin passing, Stuart country be still suffering from the shock ,the oncoming ,is a Pegasus lightning fist !Stuart Zhengguo eyes of a cold open fingers ,palms ,virtual pressure ,and shouted : universe ! Stuart country does not want to kill fatso ,strength retention ,but do not want to be almost killed by heart fat ,already angry to the point, finally show intended to kill !The ,but of Oz shadowless eighth skills ,magic the more back ,per weight ,the powerful skills will increase more than double ,pocket universe ,nature than seventh heavy flying fairy is faster ,stronger !Stuart Zhengguo palm down, then saw a void by light s è strengthformation of giant palm ,palm Meng towards fat pat ,its degree ,was faster than lightning fist on the half !To the Stuart Zhengguo electro-optic Quan Jin ,while playing in the gas pocket ,but was completely absorbed gas gas pocket ,pocket castration does not reduce, electro-optic would get fat people .
! A loud noise ,air pocket at the top of the wall disappeared ,only leaving a huge up to half a meter paw print ,and paw print ,fat characters lie, a blood spurting up, red big much new cloth .
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