he still outstanding life of debauchery How about you

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 11:20

In hand, feeling lost, they find that they also have happiness, but very far away from it people get lost hesitate in running all the way forward I feel life is dull, because there is a the teeth the unwilling dull heart <1> Chen Xi give her husband to pick up a good thing, to send him out the door. also like to fly burst into the room, changing clothes, combing their hair, wash your face busy enjoying themselves on the left in front of the mirror moment, she specifically looks up, happy with herself in the mirror. white skin still matte finish, not help on the mirror and made a face. then carry a package to run out the door. Cycling to school, good insurance! There two minutes, breathlessly refers to the film on hand on Thank you heard the bang machine female took a deep breath, but also in my heart to scold open metamorphosis of the principals, in a public school, but also learn from the private schools set to use from the punch card machines without any human touch, really rush trendy. You say his trendy thing, he can only accept the black color of the hair, the remaining color away alive. Some few teachers walking a fine line, a little difficult to see in the hair with a dark purple, hard by this old man looked a long time facing the sun directly see them atmosphere dare. Chen Xi, the thought of the old principals wearing reading glasses to study hair like facing the sun, can not help but feel a little funny. Arrived in the office, I heard two female colleagues, talking about what is mysterious, see Chen Xi over point his voice deliberately magnified to say really ugg boots clearance sale, Chen Xi such parents fairly short not too concerned. Sitting there, but or listen into a few UGG Kenly Boots. From time caught by her wife betray oneself, watching Yan-Song Liu usually do not say anything does not sound, turned out to be a not say anything specifically bite satyr, engage in engage in chanting, hee hee hee hear that since a tender students two colleagues snicker, Chen Xi was really a bit does not believe his ears. Liu, impossible! Liu weekdays sitting opposite her honest part how could this be? Do sanctimonious hidden under a wretched heart? Looking out across the empty seat, being in a daze. The phone rang, and the Dean of Academic Affairs, Tel: Chen, these days you on behalf of Liu class, is a total of four and seven. Well, thanks. To hear Chen Xi and the Office of Academic Affairs Director Tel, two female colleagues secretive smile. It seems they are the rumors are true, but she still can not believe it, sitting opposite her honest and like a big brother Liu would do such a thing. The object turned out to be a student. Indeed, Chen Xi particularly despise this man of worship and ignorance of the students feelings fraud. Something the original never you see and think. What is it really is it? <2> Near noon, Chen Xi Some habitually run to the supermarket. To halfway, suddenly remembered last night, her husband seems noon today Canada Goose Calgary Outlet, socialize, can not come back to eat, and feel some Samsam contingent. Do not buy food, a man casually against something even. A packet of biscuits is a meal. At this time, my mind suddenly emerge weary face of her husband, or to buy something, good evening to him Bubu. A person outside the hard work really bitter. Transferred at the supermarket for a long time, and finally selected a Shaved broiler, some wild tea mushroom, also bought a few December of her husband's favorite dish. Chen Xi is less likely to get the dish a woman, only to get some simple not too tasty side dishes. Can only say that not tasty, although the husband Tao Ran never said she dishes unpalatable, may also never said that her delicious dishes. Carrying piles of things back home, nearly half past twelve, think of half past one fight that ghost card, Chen Xi is cooking lose interest. Took a box of instant noodles from the refrigerator forward to the hot water to eat. She stubbornly, instant noodles dry to eat tasty than the bubble. Do this Taoran I do not know to laugh her how many times, said the sauce packet of instant noodle factory white bother to do the homework, luckily they still sauces package advertising. Chen Xi regardless of Taoran how to laugh, still stubbornly on the hot water with her unique method of eating instant noodles. Coming to work, the Chen Xi arrow rushed back on the broiler cooker stew over low heat, and then is to deal with those dirty dishes December. Busy in the kitchen, she thought to wait for the next husband that greedy eating phase. Can not help but mouth bent into a forty-five degrees, she even thought that they would drink wine, like falling in love, as each other sandwiched dish, then like to get married that night, Tao Ran took her into the room, and then they both Hearty dripping done once done, she lay asleep on his strong arm, thought of this, Chen Xi flew up into the face of the two Red Cloud, a lot of heart beat fast, say really, for a long time did not, and her husband done, let alone climax too. The thought of this, and my heart is a little lost. Fact, Tao Ran very good to her, just to make a living, for this family day out working hard, she should have life satisfaction. To outsiders, she has a happy home, a loving husband. The seem happy life. Chen Xi also think life should be happy. That night Mens UGG Boots Sale, Chen Xi dish hot, hot, Tao Ran did not come back, not even to a phone, Chen Xi hearts full of lost. Perhaps we sometimes too blindly believes life. In fact, life is like a pinch in the hands of the coin, you only ever see at the same time one of the side. If life really as coins, you would like to see it on which side of it? We believe in the beauty, can the beautiful always not withstand any wind and rain. After the storm, still life full of confidence, I believe that as long as we work hard, the next moment is wonderful. <3> the Chen Xi watched friends Gu charge chatter to tell, a little tired. Not sympathize with her, just feel inexplicable fatigue, he is unable to explain why such a mood and beat yourself up, often for their own. They have graduated from the same school, they marry a person of the same place, with each other the temperament also very congenial, and take care of each other in this strange city. But since Gu charge the husband declared derailed once since that is a happy little woman on practical full became a Jour. Gesanchaiwu will Chen Xi side-tracked which cheap tearoom or cold drink shop, sipping, while Then, also wept, tears on tea drink with. Looked at the face in front of this tears torrential, Chen Xi always feel a heart pain, for Gu charge heartache, more afraid of such a thing will happen to them one day. This article from the past and moving story live so tired, so bitter, and from it, but not can not feed themselves. Chen Xi sighed. How do you say that? Gu charge raised his tearful eyes, looked at her a look of surprise. Logically, I should not advise you points, but you so Haozhe to him what harm it, he still outstanding life of debauchery How about you, physically and mentally exhausted, working hard and making in the rapidly growing old. Wasted youth and a lot of good times in such a person does not love you who value it? Gu Dutch plunged into deep thought, after a long time, murmured: you say I am not a thought. If there are no children, his initial betrayal moment I will never ran away. I had also advise you to give birth to a now was really envious of you, come and go freely, unencumbered. Speaking of which, Gu charge suddenly uttered a shrill howling, my Tong Tong! (Past touching story)

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