the like stab general crack

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 17:19
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultDad. When Bona saw the man ,will be jubilant into each other arms middle-aged man a loving smile ,he gently stroked Bona ,eyes show concern eyes after a moment, the eyes moved to Qi ,asked : you two is Bona back friend ? No odd and nakoruru two nodded ,middle-aged man face glowed with a bland smile ,he gently said: is Bona ,is also the owner ,three races seed you can call me chief I look at the two of you and I race who looks quite different ,presumably came from outside Canada Goose Victoria Sale? How clever heads ! Strange could not bear a sincere compliment Polno immediately flashed a satisfaction ,he gave two ,continue to ask: who knows two little guests come here to me ,what is the matter ?I really want to know ,Bona what you know ? Then ,in looked at Bona, and his eyes moved back to the strange and nakoruru ,at the same time ,Bona secretly on the strange eyes blinked .
Mind appears to Presbyterian before Bona ,the two of them had Lulu sister ,now we have slug are friends ,but soon met my father Classic Short Bomber UGGs Boots,don put me to take you back to the garden in the sky to tell him or I ,of course you worse so ,remember when ,you say that we previously knew it must remember until I saw Bona the secretly blink movement, no odd and nakoruru also did not understand why lie in chief but Bona that said ,they are not necessarily more unnecessary conflict so strange ,slightly thinking for a moment, he said with a smile : .
I think you like it .?But you don have to me and my Bona play with mud baths ,with something of interest? Oh Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Sale, this is not strange answer in watertight ,of course not good to add asked ,after all, the hanging garden ,men and women common spas thing again common however ,especially since he had to play with the mud nodded with smile response can be inwardly secretly suspicion : this guy has been so tight how do you know ,even Bona things wouldn should be a good man but ,his age seems completely unlike is so heavily plans person who the hell is this guy ?No answer to my question does not say, still actively avoid the problem ,so I could hardly ask not simple in did not say what ,expression also can not see a trace of the clue, but actually started without strange doubt ,not only to the juvenile mind of doubt, for his identity a moment of doubt only twelve or thirteen years old ,looks is not a member of our three races ,however, know a thing but many looks very relaxed and calm ,so he went inside to I am not afraid of a little ?I must carefully see dwell on it at greater length ,in fact the idea in the minds of Polno twinkle ,disappeared after only a short time to the second ,Polno turned away from the singular ,look to the Nake gel Luna is Lulu face while on the wire placid smile ,nod said : I miss Bona knew but today was the first time to visit here ,please .
You don chief said , nakoruru also respectful to Polno ring a gift she to do so is to let each other be assured UGGs Patent Paisley Boots,but Polno was on the move without a nakoruru affection ,but in the heart more add a doubt Polno did not say anything, just silent nod then ,his eyes center some higher that crack is like a fire suddenly lit ,the moment will become like the sun ,bright ,at the same time ,cracks began to slowly around expansion just for a second time ,originally as a crack in the thread is suddenly expanded into a macroscopic size shape light slowly Dim ,but with the light of the disappearing ,a pupil and the whites of the eyes are available, but no eyelids eyes like a dream ,just appear in Polno that Polno be released after the third eye ,he just nakoruru glance ,third eyes once again become like the sun dazzling gold ,at the same time ,a thick fingers gold without warning, is almost a blink of an eye, scored nakoruru eyebrows in gold pierced flesh directly into the nakoruru mind ,noqreh Lulu and feel no pain feeling ,face unusual calm ,but this time Polno head ,but a scene like a movie picture from her and no strange two people fainted in the desert of death to two people how to be Bona rescued, and later three people with hot springs ,and how they came to the Presbyterian Church to see their own scenes pictures ,all of Polno third eye .
It is clear ,as clear as noonday Polno closes his eyes ,third eyes of gold immediately recovered he said nothing ,just keep silent, but within The heart is secretly angry ,even anger :Bona you are really great courage I had said how many times with you ,are not allowed to bring people into the garden in sky but here we have three races the biggest secret ,if be outsiders know, it would be dangerous for a moment later, wave Adorno again opened his eyes, he still could not speak, but the head was slightly oblique ,eyes cold glared at his daughter Bona eye Canada Goose Elijah,Bona suddenly become whiter than paper ,but this eye ,she knew things over .
Father has to know !This is my miserable in quietly move to odd ,forehead again golden twinkle ,third eyes suddenly appeared at the same time a golden light without warning from the injection ,is a general ,entered odd moment without eyebrows .
How dare you cheat me !The little girl hiding so much ,I have a look you this guy really hiding what Polno thought movement ,he began to use the third eyes searching .The mind ,but is almost in the golden rays into the strange eyebrows at the same time ,Polno face is reflected a hint of a weird Shaien ?What matter ?This kid mind how is like a piece of Black Mist, what also can How can it be ?Some do not believe Polno shook his head ,then look again to a condensate odd ,third eyes and light Daijin ,at ordinary light also unexpectedly bold a ring without odd blankly at Polno ,in addition to the feeling of forehead some faint hot outside ,feel inexplicable point what is he doing? The third eye is illuminated with ?Not so funny huh three races I heard of this name would feel this third eye should be some magic but he had suddenly the gold and Lulu as I do? It is strange strange heart a speechless ,see Polno look in front of their own continuous transformation, he still feel a little funny is the three eye princes in acting as well? He thought it a thought ,a wonder ,a letter ,later again depressed expression is fitted out, to tease him and nakoruru laugh Polno I at heart is a speechless ,he even have some doubt is it right? His third eye for many years without ,as the machine in general ,rusty would think so ,because he had tried many times ,but are unable to see each other even just a mind in order to confirm whether it is caused by his third eye is out of the question, he put into strange golden scored nakoruru brow ,almost gold into each other between the eyebrows of the moment, Polno mind was flashed a curtain nakoruru memory images ,and even some other and childhood traumatic experience without fault !What matter ?Polno again .
The third eye of gold into the strange eyebrows ,this time ,still as before ,didn his gold is launched into the dark abyss ,although open around ,but no trace of light ,in addition
to the dark ,and nothing else Polno finally recovered gold ,in third eyes of the light is dim ,and after a few seconds ,the third eye is never existed ,fast to nothingness ,to become
the like stab general crack ,erected in binocular center !You just do what ?Get my eyebrows strange light strange curious asked Polno not blinking eyes staring at each other,
not anxious to speak, is just looked at him silently ,rises at the same time all kinds of strange and eccentric inner idea :he looks like an idiot !However, since it is not an idiot ,why
do not mind the memory ?If he really has no memory, might not remember me? What matter ?Is this the feeling I was first encountered at this point ,Polno suddenly a wrinkled brow ,he suddenly
and looked to odd ,like watching a monster general staring eyes blink without blinking ,what also said nothing but he can see more ,look more strange ,a moment later ,even in a flash
to hide the color will not fear ?Is this boy of his appearance ,flavor ,and way of speaking is his deliberate act? Is he is the legend of the man of a thousand faces as well? Yeah
I forgot my third eye to see a thousand people mind ,there can be no memory ,but that time I saw a nothing white space just like the abyss general darkness if change an angle to think
about it, though the two look different ,but a striking similarity to the ah no matter is what also have no white space ,or see anything in the dark, is not nothing ?Man of a thousand faces
,the who is not seen him really mysterious character ,should be the boy wonder I can third eye to check his memory so this is it a thought of before the young have a ninety-nine percent
probability that the legend of the most mysterious man of a thousand faces ,Polno loosen up ,but the attitude is suddenly turned one hundred and eighty degrees to the general ,strange
and nakoruru two people with respect to smile I just wanted to let you take a look ,I think you must be here to play it since they come ,if not you have a look our three races
is the most mysterious of the third eye, that when you go back ,someone asks, that don make joke ! Bollnow smiled and explained ,inwardly secretly and simultaneously a long sigh of relief
:I now already thousands of people face the strength is too terrible my third eye but even sacred the memory can spy, the man of a thousand faces have nothing to look at ,this was not
to offend as well as thousands of people in the external reputation is bad, but not cruel people, and play as long as the heart is heavy I served well enough ,he should play enough
will leave here a good scary guy, even deliberately masquerading as juvenile on the world ,also it is quite sinister if I is late, provoke he was angry ,it can be really miserable okay
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