Sword in Ziyun Uncharted enlightenment

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 10:01

> God sound clinical world, instantaneous, let an ancient tribe of supreme existence on this leave the half-step Road full also did not say anything, silence and disappeared in the sky. when they blurred with tears in their eyes, to see the hope, at least in the big World before the arrival of thousands of birds will unharmed. the hearts sigh, feel the monasticism of Road boundless, even though up to Shido full, and there are the supreme Heaven environment. Twinkle, even if, but let the world slowdown, but lamented without hate. ........................ Life and death eternal combat feel half-step Road full leave, Chu Feng finally could not hold on, immediately think of on this sleeping go, but he did not know that now is not sleeping This is an excellent practice opportunity, and most likely will again make a breakthrough. Before a series of World War II, first and ancient magic evil Cannian life and death battle and eventually beheaded ancient demon Cannian, but he also knocked the dust of the demon days footer hit near destruction, depletion of demon spirits of force; then he was demon repair lost, only to Dan bits and pieces of life and death as they grappled with the six ancient strong war, and eventually fight the case to go to the big Half-Life Zhandiao four ancient , therefore, he is a demon repair or repairs have been exhausted, the channel itself almost collapsed. This time, the average person is absolutely unbearable, instantaneous will slumber to go, but Chu wind will have a firm to a point where people can not imagine, even in this situation, he was still able to maintain awareness of the tremendous sober. Road itself will be off, but the mind of Tao is more and more of the firm, and the hearts of endless insights, as well as six months of becoming an immortal road, if not seize the moment to break through, not to mention the protection of the people around the vertical even protect their own will, but no need to talk about whether to set foot beyond the bounds Road. silent the transfer Body Broken Road, Dan Ling and demon spirits force up and running very difficult body the many Dan pulse fracture, this time running the spiritual power to fix it, but he swallowed too much because the body the ancient demon Cannian of force, just not completely refining, not refining the magic of distribution in the channel itself everywhere, at any time runaway Chu wind now state simply can not suppress. So, he have to do to take extreme care to ancient demonic power to absorb days branching off pulse, because now the days Yaoyi veins have been sleeping need one powerful force foreign wake. Once the day branching off pulse awake, Chu Feng pole is expected to soon be able to restore the days demon repair, and can even make the breakthrough. With days demon increasingly intensive cultivation, Chu Feng, Chu Feng Yue can feel the days branching off pulse unusual, it is like a sleeping dragon, if a real recovery, it will produce an unimaginable mutation Chu wind felt faint days demon veins Dacheng, if the days the branching off pulse Dacheng board angel appeared, that his days demon cultivation will amount to an unimaginable height. Chu Feng has felt the urgency of time, never ran big danger, but also must go to break, and so dangerous, he fell to the contrary, become calm and extremely hearts, such as a Ming territory, reflecting the world the impermanence of all things, is all-inclusive, is really a manifestation of one thousand and ten thousand. Chu Feng repair Guards Avenue, but only Ming Wu stopped by before Guards and the line,UGG Broome Boots, and the boarding of the absolute peak of. Avenue discernable, like stars running, Chu Feng mind at this time is the down Avenue trajectory to pursue, until the Road Manchurian trackless. In general, look for Shido full at, that is no longer the road, but this is truly supreme being, unless it can inverse chopped Avenue, chopping off the road is full of road, set foot on the realm of Heaven, that party of up to Realm of God,Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Boots, worthy is invincible. Only, said full, and that is no way, who is there to have the courage to inverse chopped Avenue, if successful, it would be regarded as a road full of ashes should. Contains ten million years, the world out how many channel full, but there are a few reached inverse chopped Avenue, up to Heaven, and that have the courage to inverse chopped Avenue, that there are few people can succeed Among the qianyu, only do upload years ago through a mythological figure, up to Heaven, now there obsession guardian of this piece of heaven and earth. Road is full, and I originally Guards Avenue repair this road and how can we not cut? unimportant important way to deal with the mentality of the inverse channel. The sky clouds roll back and forth, Pretrial blossom, Chu Feng mind free from birth and death, did not even have the heart of monasticism, he was just in a very common state of mind at the moment, more to look at the big World to an earthly idlers gesture. The wind is asking the highest inverse channel. Hearts asked inverse Road, the Road itself is also quietly changing the Broken Road itself a backlight flashes, he began a self-healing flesh, but also in a refining body, endless inverse Road The tone in the roar. In such a state, Chu Feng forget turnover of the time, the outside world is also earthshaking big changes, due to the big World increasingly approaching, more and more ancient strong wake up from sleeping secret places, more Many half-step Road full, or the ancient family Swire strong awakening, a World chaos. Feel terror in the land of the mysterious legend that is the horizon of the domain of God, there turned out to also have happened, the legend is a road full of those who have appeared, they have to set foot beyond the bounds that into God's opportunity, can break through the road is full of those, to achieve the highest Heaven Realm. Road is full,Canada Goose Langford Parka, even if casually out of a half-step Road full by also should step aside the ancient strong also not very worried, because even the advent of the World, this piece of heaven and earth there is still a certain amount of repression. also unable to break a half-step Road full points to such a secret, so many ancient the strong lay down a lot of heart. The million years Shou repair only once set foot beyond the bounds of the road! From beyond the bounds of this world at this time and only less than two months, many of the ancient strong quiet down, they are resting, and should always be kept in peak condition,Northface Bionic Jackets Sale, In secular prohibitively Road, contention a settled land. Big world will be temporary, thousands of birds on a lot of ancient alien, the alien extinct in ancient times, is pregnant with terror blood, with or without on gifted supernatural repair is more powerful, full of purple combat power over the realm of the late Dan, even beyond the presence of a half-step Road full. ..................... This World, no one exposure to the world, even if the generation of strong Zidan, that walk the streets, no longer seem no longer singular, even among contemporary a lot of strong Zidan have been rumors Ziyun cases criminal Sword in Ziyun Uncharted enlightenment, is now out of customs, repair is unpredictable, most likely full by Commander with the half-step Road. There are another hot topic, Demon immortal angel Recently strong breakthrough, the defeat of the ancient strong a glimpse already got part of the Road full secret, let the world Jingzhen are lamenting worthy can contend with the criminal Sword contemporaries scared absolutely brilliant character. But there is a person of the limelight almost pressure to do the same on behalf of, the ancient family of one of the most authentic the ancient imperial veins descendant secular, he is said to one person alone chopped three have glimpse of the secret part of the Road full of ancient strong powerful so many Elder strong are appalled, not to mention a huge extreme forces ancient tribe in backing, set foot on the the prohibitively road, that absolutely no problem behind him. A young, long hair flowing, obscure half show face, he sat in a very names sprinkled floor of the north field, quietly listening to everyone talk, his eyes inscrutable smile. His side, a beautiful small LORI to dream, but in the magic moving a pair of small hand, then gently metamorphosis of a string of luxury to the extreme spiritual fruit, however, she is still gently heaved a breath and said: spiritual fruit touches can magically Unfortunately, there is no taste, this supernatural powers really boring. on. <

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