the first round of just five days can

November 08 [Thu], 2012, 11:49

C Volume idea is certainly beautiful, can often reality is always cruel, Longchen temporarily not to take nearly four thousand ten Stone so bold as to bet, he has always been like gambling is not a people. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm even if he considers himself 80% of grasp of the first name of this mysterious bucket Conference. Moreover, Long Chen fact, there is no opportunity to betting, this time to go to the the government participating members of the Ning home collection at the temporary residence, in order to leave the estimate can wait until the general meeting of the mysterious bucket before,Canada Goose Ontario Parka. Since three days ago, the six we jointly organized Hyun bucket all the participating members of the General Assembly, have been admitted to the respective six everyone within the government, the Ning home is no exception, and a total of sixteen years old young Venerable, in addition to open three inner chamber members, other are arranged in a side hall usually do not use. Into a the Ning home within the government after the Long Chen, Hadron dart separate ways, not in a place of residence of the family members and participating members, Tong Yuan did not mention specifically where, just speak after the start of the mysterious bucket Assembly The family members will appear in the spectator seats, it is easy to see. Huge Ning home within the government the Shui to Guaiqu, nearly 20 minutes away, Ninghai rock footsteps stay in a hall entrance, Long Chen looked hall hanging plaque engraved Palace of words. Wondering where is Ning home team member temporarily. region, the youngster deep identity is impossible to get to. There must be the Ninghai rock accompanied Caixing. Although Ming Lane did not see coming in along the way several people, Long Chen through those mysterious atmosphere feedback, or aware of a lot of at to set up Anshao locations, and at least a score of strength in order statue above the mysterious ambush forward. Fortified guard considerable. a lot of venerable, that should not go trespassing consequences very serious. Longchen ascended the steps, turn around and sweep a the Kerry and Dianwai environment, pleasant to the eye could see,Ansley UGG, and much mostly carved attic, and a Zhuzhu full of unknown trees of white flowers, the scenery is very beautiful. but it does not see there is nothing special. In this building at least 20 meters, the area is also very broad Ka hall, the room is very natural, the Tong Yuan has been taken to the second floor of a corner for the room, Long Chen none saw even a team member. He originally thought that the need to live together and the other participating members worried that the secret to vent. After all, he can not the mysterious gas Chengtiandaowan converge, it now appears touches do not have such concerns. After all,canada goose jacket sale, although everyone at this stage is living in the camp of the Ning home, once the mysterious bucket Assembly really start, after all, or may become rivals. The Tong Yuan mother a key to open the closed lock on the door, open the door, Chen Road, Chaolong: found at room is not just bedroom only, more than a study, as well as a complete closure of the Chamber of Secrets, he was a little surprised, even a spiritual matrix of stone in the secret chamber, to be Longchen walk around the room to go back to den, sitting on a chair Tong Yuan before the opening: said this mysterious bucket arrangement of the General Assembly, the expected time is one month,Whistler Canada Goose, participating the total number of I have to tell you, one hundred ten the first balloting knockout, determined in accordance with the signed order to be able to get the game specific time, every day from nine o'clock to eleven o'clock, and then from 2pm to 4pm. only four hours a day is the mysterious bucket. the Long Chen interpolation live and asked: a limited time it? before all events are determined by lottery opponents, so you may meet the Ning family members. also appear in the fifth round bye, this does not work, Who this time participating members of only one hundred and ten people. . Only bye one. And the third round is 28 people, the fourth round of 14, only seven to the fifth round, again bye inevitable. Learned that such arrangements, Long Chen can not help a bit surprised himself: , aside bye aside, represents the need to overcome if they want to win the first name only seven people on it. Than the Longchen expected much less, He thought that six people would like the city of Xuan Lan the fog mainland mysterious bucket Assembly is so, it is divided into the four-member team or group of three. Longchen doubts seem to see with Tong Yuan explains: Hyun Doo field, the first round of just five days can be completed, the second round of three days, two days of the third round. fourth round of the day, even if the middle the participating members wounded in the accident. hurt meridians. complete the the whole mysterious bucket Assembly also one month. 10-minute limit time to beat each other, which gave the mysterious gas depletion for the win. At this point, once held with lancheng Yuen Institute Hyun bucket Assembly or less the same, however. Here it is not said of the draw. That is, even if the two sides mysterious gas mane best, it must rely on hand-to-hand to a winner, the most special, but every game in mysterious bucket has a level mysterious next to personally supervise operations, equivalent to the referee. The referees have the right to at any time terminate the mysterious bucket. Assembly from the mysterious bucket real convene and 12 days, these days Longchen are required to be spent in this room, just go Tong Yuan not a moment to a young waitress, dedicated to serve the Longchen living, fixed work schedules simply do not Long Chen is concerned, this is obviously redundant, they will be politely refused. The waitress had gone, Long Chen left the house to go around, ready to find Zhu Zicheng Kerry and the temple of double ask information about the home and the mainland six domains City, before the ancient refining tower just got home Tong Yuan was brought Here, there is no opportunity to learn about the things in this regard. Zhu Zicheng have participated in this mysterious bucket Conference, and take refuge in the the Ning home camp, it must also live here. Unfortunately, Long Chen in the second and third floors of Kerry and the temple are gone in a circle, the other team member touches run into a lot, but only they did not see the shadow of the Zhu Zicheng. ! ~! . . <

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