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; () (Today a little time to spare more efforts later chapter) the basic situation is the case. Wei who spent a lot of thought to escape the turmoil at ease development, not going around in circles and immediately stalls and other trouble jiu doors this thing. Have to say, it really is to get people good luck. If you give up this commission, it is not natural and jiu door Sike. However, if the laissez-faire, the impact of this matter is undoubtedly far-reaching and serious. Monks are made by nature mortal who has selected out, so the whole big Jiu Jin Wang Chaohuang right door control fall into when they can non-comprehension of each faction talents again, turn right jiu doors and one hundred families open the door . Under the shift in the short term, and perhaps do not see results, but for a long time in the past, Jin comprehension would become a source of rootless, only become debilitating, was finally overthrown, the thing is a matter of course. Interpretation of this, Wei Fan even if unwilling, nor may stand up. But with Wei's hands a few hundred monks who, most still Lianqi, even a knot Dan monks did not want to directly intervene in the matter is undoubtedly breaks against. Since I can not Lidi, they can outsmart the thought of this, Wei who decided not to bring unnecessary manpower, cumin one to leave Ling Feng city, who rescued Dan embarked on the road of Health Prince. Bear with their own hands the power of the remaining forces Wei where a borrower is not actually mean it, unceremoniously put the great assassin Damian dragged into the water. The monk Yuan Ying Meng and one hundred ethnic wars that firmament, thrilling, and finally the ability to fight to preserve the undefeated, so Wei who remember. With him the powerful thugs friendly, wanted to escape bad should not be a problem. As for how to rescue Nyu Prince, Wei who have already had a well thought out solution. In his own plan fully inform Damian after the results come back, is speechless. Do others are a fool, if this plan failed, how to do? Damien asked. How can I do? Of course, without a fight ah! Implying also unafraid of death directly heroic martyrdom do? Wei who put a natural expression, and said: Of course, if you have other ways under siege from heavy Nyu who rescued Prince, lunch I said is nonsense good. But do you have it? Damian rolled his eyes toward the Wei Fan. The advice is not his forte, murder is his forte. For Wei Where this plan, he can only vote in favor of, and hearts made up his mind, and if failed prefer risking forced blaze a new trail, not like Wei who so shamelessly surrender mercy. Lin is captured Jin comprehension jiu door erosion an important part of the plan, which they are extremely important, and even specially set aside a provision of a battlefield, a few blocks radius of a thousand miles to the town of transmission sites are firmly guarded by unknown persons near it especially monks rushed scored once, never allow travel pool possible. Therefore, to penetrate to the inside quite difficult. Of course, this is difficult to less than Wei Fan and Damian duo. The latent form has disappeared with Damien big expert in the so-called monitoring guard is a joke. Only apply a means, they easily pass through their inventory after a few levels of the blockade, Wei Fan and Damian finally to the destination, and that the Lin family, looking distant. Just under the guard gate matrix fog, Lin internal situation totally unclear on how to contact, which some people North Face Outlet headaches. This last line of defense in jiu door tight blockade, not to mention two large living, I am afraid it is impossible even two flies under the watchful eyes broke in, this situation Men's North Face Waterproof Clearance Sale even Damian this top assassin Mozhe . That being the case, might as well, it is a scene and let them know that we come good. Wei Fan said. Went ahead, Wei Fan breath summoned dozens star beast out. With his current strength, this is called the limit, and each star was summoned beast, due to the strength of the repair should Wei who ascends to an early monks built the base with similar if the degree. This head out dozens of animal, as opposed to that heavy door monks set Wai jiu undoubtedly drop in the bucket, it is talking nonsense to conflict, but if only for the manufacture of so move to divert attention, it is actually very important problems. As Wei Fan expected, the sudden assault to herd Star jiu unprepared monks in front of the door, causing a burst of panic mixed with countless screams. so chaotic spread at an alarming rate, to the gate level jiu react when the situation is already completely out of control. Until jiu door staff who organize these rampaging beast eleven star stabbed when Wei Fan and Damian had already infiltrated the encirclement among Chengluan go knocking on the forest's rich family mansion. Come stop! Dared forward, I will let you experience the Lin family large array of powerful protective door! A female voice from the fog Li He came and demonstrations like hit a real element, jing quasi-boom in the Wei Fan heel before. Lin family this large array of powerful protective door although impressive, but I am afraid that once activated spiritual power of money it needed? And once activated, probably at least need time to cool at least one hour before re-enabled. So regardless, just to deal with both of us, the girl you do not feel too overkill? Wei Fan smiling road. Lin put the mayor between understatement proud of this circle weaknesses remain unaffected, this understanding and vision against the law, I am afraid that when the world could not find how many people come. Door guard at the entrance of the girl who gave away to hear Wei mystery, in a very short surprise after Henla immediately put an expression, we must greet behind seventy-eight players are preparing for the hands-on, do not take these two unstable factors on the spot cut off. Stop it, Ms cousin. These two are not malicious, or come alone they will not, and you did not notice, just that jiu door camp so messy? A yo male voice came from behind. Girl named Ms Lin eyes light up, suddenly back, it really spy see an unrestrained man transferred out from within the Church. His Royal Highness Prince! Ms Lin Huai-chun brow full of girls apprehension and excitement, but did not forget the purposes of etiquette. The Xiedan Sheng Prince only smiled, not too much attention on the girl who, contrary to the line of sight to a large array of investment outside of the two, thoughtfully. Nyu Prince discourse, also passed to the array outside of Wei Fan and Damian ears. Wei Fan mouth slightly up, and said: His Royal Highness Prince Edward, had to remind you that we have this trip was not hostile, have a look at your sincerity. Post your men to get you out of my request, and that you will give me a satisfactory reward. I hope this is not the desperation of Women's North Face Jackets 2013 empty promises, otherwise, I do not mind defection jiuyou door to side. Speak at the same time, Wei Yu Pai side who pulled from his waist, straight in the inner throw into it. This jade tablets is that Cuhao monks who handed Wei keepsake, with this evidence, parties may obtain Nyu Prince's trust.
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