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September 27 [Fri], 2013, 11:54
Song Min; ponder. To tell you the truth, he thought Gao Jie would come to him because of this thing, did not expect Gao Jie to play so brave, ring and his party secretary. Wu Sangui had red crown anger as a confidante confidante, now red crown anger what? Small high, this thing, also need to see one divides into two. Yes, you did put the report hit the city of Zhengfu, the report I did watch. But there is no precedent, the city also not clear. Since the city is not clear, you should be cautious, don't be too Xing acute. You guys will award forty thousand, and Fan Hongyu's own approval, themselves bonuses to themselves, like this how line? Don't blame the other comrades have opinions! Forty thousand, this number is too large, or the public's money...... Song Min did not make Gao Jie angry, but softened his tone, and she speaks the truth. The Secretary of the Song Dynasty, Fenglin but experimental field. Now the country's reform and opening up are like a raging fire, many methods have no basis, can cross the river by feeling the stones. No matter what, electronic factory four million Hong Kong dollars investment, Fan Hongyu is introduced, Canada Goose Foxe Bomber they have all been put in place. Electronic factory training more than two hundred workers, are Fenglin local youth waiting for employment. This two hundred workers, a monthly wages to nearly twenty thousand, two month is forty thousand dollars. Not in the future to the local electronics factory to provide tax and other revenue. Such a large economic benefits, reward forty thousand block is not? Fan Hongyu is responsible for the investment, even if he can't go to town document shall reward, that our file, any convincing? Comrades also believe that how we say? Song Min said: Little Gao, the crux of the problem here. If Fan Hongyu is not the leadership of the town, just ordinary cadres, so this bonus, he took took, what others will not say. He is in charge of the work of leading cadres, set their own rules. His good comrades, opinion is very normal. That is, Secretary of the Song Dynasty, the city plans to do with this thing? Ha ha, small high ah, now discipline is asking over, everything we are still not completely understood, now talk about treatment. Too early. Gao Canada Goose Camp Hooded Toronto Jie cold face, asked: so, is to put Fan Hongyu up, until the clear the situation and make a decision? If so, then and directly with Canada Goose Men's Snow Mantra him what is the difference? The Secretary of the Song Dynasty, I think this thing, treatment was not the City Commission for Discipline inspection. Even if you want to find Fan Hongyu verification, also do not have to take people away at the time of the meeting. How big is this effect? The City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the comrades could not clear? Gu Secretary couldn't help Jack said: high secretary, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the comrades, is doing her job. Seeing Gao Jie volleys Song Min questioned. Gu Secretary worried stiff. If the Song Min do not hang on the face, anger. This is no room to manoeuvre. The Secretary of the Song Dynasty since specially care, let him leave to attend, the important juncture, he should play some role. Gao Jie immediately retorted: Gu director, the City Commission for discipline inspection work to do, and that our work is not done? This damage is a young cadre's prestige, City Commission for Discipline Inspection, is it right? So be opinionated?.
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