soaring after the Yuan-li, and do not want to doped comprehension sector of the battle

March 28 [Wed], 2012, 12:58

and bracelets and the like things, dragon explore cloud hand is unable to get the stuff inside, but if you dare to take cheap handbags a direct storage of magic, that's fine.How those words inside there is still a Happy Excalibur identify the main tactic of France, recognize you as long as Happy Excalibur main the Happy Excalibur seal will be lifted, with the "Happy tactic" it is more the power of infinity.Now, I and some basic common sense you talk about self-cultivation sector, I think you spent some time in Shushan, but could not really figure it out. "Li Xiao Yao Yuan Shinto. Xu Chen wind leng. "You know that I spent in Shushan?" Li Xiao Yao Yuan God laugh. "Do not say you are in Shushan on, even if you take a shower I can see, only bother to look at it." Xu Chen wind after listening to all of a sudden black face down.Sixty-first transfer function "I rely on your old perverted.You immediately, immediately, and quickly to me, are not allowed to stay in my body, hurry up! " Xu Chen Feng originally thought Li Xiao Yao Yuan God in their own body is a good thing, but did not think of what things he saw the light, and some privacy did not think about I felt a burst of aversion to cold. "You think I do not want to go out?Who cares to see you say I will not last long. "Li Xiao Yao, God suddenly lonely said. Xu Chen wind robust. What did you say?Not long What does it mean? " Li Xiao Yao Shinto: "Well, so you know.Listen to me, the comprehension community will be divided into the realm of the thiol, fusion, heart, saver, Yuan Ying, the hole empty, distracted, fit, crossing the robbery, Mahayana ten realm of repair for the same points system .To repair magic and cheap wallets demons are the same points system.Cultivation sector, the largest is the saver this stage of the Yuan Ying hole virtual period, distracted on the powerful, can you count in the small sects, the elders of one of the characters, even the largest martial backbone.Those sects such as Shushan, distracted period, the fit of the people there are several, the same day that the Shushan head and those elders are the fit of the repair.Generally crossing the robbery of the people is rare, of them were hiding waiting for crossing the robbery of the Mahayana is rarely met with, they are waiting for real dollars force into becoming immortal, soaring after the Yuan-li, and do not want to doped comprehension sector of the battle, unless sects life and death, or if at the same time by several transition robbery of, or a dozen fit of the siege, they may also fall, finally crossing the robbery was successful, but in the end nothing.There is one you must pay attention to, the repair must realm, this is not easy to obsessions, jewelrys discount copy the realm of high can also be seen than the realm of low people on the repair.Repair for just the opposite, if you repair a higher realm, it may be unable to control their own skill, the final result is blew. " Xu Chen wind is the first time I heard such a detailed description, even if the day Ouyang explains so carefully, after all, was Xu Chen wind will not have to worry about