Guo Fangjun said."

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 17:23
[Fifth Volumes] highlight dragon's shame?] Chapter 565th internationalist spirit -- called Wang Qian, waste a lot of twists and turns, and Wang Qianyue in Times Square.Wang Zheng put the phone down, stood up, Wang Li and Li Xin also stood up, three people look at some strange Guo Fangjun, said: "go, go together.""Right?"Guo Fangjun said."Nonsense, you are the Dragon man, and management layer, the brother, brother of the thing, certainly go, of course, I don't want you to."Wang Zheng said."Of course, brother, walk!"Guo Fangjun said.Li Xin had previously been a second-hand Beijing jeep, now that the car had to sell scrap metal, he bought a sweat Hummer Canada Goose Bunting, very domineering, is to drink the oil, although they also are not care about the money, but, without Li Xin's two Hummer vehicles have more than others a lot, my heart is awkward.The appearance of a character, body strong point, the other, really don't have much advantage, also does not block to add more money, buy a Benz G level, or buy a Land Rover Range Rover.However, turnip Chinese cabbage, all have love, it is because Hummer's marginalization, therefore, the Lu Yang City, also Li Xin such a, opening on the street, who look, knew Li Xin from dragon tiger mountain home.Li Xin drove the Hummer, the king sat in the copilot, Wang Li and Guo Fangjun sitting in the backseat, toward the Times Square opened in the past.The car in the parking lot, brother several off.Times Square is not small, went in there is a man-made lake, lake has a rockery, rockery pavilion.Wang Qian is in a waiting for them, no matter Wang Qian one, the Yankees in USA.Don Liu Lei is the dragon group origin, though was dismissed, but the speed than those who did not slow, the first to be some dazzling, sunset, Wang Qian didn't come around the gold s-m-o is more dazzling."Who is this?"Wang Li is the last to come up, but was the first to speak, talk to Wang Qian, but the American eyes."I was her boyfriend, what can you say, here to talk to him, Qian will you want to know to tell you, tell you to go after you."The United States men stayed in China for a long time, Chinese well, very well, even with a rock."The less you, mother of nonsense, I have no problem for you, which is your ch ā mouth out, where cool there!"Wang Li was holding a fire, always want to beat this robbed his brother NV American Canada Goose Constable Outlet, did not think of, this American very tiresome, should come along, this is not a hard time what."The line, line, you stay out of it, which is so big temper ah, he is a foreigner, I know a bit of international etiquette OK Canada Goose Snow Mantra Cheap, people all the way over the Pacific, to our this support the construction of the motherland, which is a great international J ī ng God, we should have a good well, is it right?, foreign devil."Wang Zheng just said."You guys, look for me why, something fun, I M-N no time in this tell you jokes."Wang Qian said impatiently."You changed."Li Xin said."People will grow, both Tang Liulei and I broke up a month, a change it should be.You guys are here, are Lu Yang City having a great reputation big brother, what a pain, we hurry, say, let us go"
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