equivalent to Richard directly to swallow the fruit from

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Next in respect is jing toward elders before the tree of life suddenly said: that it is in the deepest state of sleep, I can Perfusion some energy for it, if you wish, knife Gordon to him, but even Gordon straight, it did not show any particular place, but a good material, and in any case will not damage hit something, Richard This has been with with it, in fact, the knife some too long, Richard is not very handy with them, has been close at hand, in fact, mainly because Gordon gave him only a gift, but Richard simply will not admit , Richard picked up the jing Ling long knife, a branch of the tree of life, then roll up a long knife Canada Goose Ontario, put it in the trunk, green gently flashed unknown long knife had disappeared, need the time of day, older elders still seem dispirited, the heavy his injuries, has not been restored, but even if he is in a prime state, Richard, Ni Ruisi and Arab anti-room and struggling, the decision of the , also need to hesitate? let bygones be bygones, in this process of persuasion, Ni Ruisi finally significant lu little prince's qualities, gentle but firm tone, very persuasive and incitement xing, people can not help but follow his train of thought to go jing spiritual elders finally agreed to surrender at the moment in the tree of life, jing Spirit are hundreds of surviving are surrounded with, apparently helpless, the biggest blow, the tree of life from which they live, the tree of life, and Richard compromise the process they see in the eyes, and the two sides eventually reached a consistent outcome, let the jing the Spirit have found own guardian things used to fight to the death to have lost its meaning, maybe the past is meaningful, but now and in the future it? There are the necessary and intruder war dead tribe revenge? When the tree of life has been reached with the intruder consistent attack intruders, would not and so offensive they had the jing God pillars of the tree of life at the same time? Jing spiritual elders looked tired out from the tree house, walked in the tribe, announced the decision to surrender to the intruder, the response, not ji anger and verbal abuse, but the tribe mi bewildered and helpless look even that rightfully belonged ji into camp Druid elders of silence from life tree jing spirit cage suddenly whine, Richard and Dragon Master Lina continues to flames burning vampire vine, especially Lina flame with Lung inflammation characteristic viscous heavy, powerful from Greenheart planes of the cage vampire vine were burned quickly captured corpses incinerated, the Richard and soldiers with hands from ashes to fish out all dug a pit on the floor is not completely burned, they bury, jing spiritual elders looked the busy Richard, the feeling that perhaps the fate of the future is not too tragic, since the decision to surrender the moment , their fate will depend on Richard's xing and mood, in the next few days, Richard First returned to the city, and the unicorn escort a group of soldiers through the danger zone of 30 km, stationed in the tree of life, not what combat effectiveness jing spirits are allowed to remain in the tree of life, and combat effectiveness the jing spirit soldiers were split in two, half follow jing spiritual big elders to guard the tree of life, and the other half were Richard brought back, if not the youngest the jing Spirit of the developmental needs of the atmosphere of the tree of life, Richard will with them back to the city, but contain Greenheart jing spirit, reminding them to comply with the most effective means of vows, Green Forest jing spiritual called jing spirit, however, and Noland the jing Spirit of fact, a large gap, they do not like the Noland too jing jing spirit as the cause and pursuit of art, and has no less favorable than the height of the glorious human civilization, Green Forest stage They are more militant, and quite barbaric bloodthirsty, Richard for Greenwood jing Spirit does not trust, there is no mandatory xing constraints, who know these guys when it will betray, tree, tree of life is also not all that, so the flow of sand to The tree of life, swear in front of Time books, magic oath is broken, the tree of life will be correspondingly punished, but its huge body, the quality of the will, and Green Forest environmental advantages, and even the flow of sand are afraid assertion magic oath must be binding, the city is still subject to sporadic attacks, these attacks from the other two jing spiritual tribes, two tree of life, there must be two jing spiritual tribe, just do not know that two The trees of the tree of life is Near, far, but it is certainly far incumbent face outside send mén scope, stationed in the tree of life forces commanding the jing British humanoid knight, and sent a total of one hundred soldiers, the main duties of these soldiers is responsible for monitoring jing Spirit who, instead of fighting other enemies, a few days back when Ni Ruisi with latest condensed out of perpetual fountain, Richard sent a few sticks of logging crews, turns into battle, channel effort to cut down to the direction of the tree of life , in this direction has been walking the forest, while the other two tribes of the Druids will still be driven walking the forest come sāo scrambling, but Richard already have enough to deal with their experiences in Richard consecutive set an ambush two, three Druid successful Xisha two jing Spirit tribes no longer dare to arbitrarily dispatched Druid, instant, the Green Forest planes has two months have passed, Richard stabilize the situation here, but a month's time to re-draw a shortage of combat, followed by Richard and Ni Ruisi, and Ajia mén farmers to negotiate, decided to return to once Noland, in order to honor the stage xing income, the regression, and also brought back a lot of supplies, all kinds of rare trees, including the war the old trees Wu Lanuo the most precious trunk, Ajia mén farmers forced to smash the center of the tree, but the remnants of fairly complete core part still embody the powerful life energy, the value of money, just this one on the value of 300,000, and other types of wood and tree trunk together sold approximately 300,000, Greenheart planes value thus embodies a Greenheart years income of approximately 1.2 million gold coins, net of various types of materials consumed, only the net gain of up to eight hundred thousand, and now, Richard et al found a more valuable resource for Life tree of life fruit of life is about to come to an end the old people, the invaluable time class charism can extend the life of the life ji flow probability was significantly lower than the other charisms, ji streams that have to pay the charism of at least three to four times of the normal, in addition to taking into account, a lot of the time even though there is enough gold and sacrifice is not necessarily able to move the High Priest, from that point of view, be able to determine the extension of years of life, the tree of life fruit its reasonable valuation should be the equivalent of 20 to 40 years, can get three the charism life sacrifice, but not life-ji stream other charisms option also may benefit from the convertible offering of the fruit from the tree of life products even less, roughly charism sacrifice of life can exchange for 15 years, for example, the head of a big devil, the Fengyun-third of the fruit, in accordance with the agreement of Richard and Ni Ruisi, and Ajia mén farmers, of the two shall be vested in Richard, the fruit from the tree of life is the ultimate Ni Ruisi his own si treasury sacrifice, traded away the four princes ready the Fengyun the fruit jiāo to the His Majesty the Emperor, in exchange for points in the scoring system of the royal in exchange for the integral of the fruit from the tree of life is much higher than the value corresponding to the sacrifice, who do not know why this set, Richard seize the time one sacrifice, but he can look forward to the blood capacity, enhance the level of need and even various types of Artifact equipment did not appear, but directly handed him a life-ji stream, let him get 10 years of additional life to see the sacrifice, Richard, equivalent to Richard directly to swallow the fruit from the tree of life, addition, from Greenheart planes for the first time, the share of income in the four hundred thousand gold coins Men's Canada Goose Banff Cheap, Richard replaced all enchant equipment, destined for Faroe, and count the time Faroe planes have been the equivalent of three months later, so Richard bring the flow of sand, chou went Faroe planes empty, just from the Faroe bit police received information of the parent nest: piles of data along with Bay over large amounts of data to filter out the lengthy useless, Richard suddenly speechless: form of investment in the other planes Canada Goose Camp Hoody Outlet, just need to pay a little price to pay ... although I very cold in this section, but I wish someone the holidays, no holidays, think about and do not want to have, and simply too but happy to brothers and sisters, and the last special thanks to rustle Pa Ji, and water huā girl the rest of the list set out in the second years, to

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