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Only by this kind of words he said don't fit right. After all, he is only a outside door disciple, need to do is positive, hard work, and louboutin uk strive for early through the assessment, to interior door, then only then has the qualifications to consider the inside of the struggle. Will YanFei to the mountain, the wind will no longer do more sojourn, and charged him back after a good living the hundred work operation, some of the things above best able to personally do it, if material not enough money, you can first find to the working class to some money. This kind of condition YanFei nature may not satisfied, busy thanked the wind instrumental, and each other to say goodbye to surrender, alone back to the house. Just walked into the gates, a tangy smell will pass over, YanFei instinctive feel strange, three steps and two step trotted in, see LingHuYan in the courtyard branch a hearth, waist system with an apron, left hand phase modulation with iron pan, and her right hand to the shovels, are sedulous cooking, small fierce beside is flow saliva looked at. "What, you back again." LingHuYan head also didn't return said: "wash his hands go, wait a minute let you try yidam craft!" "You this is what a sing?" YanFei how also thought, just leave less than half of the work, the big ye have put kitchen set up good, now he should be here in the cooking, and taste his craft. "As you celebrate ah, you not is when the interior door disciple? Go to there to eat large kitchen more boring." LingHuYan said of course, squatted next to the small fierce also nodded, but it seems it to YanFei's promotion no interest, it concern is the pot dish. I was going to be inside door disciple things from LingHuYan not, in fact, the big things on the cloves nothing can deceive caught him, and this YanFei knew, but he suddenly thought of a key problem, quickly asked: "these ingredients from where make?" "Meat home, from the food you take ah, still can from where?" "I the earth are drug......" YanFei felt only a black eyes, solar plexus in the blood. "Yes, table is ginseng braised big bone, cassava five-cent soup, there are several cold dish, now do is ganoderma lucidum Fried meat, while there is a snow lotus plain chicken, the chicken but I contribution, it not only charge you money." "Well, well, a rare good luck recently, eat a big meal!" In the face of the fait accompli, YanFei chose compromise, anyway he recently earned some money, nor sent this medicine for help, and the big ye as long as began to dry, affirmation is not going to stop, and then be fight it out with strong, still be inferior to enjoy now silently, somehow this is upper bound of the lich king's meals. Moments later, seven vegetables a soup all ready, YanFei took out a small bowl, will be all kinds of food to small fierce dial the a bit, it back to the table, and LingHuYan face to face and sat down, and clamp down a chopsticks ganoderma lucidum Fried meat. LingHuYan cook level MeiDeShui, compared with the big kitchen master to good does not know how many times on, but YanFei most concern but not this, but these food ingredients. This can be used to be all can be used to money, oneself absolutely do not want to eat, nowadays are like as home cooking in the table, the most important is he incredibly throughout the first love, then nothing is adapt to the feeling, it seems that things like the way it should be. "Oh, I fill up!" YanFei few bites off a piece of ginseng, finally realized that his own life seems to really changed, once upon a time they don't even want to things, in recent this a month of time, have gradually become a reality, and the root of the produced this change, from the opposite is the only deal with plain chicken fox. "These days, I want to WenShu seriously, may have to do some things, as they came down from the mountain will be more, the home things will come on you to take care of." Through this period of contact, YanFei has fully endorsed LingHuYan existence, will he as members of the family, it seems that this house in itself should have this fellow a position like, say these words to no clumsy feeling.

"I know, what the operation work well, what won't place to ask me, but still had better consider christian louboutin uk yourself." LingHuYanZheng take half root chicken leg taunt small fierce, absent-minded said: "hurry jin into interior door it, always do such a outside door disciple, forever will not have what development, I think you should understand this truth." "Truth is certainly understand, don't work hard progress of words, in this life can not have ambition." YanFei again clip up a root ginseng, a bite out slowly chewing, vague said: "I say, you today do the meal, not just to tell me the truth?" "That is not pure, to celebrate, see you the earth things grow good, I also a bit thirsty." "Well, no matter for what, in short thank you, whether today this meal, or these days help, not your word, I will not have today's achievement." YanFei say, slowly up the body, is very solemnly to LingHuYan made a bow. "Are you sick?" Thought the discussions of the two sentences LingHuYan when face but like suddenly covered with frost, tone, and is also the LengSen chilling, a pair of enough to rival the wind eyes and stared at the YanFei, seem to be from the present big boy move that what. "I have nothing meaning, really just want to say thank you, after all, we are now is a family, and you have been so......" YanFei words haven't say that finish, was LingHuYan break off, the latter also is very earnest of say: "I help you because you will help me, your progress faster, can I do the more, saying that help each other or say or take advantage of each other, you don't have to thank me, I also can't again thank you, but don't tear what family! Well, I've had enough, you will have no matter go to WenShu right, strive for early become interior door disciple, so that we can get rid of the other party as soon as possible." Say, LingHuYan from the table to go away, back after a body, standing in the court of the peach blossom tree, is obviously don't want to say anything more. Do not know how to do anything wrong, also don't know why suddenly turned against each other, in a word YanFei brain now a mess, had to embarrassing smiled to say with smile: "well, since have no the words of matter, I will go to the WenShu." Who knows YanFei has just entered the room, LingHuYan then turned her head, looked at the some emaciated figure, standing in the court stop for a long time, finally into a sound cannot tell emotional "cut" spinning, do not know the name of the bleakness of minor, swaying to or hu eat sea plug small fierce. During the new book, I pray TuiJianPiao collection protector, thanks for all your support! Chapter 30 a coat of paint If the rain online update time: the 2012-3-1 19:40:53 this chapter alphanumeric: 2928 The second day up, LingHuYan is returned to normal, as usual sit together to have a meal, as usual to YanFei cynicism, yesterday thing is like a dream, it seems that there is no happened. YanFei formally started their own reading career, whether to eat or go to the toilet, hand took the primary the working technique, staring of the questions above, mind is wondering how to realize those things. The working technique includes the planting, refined apparatus, LianDan and system operator and so on four big categories, and other doctrine books is different, this book and no need people learn with the tedious vocabulary, is all some simple easy to DaBaiHua. In addition it with the traditional doctrine is different, this book and no so-called read times, whose meaning since see ', it more stress to the actual operation, if there is no actual operation of words, the book turn rotten also does not have the half minute use. Just two days, with their excellent memory, as well as for these sundry people talent, YanFei will the whole book back down, and to set the target, chose four categories of some representative in things, prepare myself to give it a try. The ROM elders a look belong to temper eccentric, when the time comes ZhiBuDing give yourself what YaoEZi problem, usually have LingHuYan can ask, to the working class action exam, he but can only rely on our own.

Although YanFei can sure, you can take the book christian louboutin pumps out most of the things, it is currently beyond the incompetent, that also is only because the practice of for and special grade of the problem, but if not myself to a few words, how much heart or some ungrounded. Will make these things all the materials needed copy on a piece of paper, YanFei will home things entrusted to LingHuYan, driving his beloved han jade slungshot start, once again to the ancient river set, go shopping yourself the materials needed. Of course, he is the first objective of the week home old number, now both sides is cooperation relations, weeks home and promised to will provide him with material, then there is no need to welcome. Now although just doing the experiment, but YanFei confidence he made things to quality is not bad, if weeks house can have enough material, might as well in the past to some, well then will sell things to them, not only can let weeks home more deep understanding their craft, still can earn some money. But before that, YanFei still is a very important decision, is going to buy a new han jade slungshot, not exactly a upgrade version of things. This thing is he in a long time ago in the plan, only hand has been not bounteous, the plan has also been are only plan, each time to ancient river set, he will go to see a glimpse of their favorite that new slungshot whether price cut, but every time their disappointment. Yesterday evening, HanLin here to stay, in addition to bring some meat, begged YanFei help him sow the land, and they had brought new slungshot reduction of news, let have a spare cash at the YanFei surprise, in the heart of slungshot dream burning up again. In fact the piece of slungshot say the new, but has not how new, accurately say should be at the beginning of last year to a model, and this year new out as compared to natural, but compared with YanFei that piece of museum piece, it does in all aspects has greatly improved the efficacy. A total area of expanding a half, above can take two people, still can be put to a lot of goods, the highest speed up three times, constant flight stability when more strong, not always wobbly on floating, charging amount spirit is increased five times, these data there is no doubt that are YanFei dream, at least he need not always in the beast of prey post do intense the ideological struggle. Got to that sell flight multiplier shop, the boss is very warm, YanFei had already to his shop presentability numerous, he is also very deep impression to its, and know that this is a has been trying to make money of good young man. Especially the other good young man in the market is greatly out of the limelight, seem to also be weeks family pick, the boss is also belong to don't want to leave home, are trying to TuoMenZi, now sell YanFei a good, someday in the future can get week's asylum, the business continue to here to open it. Have so a layer of factors, YanFei again get preferential, thanks farewell boss, even helping materials to look for, he is driving the new slungshot fly out market gate, came near the wilderness in enjoyable, anyway this slungshot spirit can have been filled with the boss, or free bonus, enough to play him for a long time. As for the block with his years old slungshot, is Jane and weight of the loading into the QianKunDai, ready to go back to a good collection, after all, it witnessed he fix true career first stage, buchibuqi followed a poor boy mix for a few years. New slungshot effect indeed good, at least YanFei is play addiction, once upon a time to be afraid of difficult things, in this above all can realize, although action still have some awkward, but the mood is very pleasant. Lateral spreads, swing tail, drift, stop up speed, a fancy action was YanFei had YouMoYouYang, even some get carried away, until he hit head-on a bruiser... "Bang!" Both sides with the collision, YanFei the death, direct holding new slungshot fell over the earth, and that was to dive action, the distance from the ground is not too high, or even to have a fracture the. YanFei scolded climb from the ground up, just think at present one black, seem to have what things blot out the sun general appearance, look up, seems to be just to bump down giant.