2014 summe r Travel to Kanazawa Part1 outward 

September 01 [Mon], 2014, 13:55
The purpose of my trip this time. I go to where I have not already done so. I go to a place where I can enjoy many times visited. I enjoy talking with people of foreign travelers and the other at the guesthouse.

I used a round-trip ticket "Seishun-18 Kippu". With a ticket,to go a little less than 10 hours, return will take a little over 12 hours. It was a leisurely trip while enjoying the scenery.

"Let's Go!" at Urawa station(Saitama pref.)

I ride in Takasaki Line, it was crowded with people that commute to the industrial park of Omiya-Ageo-Kounosu around. Upon exiting the Kounosu, Summertime will come out, because the field or fields wide Kanto Plain is because spread. When you transfer to Joetsu Line in Takasaki, to enter the mountainous region. I will continue back towards Tanigawadake the Tone River.

Landscape of the Tone River upstream region is very beautiful. Around Minakami Station.

Here is difficult part for local train users. And to reach to Kanazawa Only three.

I will pass beyond the future.

In Minakami Station(Gunma Pref.)

There is Yubiso Station, Doai Station is a train station in the tunnel in this section. Doai Station is famous as the Mole Station, there is a climb stairs need of 500 or more stages. People of the city you think of the subway and say station in the tunnel, but it is the station of the "tunnel" really sound of water falling on the dark to.

I came out in the Echigo Plain. Iwappara Ski Area.(Niigata Pref

Building visible in the center is what it was built during the bubble period※ of the 1980s. It have developed a high-rise luxury apartment resort near 10,000 room as ski resorts and mountains.

 However, the bubble period is finished, the economy became worse. Then, has become vacant house full of.

 Administrative expenses is very high, such as 500,000 yen / month apartment like this, for because it has a luxury resort facilities.

Seller can not be found now.

How to let go of the apartment,
-Owner dies
-Owner is seized
· Other party to sell can be found.

There is no way this only. It was a debt for that.

 Transportation is also inconvenient. It is not suitable for long-term residence, because it is because it is for a short stay. Therefore, the locals also do not live. It is in the state that vacant house is increasing rapidly. Asset value is almost zero current.  There is also a listing of \ 100,000 or less.

 And operate the facility so as not to ruins, it has established also the road now.Administrative expenses is high for that.However, it will become ruins and really stop them.

 If it renovated in local for, there are no people living in the area population slight.

 It is in the state that is find no solution to what to do.

It was beautiful renovated. Echigo-Yuzawa station.It enjoyed a long period of time.

March 14, 2015, Hokuriku Shinkansen is opened to traffic, people visiting the Hokuriku district will not pass here. Hokuhokusen with this area's desperate to collect customers for that.

Lunch that was bought at Echigo-Yuzawa Station. 1,050 yen (tax included)

Hokuhokusen normally train also capable of high-speed running, it is very pleasant.

And to the west overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan from Naoetsu. Thunderstorms this day, rough seas seems the Sea of ​​Japan. The next train seems to have been thunderstorms about train stops.

Factory increases Once in Toyama Prefecture, the population is also increasing. It is a major industrial area of Hokuriku. And I arrived in Kanazawa safely.

Manned ticket gate of Kanazawa Station than six months after. I feel lonely will somehow.
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