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November 02 [Mon], 2009, 12:24
rmt-qa I just went back home from the English Corner rmt-news of the Chaoyang Cultural Center. news-rmt I can't remember how long I didn't go to the EC but the excitement after that is still in my mind ever just like today. So I'm totally desire to share it(Don't mind...) rmt777 .
r--m--t Almost the whole world know me how much I like English but nobody knows how hard I did. To be honest, my English is not so good but my spoken English. I like communicating with foreigners or we Chinese in English which why I'm so good at spoken English. Hence, I know how to improve your spoken English, simply, practice. It's crap,huh? Yes, but it's true. We're no ability to speak English fluently 'cause we never stick to practice, do we?I don't know you but indeed that's me totally. Now I changed. I strive for speaking English well so I always practise it while joining in the English corner is a useful and good way to pick it up.
Ok, arcadiasaga-rmt It's time to introduce sth in the English Corner right?c9-rmt My friend and I just went to join the English Corner in the Chaoyang Cultural Center this afternoon. dragonball-rmt It's such a huge group which consisted of less than two hundred people, old and young,most of which were Chinese besides six foreigners. First of all, three joiners one by one gave speeches. They conveyed sth about Halloween 'cause today is Halloween in the western countries. Then some foreigners gave speeches and answered questions we asked. I also sent a question when David a hansome guy from Canada was on. Guess what it was, "Where're you from?"(Laugh)'cause I'm a newcomer there. So he briefed himself. Afterward, my friend and I went talk with him and we knew him a lot. He has been here for two and one half years and has traveled many places in China. He smiled now and again which impressed me. People who know him love him very much 'cause smile is on his face all the time. In other words, he is happy whatever he meets. When we mentioned the cultural shock he just said the only way to solve it is what's on your mind. He is such a postive person. By the way, we also had turkey and cakes. How lucky we are! The important thing is you must open your mouth when you are in if you want to improve your English ffxiv-rmt .

At any rate,rmt-cc I had a wonderful afternoon today.
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