2010年12月26日(日) 11時45分
Hi, Anna, I hope you are having a great weekend.
I’m sure your Christmas candles made your coworkers smile

You finished preparing New Year’s cards! Post office says,
in order to make sure cards to be delivered on 1/1,
we should post them by 12/25, which was yesterday.
Shoot, I forgot to send them…. Oh, well.
I hope my friends will understand how much I love them even though they receive my cards on the 3rd.
(I guess it’s not a good way of thinking if this is for business)

Oh, yes, I’ve heard of the term “pro bono” in American legal drama on TV.
So you recommend workers to do some “pro bono” activities? That’s a great idea!!.

I think doing something voluntarily is very important.
When talking about “volunteer activity” in Japan,
many people pay attention only to a point that s/he is doing something for NO REWARDS.
But, I think the important part is that s/he is doing something VOLUNTARILY.

Volunteer, voluntary, voluntarily....
these words originally come from a Latin word voluntarius meaning “any service of one’s free will”.
I think the important part of the activity is that people choose to take part in some activity,
not forced by someone, but with their own free will.

I think people can keep their motivation high
when they know that the present situation is what they choose to be in,

In this sense, I think your University project is so great to keep workers motivation high.
According to your self-introduction, workers can voluntarily choose any lectures they need.
In other words, workers have freedom of choice for learning inside the workplace.

The article was about activities outside of the workplace,
but in your case, you are trying to realize the same thing inside the workplace, I suppose.
I assume that you cannot come up with this great idea
if you didn’t fully enjoy your own university life before entering the company.

Oh no, it’s got so long.
Thank YOU. I enjoyed talking to you on Twitter, too. It meant a lot for me.
Yes, I’d love to hear how you are doing sometimes!