2007年01月28日(日) 15時02分
Will I jelous at his girl again???

I have strange feeling.

I don' love him anymore.

We are just friends,then why I wanna get everything ??


Why girl feel conftable to ex boy or something that was first to do something.

I loved him for passion very much...It was my first time to love someone like that.

It was comfort to me.

We argue sometimes but I loved him, so I complained at you...

Sometimes you were strange, selfish and childish...

But I loved your everything.

The human is not perfect.

I loved your everything include your bad point...

I couldn't get you at that time but please understand me.

I loved you the best.

I was the best to love you in the world.

So I don't wanna any girl to do enything to you...

But it's my ego...

So we are just friends forever.

I gave up you.

We won't meet again, I guess.

Even we meet again, we are just friends...

I'm back 

2007年01月27日(土) 23時35分
I'm back from cinema.

It was nice.

My mum was impressed by that movie but I didn't...hahaha

Recently I'm thinking too much about .........hehe

Do I still like him or not.

But I'm stupid, so I'm not sure about that.

When I see him, I became crazy...Do you know what I mean???

I really wanna get airplane ticket to meet him.

I always in taugh love...

For examle has long distance like in Japan and Austraia or somewhere.

Is it my destiny???

It's taugh to me......Why do I get very very taugh love.....Did I do some wrong?

Lord.....I don't beliave you sometimes.

But I really do my best. I do favor to someone to get my happiness.

I wish I get really good partner oneday.

I wanted buy new clothes tonight but I didn't have enough time to chose the good clothes....dear.

I bought some snacks and drink and watched movie.

I decided!!
I will do on diet again.
And then I will go back to AUS to give supeise to everyone.

I guess no one can find me 'cause when I was slim, I was definitly different girl.

I wanna be like before again.

I lost 3, 4kg since I came back to Japan but it's not enough to me.

I wanna lose around 10kg. hahahahaha

See ya

I miss everyone so much 

2007年01月27日(土) 18時22分
I woke up at 17. hahaha

I'm in holiday, so I'm haveing lazy days....oh dear..

When I woke up, I got 2 message on MSN.

Both of them from HK.

I'm in sad mood.

Everyone is leaving their country soon.

Last year, I was very excited to meet everyone again in Tas this season, but this year I can't meet them again.

Even I will go back to Tas, there isn't same member as last year....

I hope we can have reunion party oneday. I really hope we can do that.

Have good flight, and good luck.

I hope all of your best, guys

I'm going to cinema with my mum tonight,

'cause taday is firstday of Will Smith's movie.

I know Japanese tittle but I don't know English titlle... sorry about that.

↑This movie...

Oh, and then I need to fill in the blank of apply form.

I will get car lisence.

When I will go back to Australia oneday, I will get international car lisence

And then I can take you anywhere you want.hahaha

It's time to get ready...

See ya.

Love you all

1st Day 

2007年01月27日(土) 3時32分
Hello, everyone.

I made a new weblog which is only English.

It's great oppotunity to me, isn't it???

I don't have much chance to speak English 'cause I am in Japan...

Actually I wanna go back to Australia but my mum says "No, you can't

go back there. It's very expensive. We are not RICH."

I always think "Shut the fa#k up bi#ch !!" but she is my mum, so I can't say
that to her.

I wanna go to AUS to study and get wide view but I can't do that now....

It's very taugh to me.....

Today I got a e-mail from one of my HK friend.
I sent a present to him 'cause he was birthday.
Then he gave me a message to say Thanks.

I was happy.

When I get e-mail from my friends, I am super happy.

Actually I wanted to get black skirf to him but it's too popular,so I couldn't get it.
But he said me Thanks.
I wanted to Thanks to him at that time.

I wish I wanna meet my friends, who are in Aus, again.
I really miss them and like them.

I didn't do any particular things today.
I just went to ECC, where we can study English.
Talked with my friends on the mobile.
Chated on MSN with my friends.
Ate dinner myself...
Watched some TV programs.....

Nothing special.

I have only 2more days to go to school.

We are in holiday to graduate from high school...
So I am fuc#in' bored.....

I recall that I went to bar with my friends, slept with my friends....etc in AUS.

That was my youthful days.

Oh-----I don't know what should I write about....

I am watching boring movie on TV.....

I prefer to go to bed.

It's 3:46...

See ya, everyone.

Good night.
I miss everyone so much...
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Hello, everyone.
I am Japanese but I wanna write dialy in English. Don't think "You are crazy." to me....Please. hahaha I just like to speak English...

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