September 07 [Wed], 2005, 21:47
It was very scary yesterday. I am sure that it was my first time to meet a big typhoon in Fukuoka.
I know that this area has many typhoons in a whole year though..
I was very surprised about everything for example news and so on..

Anyway, I could not go out yesterday..so I was a kind of boring yesterday.

Because I dont like to stay in home all the day, today I went out anyway...

I went to a supermarket and get some stuff for a supper.

I bought two kinds of flouer for baking. I will make a loaf of bread maybe tomorrow ..

It is a kind of my message .. very personaly...
anyway, I read newpaper and it said that a 15 years girl won a novel prize recently..
Wow! only 15 years girl!!!

it must be very cool. right?!

I am not the only person...right?? No!!!

I will get a prize near future...

I have done nothing yet though, till I will die, I have to do something in my life.

I really want to be a novelist... it is my dream...


August 31 [Wed], 2005, 20:47
I went to Fukuoka today with my son.
It was almost my first time to go around the city.
When I got on a bus, I found a frier on the window it showed ` you can get free-pass with only 600 yen per a day.` So I got it emotionaly.
As I bought it, I run through the city by bus today!!

I am sure I got on a bus at l;east 6times!!!

I went to canal city, Ohri park, sea hawk hotel, bayside place and dome...

I walked about 20000steps today!!

WOO, maybe I am tired, though I can not feel it.
Because I enjoyed so much.

It was a very nice day!

day off

August 27 [Sat], 2005, 19:02
I have no work!!
I am free today!!

So I went to a park with my son today. It was very sunny day today.
At the time we arrived at the place, it was almost noon. Then we ate a right
meal there.

We enjoyed walking and playing in a playground. There were so many kids and theirs mothers and fathers. They seemed to have a wondeful time, too.

After that, I dropped in a drug store, bought a dipper.

After coming back home, I met my friend through a computer. She showed her only 6months son. He made me so happy. He was rolling well..

We talked about our lifes each other. It was a kind of very very routine work for a homemaker. Anyway ,
I enjoyed talking ..

Acutually I was very disappointed, because of an incident.

Well, why some people try to feel me so bad??

I am very sure they did not try to feel me so.. but
Maybe beause of this culture, the way of their talking...
Sometimes I feel upset!!

Why many people in Japan take care of others too much???

part time job

August 26 [Fri], 2005, 21:45
Maybe I am very tired.
Today I had to work, as usual. So I went to my place, and
I worked very hard.

After that, when I drove my car, I hit a car in the park..
I am sure at that time, I was a bit tired, and out of mind.

I learnd I have to be more careful all the time..

Anyway, I dont like me now..

Why am I so always???


August 25 [Thu], 2005, 22:28
Well, I try to write my blog from today.

I woke up late this morning and ate a breakfast.
Then I ironed my husband's shirts. As I had nothing special to do in my home in the mornig, I went out with my son. We went to Jasco to kill time.

After that, we were back to home and ate lunch.

Then I went work as usual. It was not so very busy today as usual.

If only I had so much money now...

Anyway, I will keep working...tomorrow and the day after and after....

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