how did i like him? 

May 03 [Tue], 2011, 0:54
Someone asked me to add him.
I talked to him.
And he's so sweet.
he's so thoughtful.
he say words that makes me happy.
and he cares a lot [eh? isn't that thoughtful already? LOL]

one night.. when someone told me that he'll talk to me...
i waited for that someone to online..
while waiting.. i was talking to HIM <3
even though it's really late.. he stayed up with me..
he's making me laugh.. even if i'm complaining to him..
he's cheering me up...

and when i was sick..
he never failed to remind me to drink medicine.
go to the doctor.
he's the most caring person i met.

but there was a time when i yelled at him..
told him something like..
"why do i always have to follow you"
and then he did not reply o-o
i was scared.
i didn't talk to him because i think he's mad.
but i missed him.. so much..
and so after months of not talking,
i decided to talk to him..
and tell him what i feel..
he even told me that i'm stupid for thinking he's mad..
and he told me he won't get angry :">
i'm so happy that he's still the same person i met 8 months ago :)

and now i know...

confessions =)) 

May 03 [Tue], 2011, 0:35
I confessed! haha i told him i like him but he was like..
"Oh! *laughs*"

ME: you know girls will really get mad at you if you answer that way... even i, will get mad.. if ever i'm serious...
HIM: you are not serious?
ME: mm? do you think i'm serious?
HIM: ha?
ME: when i told you i like you, do you think i'm serious?
HIM: no.
ME: what if i am? will you still say "Oh! *laughs*"?
HIM: No.
ME: then what will you say?
HIM: I don't know; No one is serious when they tell me.
ME: eh? what if i am?
HIM: you must tell me.
ME: okay. i really like you __________
HIM: if you serious i will say そうかな俺わ本当に楽しいだよう!
ME: huh? tell it in English!
HIM: i cannot! 
ME: what?!!? it just means "i don't like you"?! hahaha easy! LOL that's so not fair >.>
HIM: it does not mean like this stupid!
ME: ehh?? then.. "i only think of you as a sister"? hahahaha =))
HIM: no
ME: mou T___T then.. "i don't believe you?"
HIM: No! stupid!
ME: mou >.> then what? tell me! XD
ME: hahahha i know!!! XD
HIM: you know?
ME: "oh i see i am very happy"?
ME: someone translated it lol XD
HIM: Cheat!
ME: why you don't want to tell me >.>
HIM: not i dont want
HIM: i dont know how
ME: you don't know how to tell me that you're happy??? =))) hahaha maybe you don't take it seriously! =)))
HIM: i am serious!

LOL =))) hahaha. id really know what to feel though >__<

Describe where you live 

April 02 [Sat], 2011, 21:53
Day 15 of 15-day challenge!!!

Oooo!! it's the last day =)))
LOL.. umm.. so,
i live in a blue hose.
a bungalow type.
there are three rooms.
Between the two rooms, there's an altar.
When i'm still young, i slept at the first room with my mom..
but now i only stay there to pass my time.
the room's theme is pink.
and there are hello kitty stickers.
the 2nd room, it's the guest room.
i used to stay there just to take pictures and all.
the 3rd room.. is my room now,
it's so messy so i'm planning to renovate my room this summer..
i'ma gonna make it turn to PURPLE <3
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