8 seconds Artest lore

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 17:42
With Artest pointer with 0.8 seconds lore, the Lakers yesterday to beat the Suns 103 to 101 and the total score of 3 to 2 to get the Western Conference finals match point. Bryant ecstatic look like to get a championship, Artest saved the Lakers lore, but also to save Bryant. Coach Phil Jackson said excitedly after the game, he (Artest) did a strange thing, he describe some bizarre script.

3.5 seconds before the whistle, the two sides battle into 101 levels. Bryant jump shot from behind the arc, but suffered a double Bryant surrounded a record three non-stick, Artest promptly rushed to the basket, grabbed the rebound and shot succeed. Some people may say, what is bizarre? Artest just be there, and then dropped into it. But in nike free trainer 7.0 fact, bizarre deeper meaning is not lore Bryant finished the war, the Lakers showed a sense of urgency Bryant said before the game, they used the Mad Dog Spirit scraping every one rebound. However, the Lakers offense lack of continuity, the key reason is too dependent on the Lakers Kobe Bryant can always tired, which directly affects the efficiency of Kobe Bryant was 12 yesterday, 27, had 30 points and nine assists, Nash data and Bryant similar - 29 points and 11 assists, but Nash is 12 of 20 shots. Nobody seems to care about these Lakers, they only know how to give the ball to Kobe. But Artest different, he does not rely on Kobe around, well conceited that he will never give up the opportunity to perform. Yesterday a war, it is unfettered Artest saved the Lakers Jackson's second sentence sharply, so-called bizarre play not only refers to Artest staged lore that in mind, but also mapping out the game master tone - the referee did not want the Lakers successfully won the fifth fair, the referee whistled for this crucial battle is not strictly scale, Bryant is the top priority of the Suns defense, defense thugs several times during the Suns but was again let go, no wonder Bryant anxious straight fist waving from a technical statistical point of view, the Lakers seemed supra vaider australia to be home away from home, the audience more Lakers fouls, free throws fewer. Bryant did not play long first section was blown up two fouls, the results helpless fate. Why do referees do? The only answer is to put front stretch. On the surface, Ron broke the referee's lore wishful thinking, but who do not know how referees favor home in the sun home?
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