March 30 [Fri], 2007, 0:13
i had a hapi school time these 2 days
played with wong cheong during lunch time yesterday~

today i was asked to answer questions during phy lessons
my performance was not gd............
another worse thing is that i failed in my last classwork......
felt so sorry
i should work harder from now on!!!!!

i was reli hapi during school time
but i dun know y i felt sad at night
reli can't undestand myself
looking forward to every tomorrow~
looking forward to next week
looking forward to my holiday
i dun wanna end my f.6 life


February 27 [Tue], 2007, 21:15
ANNA第 六 型 : 忠 誠 型 (Loyalist)

你 會 是 一 個 很 好 員 工 , 因 為 你 很 忠 心 盡 責 。 安 全 感 對 你 都 很 重 要 , 因 為 當 遇 到 新 的 人 和 事 , 都 會 令 你 產 生 恐 懼 、 不 安 的 感 覺 。 基 於 這 種 恐 懼 不 安 , 凡 事 你 都 會 作 最 壞 打 算 , 換 句 話 說 , 你 為 人 都 比 較 悲 觀 , 也 較 易 去 逃 避 了 事 。

ANNA第 七 型 : 活 躍 型 (Adventurer)

活 躍 型 的 你 , 就 是 如 此 這 般 : 樂 觀 、 精 力 充 沛 、 迷 人 、 好 動 、 貪 新 鮮 、 五 時 花 六 時 變 … … 「 最 緊 要 玩 得 開 心 」 就 是 你 的 生 活 哲 學 ! 你 們 很 需 要 生 活 有 新 鮮 感 , 所 以 很 不 喜 歡 被 束 縛 、 被 控 制 。 你 的 活 力 是 玩 的 活 力 , 又 跟 第 三 型 的 成 就 型 又 有 所 不 同 , 相 信 你 們 是 活 動 攪 手 , 玩 極 唔 厭 !

ANNA第 九 型 : 和 平 型 (Peacemaker)

在 很 多 情 況 , 你 們 都 是 和 平 使 者 , 善 解 人 意 , 隨 和 。 你 們 很 容 易 了 解 別 人 , 卻 不 是 太 清 楚 自 己 想 要 什 麼 , 會 顯 得 優 柔 寡 斷 。 相 對 地 說 , 你 們 的 主 見 會 比 較 少 , 寧 願 配 合 其 他 人 的 安 排 , 做 一 個 很 好 的 支 持 者 , 所 以 你 是 心 較 被 動 的 。

lunar new yr 

February 21 [Wed], 2007, 1:10
16 feb 2007
i was so hapi these days

we went to victoria park lunar new yr fair
then went to hong kong carnival
so hapi
won a lot of prize~~好叻ar~
great view~
i like the 摩天輪~~
went to the new star ferry pier
not bad~but i like the old one more~
it's quiet there~

i will take care of myself~
no needa worry about me
waiting for u
miss u~

gd show~ 

February 15 [Thu], 2007, 0:57
Happy Valentine's Day~
today is so hapi~
congra to isa!!!won the champion~~~well done!!my dear~
today's show was fabulous!!!!HAHAHA~made all guys laugh crazily
i love pinky so much~!!!!好正
thx so much all my sa bbs,sub com,helpers and form 6 guys~!
love u all

went to watch 'music and lyrics'~
um~not bad~~
the story is a bit boring~but the voice of the male actor is incredible~
hv dinner~~then called away by my mum.....sosad
everything is in a hurry~~
anyway i was so hapi
thx so much
unforgetable day!

bought a new mobile~~sony ericsson P990i~it was released few days ago~
but 好抵~only $3388!(original price is $4xxx)
great function!!
i realised that my mobile is more and more powerful........
oh.............maybe 1 day i can't find any mobile that suits my requirement....
wanna buy NDS............
human's wants are unlimited


February 09 [Fri], 2007, 22:33
Wong昌繼grad photo taking 個日,穿得好有型後~
今日又打tie la


我正式announce"我為昌狂運動"(Crazy about Wong Cheong Motion)正式成立

會員只須留心上PHY 就ok 了~~


today 昌昌被我們的揮春弄得好開心~~
he told us about he learned to write 中文書法~~
HAHA~He is so cute~~ lovely~~
成熟的男人(esp 昌昌)有一種無法形容的attraction
就像K洞一樣有very very strong attraction



February 01 [Thu], 2007, 2:03
today is a very special and hapi day

i got a phone call form cu at about 10pm tonight

so surprised

it was professor Fan!!!!that cute and lovely QFN professor~~~hohoho

that follow is out conversation (in chinese):

Dr Fan: After the interview, we(pro in department of finance) had a meeting to discuss which students to admit. We decided to give u a firm offer for the QFN program. We 100% sure will admit u if u chose us as first choice.
Have u been to our eas information session?

ME: ys , i hv.

Dr Fan: oh~that i think that u must know who i am.


Dr Fan: Another thing that i wanna tell u is about the scholarship.We hv a XXXXXXXXX scholarship(i forget the name) of $15,000. This scholarship does not require 入息X查. But if u think that u dun need it, u can give it to other students.

ME:ng.Thank you so much

Dr Fan: Do u hv any question to ask me?

ME: can i ignore ust and hku's interview and just choose CU QFN as first choice?

Dr Fan: YS!~I am the only one to decide which student to admit, so if i give u a firm offer. u are 100% sure to be admitted to QFN.

ME: oh!!Thank you.

Dr Fan: Do u hv my e-mail?

ME: YS, i hv got it in the information day.

Dr Fan: If u hv any question, just feel free to e-mail me


OH gosh!!!
i am so hapi
that's unbelievable
i never thought of getting a firm offer
I think that's just like a dream
just the same feeling when i got my ce result
doubt if i am hving my dream.........(becuz i was sleeping and my mum woke me up for the call........LOL)

THANK GODthat's the only thing i can say
GOD has been helping me for a long time...........thank you so much
GOD always give me wht i want..........
i will try my best to be a gd christian

still hv to go to ust and hku interviews
dun hv much pressure now~~


CU interview 

January 28 [Sun], 2007, 1:34
27 Jan 2007

went to cu for interivew~
my interview..................fair la.............
no bad no gd
still hv 10%chance la~~~@@
the questions asked are so difficult

first i gave my self-introduction
then the 2 professors asked me questions according to my self intro

1. What difficulties have u faced when u are doing voluntary jobs?How did u solve them?
(in my self intro,i said i will do voluntary jobs when i am free.I also said that i am positive,i will try my best to solve difficults)

2. Wht will u expect to do for ur career in the future?
i said i would like to work in the finance sector

3.Will u do anything related to finance?
(i said i will sometimes read newspaper about finance)

4.which business news most interested u?
(i said the recent rise of the hk stock market)

5.Some ppl think that the hk and china stock market will volatile,wht do u think?

6.After reading the finance news,wht can u get from analysising the data?

7.Which country has u been to?What is your favourite country?
(i mention i like travelling in my essay)
(i answered japan,becuzxxxxxxxxxxxxxx--with some reasons)

8.The nikkei index in japan was very high 16 yrs ago.However its value decreased a lot now. Wht should japan do?
(the pro also told me that his daughter is called nikkei becuz at that time nikkei is very hit~~LOL)

9.What make u stand out from the other candidates who choose QFN?

10. Do u hv any questions to ask?

then i asked 1 question.
After that ,the professors just smiled(or laughed) and looked at each other.
Then they just gave me a long long answer.
the foreign professors suddenly asked me questions again

11. Have u joined any competition outside sch?
(i asked if he means the competition related to business)
i said no becuz i am a science student and i am not allowed to study econ of business.But i will do some other research related to my study,e.g.........

12. Have u done any project related to pollution?
i answered no.
Then the professor talked about pollutions.

13.Wht do u think about pollution

14.wht are the difficulties when dealing with pollution?

15.A lot of students in QFN will take other subjects as a minor,wht do u think u will take if u are admitted?

16. Do u hv any other questions to ask us?
i asked another question again.

didn't feel nervous at all.........maybe i hv lost my feeling
the interview was just like that la............
i can't remember all questions la.
the questions are so................
i just O my mouth
i just responsed quickly and blow water la~~
just pretended to be confident~
dun know if others' questions also so difficult law............

after my interview,i went to the tea reception
and chatted with some staff and students
Ruby(a staff in the finance dept) is so nice wor!!!!
i think she just look like christy yu........XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
chatted for a lon long time~~~
cu students and staff are really nice and friendly~~!!

then i went on a campus tour~~
visited 1 hall
the view is amazing,bravo,incidible,awesome,marvelous....................
!!!super beautiful law!!
there is a comics room
the rooms are very large~!!
i love there ar!!!!!
i love CU so much now~~~

most probably i will enter CU

this yr's eas stat
QFN is so competitive.........
dun hv much hope ga la
but at least i think my performance was better than i excepted(i excepted to die and hea becuz i didn't perpare for it..........)

BUSY WEEK...聽天由命 

January 15 [Mon], 2007, 2:33
last week was so busy,,...............
help!!! i lack sleep
hate clc
the clc project's just a mess
still hv to work on the presentation!!!!damn

went to watch NANA2 with M and Dr
i think it's fair,not bad~*becuz i didn't except much from it...LOL
mika is still so cool and pretty~~
the theme song is not as gd as the last one~~but still acceptable~

had been working on the clc project

went to starbucks to hv tea with isa and Dr
relaxed and happy~~~hoho

hku information day
um..........i dun reli like the subjects in hku but i love its campus
esp the canteens and halls~~~
starbucks ,pcc, pret!!!wonderful!!

cu information day
cu's so nice
but i think the talk used too much cantonese~~
eng is always better than chinese
overall,i think i like cu more
reli nice and friendly
surprisingly,i am looking forward to cu's interview~~
lol~~how strange
there are food after the talk again~~haha
so full~~save my lunch~~LOL

i went to festival walk afterwards
i was just wondering around page one~
reading the books in the science session~~
i suddenly saw aaron
carrrying a large large piles of bks....
he said those are SAT bks for exams.....
one of the bks is really thick!!!thicker then a dictionary..........
IB is so terrible too!!!!!just the same as AL..........
I bought a bk that cost $150
can't help spending $$

back home and wrote the essay,.............spent a lot of time writing it.........
that's bullshit and partially fake
LOL~~but who cares

the application of EAS will start from 15-18 jan
not yet decided for all of my choices.............
i am just going to pray and rely on GOD
i know he will always take care of me~


November 14 [Tue], 2006, 1:50

great man 

October 31 [Tue], 2006, 2:08
"I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details."

Albert Einstein
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