ASF were coated automotive paint Beauty

February 25 [Wed], 2015, 16:29

Here is how to introduce you to use 3M ASF carried paint coating for automotive beauty, car friends attention must look good, so the child will not damage your car has been a reminder of it. Toyota Corolla Coilovers

Step 1: Using Smart Car PN39000-3M treasure for car paint cleaning.

Product Description: This product is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner does not hurt the paint bright transparent layer, effective cleaning dust, oil and dirt. (133 parts water: 1 part washing treasure).

1. instillation of one ounce concentrate and coupled with 1 gallon of water.

2. Thoroughly wash the body, paint dust removal may hurt. A

3. Use a soft sponge, towel with a mixture of clean body wash treasure.

4. Wash thoroughly and dry with a chamois body wash 3M 1011. Toyota E90 Coilovers

Step Two: Use PN8984-3M common addition to glue on the asphalt car paint, adhesive residue processing.

1. Place a piece of cloth soaked in common except 3M glue, and then apply to the surface.

2. Use a soft cloth to completely wipe with a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe the excess cleanser. If necessary, repeat this step.

3. For stubborn sediment, after applying detergent to soak for a minute and erased.

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Most car's rear wing are made of glass fiber or carbon fiber

February 25 [Wed], 2015, 16:26

Most car's rear wing are made of glass fiber or carbon fiber, lightweight and tough material, its shape and size is determined by the designer to accurately calculate down. Tail too large or too small will not achieve the desired effect, and even resistance but increased vehicle traffic. Nissan Fairlady Coilovers
Tail is also a wide range of car, car tail generally higher installed. This is to make acting under pressure again in the role of the tail of the car body will not offset the tail effect. For not very high vehicle speed, the rear wing is to play more beautiful role.
Installation of car tail press materials, the quality of different price from the hundred to a thousand dollars.
In addition, the installation of skylights in the past is also a common modification to the vehicle exterior. But according to the new regulations issued by the owner to install skylights own vehicle will not pass inspection. Fortunately, many of the depot is now available sunroof version of the model to meet the owners desire sunshine mood.
The new "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates that any unit or individual shall assemble a motor vehicle or motor vehicle registered to arbitrarily change the structure, framework or features. Structure of the vehicle including the body color, length, width and height of the four engines and rigid standards and related technical parameters. Thus, the legality of their vehicles, the key is to see whether the vehicle matches the photo on the driving license; vehicle factory technical parameters are consistent. Does not comply, it can not pass inspection. When the car has a license to be modified, it shall declare the registration Vehicle Administration, after its conversion technology by Vehicle Administration agreed to review the report before retrofit. Conversion is completed, but also to change procedures are handled Vehicle modification. Vehicle department examined once found in violation modification would require the owners of restitution. 350Z Coilovers
Currently, the traffic control department of the modified car is still more stringent limits for automobile emissions, turbochargers and other parameters involved in automotive technology is definitely not part of the remodel, the laws and regulations on the modified car made a restriction: the car model, engine type, frame number can not be changed, can not destroy the body structure; change the color of the car, replacing the engine, body or frame must automobile inspection, replacement of the engine, body or frame should submit a qualified motor vehicle safety inspection certificate; car stickers area can not more than 30% of the total area of the body, it is necessary to go beyond the relevant authorities for approval; does not significantly alter the appearance of the car and asked for a photo driving license basically consistent.

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Maximum power 830 hp, modified Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

February 13 [Fri], 2015, 15:22

In the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG models continue to burst messages while cash curtain call performance C 63 AMG is also engaged in the final countdown, tuning mcchip-DKR from Germany intend to offer a gift for its curtain call, launch of a power output up to 830 hp C 63 AMG cash conversion cases. conrods
mcchip-DKR on the soul as C 63 AMG 6.2-liter V8 engine is fitted with a mechanical supercharger, and comes on the larger, more efficient cooling system to re-adjust after the maximum power a staggering 830 horsepower, which is more than the original 457 horsepower higher than the full 373 horsepower. conrods
In addition to the power upgrade, mcchip-DKR also C63 AMG facelift car kit from KW Clubsport suspension of, Drexler differential lock, large brake discs, as well as 19-inch OZ Racing Ultraleggera series alloy wheels, assistant to jointly enhance the performance level car.
Anyway, cash C 63 AMG (W204) will over time exit the stage of history, the new generation C 63 AMG models have been eager to refit the case then it will open the floodgates us look forward to.

Wheeler launched variant models Finished Products

February 09 [Mon], 2015, 15:26

British veteran manual car brands like pot vintage Morgan continued rapid development of automobile industry in the modern interpretation of it today is not the old myth, indeed, in a modern minimalist design popular today, Morgan this old car but worth careful to taste.
However, the traditional conservative can not become an excuse for not thinking innovation, Morgan seems to have quickly recognized this, for sales climbing the Morgan 3 Wheeler, innovation and change in body style performance becomes imminent need to look at the problem. Honda adjustable Coilovers

According to foreign media for Charles Morgan, president of Morgan • content point of view, he said that the popularity of 3 Wheeler far exceeded their expectations, which is what they did not expect, so the company decided to launch such as 4/4, Plus 4 and Roadster models such. Mazda adjustable Coilovers
Consequent changes in style as well as the body changes and adding more powerful engines, for just in the country to complete the construction of the Morgan car showrooms, the diversification of products will win more users for them.

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1963 Corvette one thousand horsepower mid-engine modification appreciation

February 02 [Mon], 2015, 12:13

Whether GM's Chevrolet Corvette to become a mid-engine supercar, this rumor has not disappeared, but at least the upcoming C7 will not be changed. However, "before the change in the" engine layout is completely not a problem for tuning. Now there is a 1963 V7 Prototype (the prototype for the Corvette C2), passing under the big changes not only have a mid-engine rear-wheel drive transmission layout, as well as high power 1000 horsepower.
The car will appear on April 5 ~ 2012 Barrett-Jackson Collector 7 held in Palm Beach, Florida Car Auction (Favorite car auction) on. And the car's appearance is repackaged, with a beautiful streamlined body. audi a4 turbocharger
It is a twin-turbo engine from Chevrolet LS supercharged V8 engine, 1000 horsepower, torque 126.5kgm. The room inside the car has also been some modifications, such as steering wheel mounted shift paddles, racing seats, instrument assembly, and suspension, brake systems have been modified. According to the owner's own words, this car's 0 ~ 96km / h acceleration time of less than three seconds! audi a6 turbocharger