Some more good news

August 05 [Tue], 2014, 22:18
Good day!

The last weeks have been nice.
I spent my time relaxing and then I went camping for a week in Slowenia with some bandmates and friends!

We went to a festival called Metaldays and I had the chance to discover some new bands I really like!

Along with me getting accepted into the course of studies that I had wanted to join, it seems recently that luck has been ruling in my favour

...I have a steady boyfriend now!

We met each other at the beginning of this year, but back then he still was in a relationship and we became good friends. Over the last few months we got along even better and slowly but surely things developed and we went out for a date.

...and since the beginning of last week we've been together!
I'm really happy about how things have turned out.
He's really considerate and caring, aswell as dauntingly intellectual and good to talk to - so yeah, seems like a really good deal to me ;)

I've started to work full time at the hospital again.
Unfortunately it is pretty boring, because we don't have very much to do right now. Sometimes I really have a hard time staying awake cause I'm bored to death ...

Luckily I'll have an early weekend, because I took Friday off.
Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday and we're going to celebrate and relax during the weekend.

I also meet up with friends every day after work, so we have the chance to catch up a little.
Thsi week I already met up with Alex, Sandra and Lisa; and today I'll see Berni after work!

I really need to do something interesting or fun after a whole day at work, because it leaves you feeling like your brain is slowly degenerating - basically because you are forced to do almost nothing all day.

I decided I'll just stop giving any shits and will bring my chemistry book to work next week, so I can at least study xD

That's all for now!
I hope everyone is having a nice summer

Bye bye!

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