Upgrading Airport Security Scanners

February 20 [Mon], 2017, 11:12

A star can get a lot of free stuff and privileges, except through the airport security scanners. In 2010, the singer Fergie from Black Eyed Peas accepted a tougher security check from the Transportation liquid inspection security when she was going to fly to New York in Los Angeles airport. The 35-year-old singer, just like ordinary people, accepted the after taking off some clothes. Fergie put her bag in the airport x ray scanner, and then took off her scarf and jewelry and go into the scanner. She was accompanied by a bodyguard and a few friends boarded the plane to New York.

The fear of terrorist attacks, combined with the failure of the terrorist attacks taking place in other countries before, people had to give up the idea of protecting privacy when flying, most people are willing to sacrifice privacy and accept airport security scanners when flying in order to ensure safety.

In 2010, to react to the failed terrorist attack, the Department of Homeland cargo inspection responded that there will be 1000 airport security scanners implemented in the airport security configuration before the end of 2010. Through the security scanning of the whole body of passengers by, people’s safety can be assured. However, polls show that, compared with the British and the Australians, Americans are less willing to cooperate with the airport baggage scanner. Ninety percent of British citizens and seventy percent of Australians said that they are willing to accept the whole body scan. In the United States, only sixty-five percent said they are willing to cooperate with airport security scanners in the airport. According to the survey, seventy percent of Americans will provide personal information in advance, so as to improve the safety of the flight, while fifty-seven percent of x-ray security machine are willing to provide their physical identification information, for easy identification after registration. Some analysts say that United States people stand on the perspective of safety protection and give up privacy is a good thing.