Qin Guang Wang then also some frustration thought Road

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Account of the the disciples matters no wind, they are also coming out of. This time he is completely without worries Ziwei Great that Western Buddha or I have impossible calculation to his head secret chaos Zhang wind already know he studied kendo kendo practitioners identity there was no one suspected that the the Changfeng real fate are attributed to the head of artifact-free days. No wind nor hesitation purgatory mountain they came directly the cave down this cave no wind again into that mountain mountainside. Hand ‰ playing 々 small ‖ say I network this sheets no wind and no hurry hurry toward the inside line to go. Approximately three hour finally came to the orientation of that circular hall. Out can teleport but in. To Teleport is totally unacceptable accidentally touch to that incarnation water the whole ** had to finish off. Come to that in front of Zhang windless thought but did not withdraw the flesh is so into the general guardian of two souls went to the door looked sheets no wind one without any blocking. No wind again when still lives on the road. Gray lives way no color gray and black no signs of life. Came here post-tensioned no wind, feel the the chest red beads energy surging increase several times the body has been some warmth that chi and chill is not invasion over. Think of this thing but flesh or soul comes from the Ruoshui being that Modoribashi presumably to protect body now and then feel comfortable immediately know the role of these beads is relatively big. No wind mind covering past lives way seems to have no end but Zhang Wind know that is not the case but the distance only. Mind far extend coverage under out next moment no wind, it is now the gates of hell. Heart next move ZHANG no wind suddenly teleport past appeared before the gates of hell Timberland Womens 6 Inch Cheap. This is the gate of hell that is the door to a path like ancient gates. Zhang no popular over I do not know that kind of heat or extraordinary momentum of those defenders of the servant are fears that have bowed to greet him. No call these ghosts are afraid to speak on behalf of his head did not dare say a word. No wind do not mind perhaps how much really is that beads of reasons or body donghuang and Tien A momentum but no matter what Zhang windless important. Came to the palace of hell sheets no wind, loudly shouted: "Qin Guang Wang is the master of Zhou Xuan this come the issue Xiangqiu!" That Qin Guang Wang is hall * with chairs bunk cry like thunder not only disturbed he cleared The dream more scared he shocked the heart: this the riffraff only go how his Master again obediently let me live this Hades not live. But nagging words or that may not now teleport past appear in front of Zhang windless. Not stood still feel the surge seems to be able to his soul firing robbed ash generally hot energy emission followed by another wave of glaucoma and golden make him uncomfortable things I do not know what the other clothes scattered Qin Guang Wang is almost taken aback and lay legs a shiver almost is standing firm. "Well - Daisen how you went to the small to the government to this place where Daisen this figure to you." Swing-up of an effort since that the nicest smile Qin Guang Wang flattering, said. Zhang windless heart jump appearance of this ugly hack indifferent: "good speak it do not pretend such a smiley scary." Qin Guang Wang look of wry smile Hsin Tao I habitat ugly that nothing I could not a mirror ......... "this came my trip to Mongolian boundary road to Monte sector here I know you can just showed me the way." sheets no wind said lightly. That Qin Guang Wang heart chills channel: "Mongolian ...... Mongolian boundary you will not be a joke, right? Daisen ... not my Qin Guang Wang refused but that the Mongolian profession you do not know to enter inside will not be able to come out this is not a major the main thing is that the ghost inside are unable to reincarnation owner of grievances died supreme Mana's soul soul side is very strong and living inside play no strength to go entirely by those ghost to be eaten raw, ah! "hear no wind this interpretation is also the heart of a cold from that Qin Guang Wang emotional volatility seems the other side and did not lie to him some shocked Zhang windless time. This Mongolian boundary in Qin Guang Wang explained, Zhang windless know inside that really is no doubt kill but the thought of the the basaltic ring inside the space or perhaps there is a ray of hope that winter coat Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx. When the Qin Guang Wang seems to understand sheets no wind of the idea in general of the Road: "This Mongolian sector no air is also not Reiki originally they do not belong to the Three Realms six inside and outside of any place are not the same magic formula what things the class of completely are unable to use like that Buddha home 'flowers and World leaf a Bodhi' loss to heaven and earth are not so the Daisen you or dead heart. "no wind burst pondered to Qin Guang Wang Meng sector really Qu Bude. This man although some frivolous but overall is good will not point trivial offend sheets no wind it pains to persuade the king of Qin Guang. In fact, Zhang is no wind here before Zhou Xuan identity Qin Guang Wang had to grovel not know now this week the mysterious master who seems a lot of extremely powerful magic weapon if I here into the Mongolian circles dead on the inside is not only Qin Guang Wang even the king of the underworld can not escape to do with punishment Qin Guang Wang to the local government for many years, the Hades with no long-term vision of what? Pondered the moment Zhang no wind sidewalk: "I went Asura sector." Qin Guang Wang again grimaces. "How Mens Canada Goose Ontario Parka? Here Is also mortal Board?" Zhang windless surprised, asked. "This is not just Asura boundary edge and ill-Hill near the edge of the Asura sector is not ill-Hill do not know where, but that everything inside and the Three Realms six is ​​not the same Asura industry has a lot to bloodthirsty Health Wicked Wicked long human body has a the sharp teeth flesh very tough! have a common feature of the ancient witch clan and Yaozu the strength of the powerful pole without old fool and this channel is not only enter perhaps out of the channel, but that channel the only ancient god of war criminal God knows but the punishment the Tianda God already disappeared ... "Zhang windless eyes lit up suddenly and said:" I went to the Asura sector. "Qin Guang Wang then also some frustration thought Road: "Well, I went to ask for instructions to listen to the messenger and ground Zao help open the six transmigration into six cycle withstand the pros and cons of the cyclone inside otherwise you will reincarnation off." no wind did not think how trouble but still point nod. Qin Guang Wang seems very confident listen to the messenger and the king of the underworld consent to the consent of the land of no wind nor say what he did not expect this and out of this trouble to think of the disciples side out experience but also a bit worried but thought they release contingent of life and death by life if the three men in this human world own reputation under that armor and Feijian others can kill them no wind will have nothing to say. After all, all three of them have reached the point of bottleneck is the lack of experience. Waited a moment, Qin Guang Wang will come with a huge lion animals, and a middle-aged man wearing a light gray long coat. That lion just stare no wind, one in the eyes of eyes big taken aback and lay but did not say anything. That Ksitigarbha has just a touch of looked Zhang windless glance nothing. Zhang Wind looked this the Ksitigarbha looking majesty facial overall no edges and corners of a thousand miles of goose feather light black beard head black and white mixed with a very shallow sort vicissitudes feeling the whole person. See the king of the underworld that calm and indifferent little the majesty Zhang windless heart somewhat shocking. If the entire prehistoric world is the most respected in the original sheets no wind hearts Ksitigarbha Ksitigarbha moment to see such a look, and that I and others are completely different no wind, the reigning heart really a truly compassionate and profound look like Zhang Qi Jing. Land Zao came to Zhang no wind around lightly asked: "do not know the Friends of why you want to go to Asura profession?" Zhang no wind due to the bow sensitive to the capture to the that "Road Friends of" word to Zao call his "Road Friends of" What is the meaning of / If you said "donor" or "Dwelling Place" no wind is perhaps not surprising. But at this moment no wind lightly replied: "In the next looking for ill-Hill." "Oh, really, it is so, however it was just opened six cycle when things also must be obtained that you know." Zao indifferent said it seems that he did not emotional general. "Ah Jizo Bodhisattva Please speak." Why the the "Asura sector kinship forces ill-Hill * Near Asura profession but a mystery That aside the pros and cons of cyclone strength Daoyou go out very little chance of me the one of Hong Meng wind Lingzhu can produce a strong defense and he took strike you enter Asura boundaries moment back into the reincarnation channel since I get back. "talking to the king of the underworld in the hands of a sudden a glass inner flashing yellow light beads. Zhang see no wind suddenly surprised to think they wear beads present not conceal it took out: "I would like to thank Jizo kindness just beads Jizo see my hands." Then Zhang windless intrinsic beads of red flame saw Ksitigarbha eyes flashed a little surprised then said: "Although Hong Meng fire Lingzhu Hong Meng magic weapon, but it is the main kill defense anti less than Hong Meng wind Lingzhu I wind Lingzhu they took out main defense you and hold to see the pros and cons of whirlwind you will know how powerful defense. "see this Jizo Wanglian Hong Meng magic weapon also took out the sheets while silent no wind this person is really generous! but always for Zhang wind has always been respected Ksitigarbha Therefore, when no longer hesitate to take over the of this wind Lingzhu Road: "That's the next thanked to Jizo up." the Ksitigarbha nodded slightly longer speak the hands was a sudden gush the extremely large forces. This force looks very ordinary, but that the momentum Zhang wind was slightly more that I too much Timberland Mens Splitrock Boots. Then the lion listening to suddenly growled toward reincarnation the door shook entire space. Qin Guang Wang then pinch out then in front of all of a sudden they appear like a reincarnation of the door golden flashes empty wide open inside a space Chuansong Zhen generally just this Chuansong Zhen whistling of the wind which constantly has numerous hand tactics. That the wind is the color black, white. No wind no hesitation still set foot inside. Upon entering inside there will be an extreme pressure coming from the body of Zhang windless extreme gravity repression are almost to the pressure of the body should explode. At this time straight through whirring loudly then the black wind and white wind as spiral scissors generally going to kill over. Zhang was surprised no wind, to suddenly wind Lingzhu they softened a yellow shield then no wind, feel the passed the circular guard suddenly deformation suddenly writings like elliptical the general surge suffocation pressure over donghuang mysterious MG even do not have the ability to resist. Then the wind roll sheets no wind on some do not know the truck. "Japan really is tough! Pros and cons whirlwind it!" Zhang windless heart was shocked pleasant to the eye and then look under surroundings saw instant seems both man guard to swept away by the fear of several Miles Road. Zhang windless fully control the balance that wind Lingzhu is also skyrocketing yellow light to facilitate the emergence of a moment before each of the six black hole space infinitely deep space arranged in a hexagonal middle emptiness! Reincarnation in accordance with this idea four weeks are channel in the middle of that a million millionth focus is to enter the the Asura sector position.
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