January 18 [Sun], 2009, 0:15






I made it in Japanese conversation class :D

back (^o^) 

January 03 [Sat], 2009, 10:26
Finally I remember this blog... lol
In other words, Cindy reminded me of Yaplog when we were talking on msn haha thanks<3 lol

Anyways December 31st was my 18th birthday and that was pretty nice ^^ Many friends sent me such lovely emails and gifts!!! Some friends sent me just 00;00 :3

...and someone left me many comments ...everywhere...like.....myspace,interpals,hotmail, my cellphone hahaha and phone call(although i couldnt notice it until morning) that totally made me surprised thank you babbbbii<3 I love you^^ lol

I still have 5 days left until back to school although I already miss my class mates. I wanna see them now. But ONE BIG PLOBREM ; I haven't done my homework yet XDDD I haven't even opened my text book since my winter breaks have started haha ...oh.. too lazy

okay ... I will do them by tomorrow after noon... I will meet my friends tomorrow night...


January 02 [Fri], 2009, 13:22
I forgot how to use here....LOL


October 12 [Sun], 2008, 0:11

Long time no see!^___^bbb*

ahhh ELMS..!!
No body keeps a diary any more...!? :(

We actually have been very busy with studying for university

Erica has a college entrance exam for university NEXT WEEK

Li ...next month

Meg ... next month

Sallii ...in 2 month xDDD

Ahhh ~___~;

please wish us luck~

mess up 

August 26 [Tue], 2008, 23:59

oh i can see my future.

i will fail on the entrance exams for university (~____>~) ahhh im already nervous and scared...BUT i dont wanna study hard...;___;)
Lately i found that hungle letters are CUTE I~d like to try to learn it ^___^ haha*

gomenna.. :( 

August 15 [Fri], 2008, 3:13
a friend of mine wouldnt stop talking from her heart but that sounds she went too far.



August 03 [Sun], 2008, 20:52

i went to kyoto with ELMS today =) its been a half year since we have gone out all together! ・___・)/ So i was very excited and was looking forward to it ^^ haha

Kyoto is one of my favorite citys in kansai.i love kyoto! because they are sooo fashionable!! xD
First we visited an university. but we didnt come to like there because its too far from Osaka..
ummm...not very good.

We took purikura and enjoyed shopping very much :)
Unfortunately Erica had a part time job so she had to go back early!

im very big tired now.. maybe i should go to bed early tonight i have to work tomorrow :'(

ahhh i wish it was winter now :( too hot to breath! lol


don`t kill yourself!! 

July 28 [Mon], 2008, 0:16

... annoying...:~(

because a friend of mine has been very worried about something ..i guess its about her praivate....

i hope to help her but i am afraid that i wont be able to do anything for her... what shall i do?:(

i do hate myself!...

my boring summer 

July 26 [Sat], 2008, 1:05
yai=] Finally an English teacher didnt scold me today^__^; i was tring to be a good girl!!!=(
i had been scolded by the English teacher as i was being foolish although i still don't understand well why he got angry at me every time.i guess maybe he doesnt care for me much^^; haha its ok he is not only a teacher but also a human being like us...=]
hehe.Anyways i don't like him either^___^v Lol

Lately i enjoy studying world history (in 19-20th century)!! xD
Its fun..Do you like world history? lol

After school,i had nothing to do=___=; very boring day.i know i have to study hard even during the summer vacation..but i really don't feel like studying.Lots of my friends have been studying so hard to go to University or to get a good job...ummm i do look up to them <3

i was very tired tody so i couldn't help taking a nap for 3hours..lol ahhh very lazy...=(

Haha i will promise to study hard from tomorrow!!!!! xD
Especially world history and French =)

A friend of mine is going to China in a few days to study Chinese!i envy her xD I love China.. i should~ve taken any chinese classes at school x)Lol..

Anyways i must go to bed to get up early tomorrow..i have a part time job.=__=;
Although im not sleepy... haha yea he is right- a friend of mine said to me that "If you take a nap you will be up all night"xD Lol
but i will try to sleep ^^;


i really hope Yuri's mum will get better soon.I was worried about her mother who has been sick...

ring ring ring♪ 

July 18 [Fri], 2008, 23:12

Finally its summer vacation (^____^;)

Almost no homework!!! but i know all i have to do is study....this summer....

it~ll be hard...

Everybody please help me learn English...
i do need it so much now.
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