2007年08月29日(水) 23時30分
I heard that on of my lab friend saw three funny people.
First person was a man who rode on the back of the car.was an old woman who walked in midriff-baring outfits.
Second person was a boy who got on a bike in the station yard.
And third person was an old woman who walked in midriff-baring outfits.


2007年08月27日(月) 23時24分
Today, I was very tired and bored with my experiment.
Because one experiment need to keep stiring for 5 hours at 50~100℃ and another need 40min per one sample to determine six samples.
I had many free time, so I studied English and prepped for national exam.


2007年08月26日(日) 22時51分
I watched "007 Casino Royale", which is a story of James Bond's early years, on DVD.
In the begining, he couldn't open himself to any women and never loved for real.
But he began to love one particular woman.
Unfortunately, she died in front of his eyes at last.
I think this is why the Bond girl is changed each 007 series.


2007年08月25日(土) 0時12分
I could finish my experiment early, so I went to "Yamada " electric appliance store.
I wanted to a new digital camera and bought "EXILIM" selling by CASIO.
Because it makes me easy to choose the best shooting mode for each scene and has a big display.

Aug.21 22 

2007年08月22日(水) 21時29分
Summer vacation ended and I was back in experiment.
I planed the travel on Oct.7-8 with members of my lab.
We decided to go Tokushima and play rafting.

I went to the book store near my school during a break.
I bought a TOEIC-preparation book at a 10% discount.
Unfortunately, I squashed a balm cricket on my way back.

All right☆ 

2007年08月20日(月) 21時25分
I payed the tour costs through a bank transfer this morning.
I noticed that I had forgotten to pay application fee until July 26.
I called for the travel agent to check that was OK or not and made sure that's no problem.


2007年08月19日(日) 23時37分
I and my friend visited to Amanohashidate for the first time.
It started raining very hard and thundered when we arrived there, but it stopped soon.
We enjoyed splashing around at the beach, cycling, and the view from the observation deck.


2007年08月18日(土) 22時54分
I went to Kyoto to meet my friend.
At first, we intended to go "Tujiri" where we can eat powdered green tea sweets.
But queues of people form in front of it, so we went to other store.

Today, I and my friend planed a trip of three days and two nights to Hokkaido.
We decided to visit Sapporo and Otaru.
We are going to eat fresh sea foods and delicious Chinese noodles.


2007年08月14日(火) 22時37分
I was going to eat lunch with my friends in Kyoto, but it was canceled.
I felt depressed and loafed around at home a whole day.
At evening, I helped my mother with cooking tempura for dinner.


2007年08月12日(日) 21時29分
I met my friend of my high school days.
We went to two cafes in Chayamachi Umeda.
We talked for about five hours.
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