How To Transfer RS Gold

April 28 [Sun], 2013, 11:56
Do you wnat to buy cheap runescape gold online?Runescape (RS) gold is one of the biggest online massive multi-player role-playing games. In the growing RS community, many players are using multiple characters to fulfill their gaming needs. With Jagex's fight against real-world item trading, it has become harder to transfer your rs gold from one character to the other, even if they are both still yours accounts.Often, a rs gold player 's character wishes to get something and yet doesn't have enough gold to make the purchase.

Log onto both of your accounts using the two computers and go to a private place where you will not be bothered. I suggest using one of the upper floors in a guard tower in Varrockor the upper rooms of Varrock's palace. Have all the gold you want to transfer, along with 27 toy mice in the inventory of one account, and carry nothing in the inventory of the second account.
Drop all of the toy mice so that they are roaming about the room and have your second account pick them all up.
Send a trade request to one of your accounts. When you accept, have the second account put up all of the toy mice in return for the desired amount of rs 2007 gold you wish to transfer.

When your second account trades the mice back to their original owner, it'll take the mouse's value out of the rs gold you're trading, making it to where you can trade the mice's worth in runescape 2007 gold, plus whatever you're hourly wealth limit is. Another slower way to transfer gold would be what's called a junk trade. The toy mice will be used to stimulate the trade. Since your first account dropped them, instead of trading them away, it will not count against that rs account's trade limit. If another player agrees to help you set up rs gold, or even transfer an item, there's therisk that they will log out after receiving your items, refusing to give them back later.You trade the desired amount of runescape 2007 gold fromone account to another, and have the second account trade mass amounts of junk back tocounter the worth of the gold being transferred; this method works if you have large amounts of items just sitting in your bank. Don't ever let another player help you transfer your runescape gold.

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