The knowledge of cellphone battery

May 09 [Wed], 2012, 12:17
Large-capacity battery in the era of smart phones become increasingly popular these days, the staff of the Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau yesterday told reporters that they found in the inspection and supervision of the mobile vgp-bps9 battery, in accordance with the relevant mandatory standards, some high-capacity lithium battery in the thermal shock the heavy impact and other security projects failure detection, high-capacity mobile phone battery there are still some security risks.

It is understood that in the lithium battery of the smart phone supporting increasingly large capacity, small size of the process, electrochemical and chemical energy into heat the lithium potential safety hazard, especially in the "thermal shock" test cause, when the test temperature rises to a certain temperature, the membranes melt and shrinkage of the short circuit phenomenon, and unexpected energy conversion in the mandatory standards under the test conditions, the greater the Inspiron 1545 battery capacity, internal short circuit occurs the higher the odds, it is even more prone to security issues.

Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Nanjing remind the public, especially consumers of smart phones, in the choice of mobile phone batteries should be reduced to the blind pursuit of high-capacity lithium battery, try to choose the regular brand of mature Inspiron 15 battery products. At the same time, but also to avoid too high temperature environment, and may experience heavy impact and collision environment using smart phones to avoid an accident.

I believe a lot of friends in the long distance relationship has a habit of talking on the phone, and often talk to the phone to automatically shut down, but online rumors that the phone battery is weak, the radiation is 1000 times the power is sufficient. Is not it just awful? But the rumors are not true?

We all know that the phone is through electromagnetic waves to send and receive voice and data information, the transmission of information between different mobile phone base station to each base station's signal coverage is limited, so there will be signal strength in different regions different. When the vgp-bps13 signal strength is weak, the phone will strengthen the radiation intensity, in order to receive more signals, mobile phone radiation intensity and signal strength of the, but not and electricity.Since the mobile phone radiation and the signal is related, in the case of weak signal of the mobile phone radiation will not reach 1000 times the usual? This situation is possible.

GSM mobile phone, for example, the 1800MHz frequency, hours of work, when the signal is weak, the maximum peak power to achieve 1W, the state of the signal full grid, the minimum Inspiron E1505 battery power 1mW, a difference of exactly 1000 times, so this argument is basis.Although the radiation is the highest difference of 1000 times, but we do not worry too much, after all, only the highest and lowest values ​​in the ideal state for comparison. Actual use is difficult to reach this peak. Radiation to reach the highest value, is only 1W but still within the range of national standards, health effects are not large.

Although less impact on health of mobile phone radiation, but not without hazard, be safe, it is recommended that you try not to make and receive calls in weak signal areas for a long time. Make and receive calls, try to use headphones in order to minimize the hazards of mobile phone radiation.
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