think of those laptops made cigarette, or there will be a deep regret!

July 14 [Tue], 2015, 11:32
Childhood, like the stars, distant; childhood memories, but as happened yesterday, is still clear. Memory, about the childhood experience of collecting cigarette boxes, so my mind, gratitude.

Childhood, not good-looking TV, no online games, leisure and entertainment is throwing sandbags, jump box, playing original mass arrests and other games, in addition, one of his hobbies is to collect cigarette boxes.

Cigarette case, it was, there are things, there are flowers, scenery, there are stories. Large front door, large border gate, Badaling, are all attractions; chrysanthemum, lotus, peony, are the pride of flowers; Phoenix, is the king of birds, camels, a camel in the desert; Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, name loud; mentioned Haihe River, the bigger, the heart think Tianjin; mentioning Admiralty, gold leaf, it is Henan; Northeast ginseng, spring, large-scale production, Yunnan Spring City, clouds, Butterfly Spring, Shandong big chicken, Hartmann, Beijing Fragrant Hills, fireworks, are the local old brand cigarettes. Meng cigarette deep memory is that the ultimate fine cigarette, green bottom surface, a quaint classical beauty, fluttering Dreamcoat, endless belt wound, do fly-like, reminiscent of the sweet-scented osmanthus trees dancing Chang E dance. Shijiazhuang harvest cigarettes, a box of eight money, diamonds cigarettes, a hair May cartridge is low-grade tobacco consumed by the poor; and China, peonies cigarettes, it is ordinary people can not afford high-grade cigarettes. Collecting cigarette, from low-grade cigarette is based, after all, it is more than the poor. Because the bottom level of smoke that cigarette becomes rough, and those of high-grade cigarette case is not the same, excellent quality, beautiful screen.

Old, collected cigarette picture, like that old film, on an old projector showing the, scenes, strung a movie, floating in front. In the film, a boy and his junior partner, and out of Malaysia on the road in the downtown area, out of the living area in a small shop outside, next to the hotels out of trash, just like in the movie scout, pairs of eyes in search of a goal: find, locate, running, harvesting, excitement. Sometimes, several small partners also found the target, and that running speed is like to participate in track and field athletes, scramble to catch it first to reach people, will be the true masters of the cigarette, and when obtained after one cigarette, the other partners will be admired small eyes, which if rare, exquisite cigarette, you will you read me, admiring, while his mouth will be issued a "tut" appreciation .

Collected cigarette, I will press people, plants, animals, places, etc. and imputation, in a small wooden box, storage, collection. Like philatelists like to see other small partners have their favorite cigarette, it will enchant with their cigarette. Under normal circumstances, if he became one, it is difficult to achieve their wishes, after all, is someone else's favorite objects. Sometimes, I would think some other ways to get the cigarette small partner, for example, I will promise to help them homework in exchange for their more play time, and then, for example, I will come up with his father's gun and wood They exchanged.

Later, his father died, the family lives in trouble, although school year tuition-free, but still have to buy their own books. Although a few dollars that semester book fees, it is the mother to choose a day of beans canteen only earn two cents in the minutes saved out. Do class notes, no money to buy the book, I thought accumulated cigarette. I took a picture of the cigarette, with a line sewn into one book for taking notes.

When using the collected book with cigarette, his heart ten thousand reluctant, but reluctantly, to learn, but to lay down his beloved. Start with a low-speed packets, later, mid-range, and finally, finally had to collect high-grade, fine to spend the cigarette. That year, the kind of reluctant sincerity, once a long time wandering in the heart, hovering, lingering. Today, the thought of those beautiful cigarette case, or there will be a deep fondly; think of those laptops made cigarette, or there will be a deep regret!
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