Genuine IWC Portuguese V.S Replica IWC Portuguese

October 28 [Wed], 2015, 11:18
Two year ago my obsession of iwc portuguese replica watches stimulated me to get replica version and now with my promotion has enabled me to afford a genuine one. After a close observation, I have found out some difference between them. Let’s see what it is. The Front Side: Like other replicas, the logo on the dial of this replica IWC portuguese watch is still slightly thinner than the genuine version. You can see from the pictures that the Arabic numerals on the dial are different between the two watches in terms of shape thickness. The genuine version is slightly thinner and the numerals look like the numerals are “embossed”.

If you are careful enough, you’ll find that the numbers of the genuine watch are slightly curved while the replica one has adopted a incorrect older styled when it comes to the font. Look at the “4” in the below picture( yellow). It is a more noticeable point. Besides, the “6” number is also fatter than that of the replica version. But actually, it is hard for one to find these minor discrepancies if the watches are not put together for a close comparison. That’s why replica iwc portuguese watch is so popular now. See the crown (highlighted by yellow). It is pushed out on the replica version for a clear observation. The replica version has a slightly wide crown than the genuine iwc portuguese watch. Now let’s come t o its back.

It is an obvious incorrectness that the caseback uses a polish finish while the authentic watch has a brushed one. I’m not sure whether you guys have noticed this difference which cannot be well observed thought the pics. The crown of the replica one is a copy of those genuine replica relojes de lujo introduced before 2006 whereas the genuine watch use a updated one with the Motto “Probus Scafusia” which was introduced as the sign of IWC’s quality by Johannes Rauschenbach-Schenk in 1903. The fish pattern means that the watch is water resistant. Actually, what interest me most is their movements and I hope to get a more closing look at them with my friend who are a watch expert and he may give more authoritative opinion about their difference. Compared with him, I am just a noob! Now he is travelling and I’ll update this receive after his back.
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