January 09 [Wed], 2013, 13:16
Recently someone, going thru a path that I walked before. Is almost the same shadow as me last time. Doing something, thinking something that might not happen as you wish and tot it would.

Is real life not a fairy tale, only constain our own stubborn thinking, stubborn act. An empty dream. No matter how much effort you put in, the world is just realistic. Of course, we know that we will never able to help her with anything. I know you won't give up until you got hurt. Just let you go thru the pain which you have to bear in future or anytime.. Few years after things happen, you will think of how silly, how immature you were. Promises are meant to be broken until it happened. Without actions, is just a casual remark.

Sometimes, whether ur love one really love you, can see and feel easily by seeing their effort, their actions, their reaction and their excuses. Is just whether you accept and stop everything or lie to yourself and continue.

Everything is your choice.

Day by day

November 04 [Sun], 2012, 3:21

Thank God, the part time job went smoothly everyday and having break till next wed. Waiting for my November pay day~ Need to use money for NewYear clothes and stuff.

Just now scan thru those screenshots of FW. I miss alot of peoples, especially Euyi because she's created and invested by me, lol. I miss S1 and S2 ofc.. I miss Ex-Noblesse, Final, Aik and everything i did there. I wanna play but... is not time yet. I don't feel like going back to play when I can't upgrade Euyi, can't improve the things she need as a water bard yet. Need more times in planning, is only 1/3 done..... Memories that I wish I would remember forever in my life, because they took part in it.

Well, I miss Dan too. Wonder how is he doing. Although... The last time we talked and conversation were quarrels and bad stuffs. I still hope he's doing good. You know... My 1st friend in FW.. I erased those bad moments. Especially recently the Sandy Hurricane. After I know about that, first thing i tot of is Dan, JunShi, Eddie, Jai and Sung. I really hope these people and their family are safe and well. Sigh.. May God bless them.



October 15 [Mon], 2012, 2:32

After start working, my calendar is so pack. There's 4days of working, 1 day for God, 2days off day but soon one of the day will be my school day.. So conclusion is, I only have 1 off and free day.. Pathetic! And that day probably will be book by someone...

Infact I'm very easy with close friends. if I'm lazy or tired, I will just tell them "hey, I can't meet u later or whenever because I'm tired or I'm lazy." If is other friends, I might have to find excuses because they won't understand I guess.. Or I'm really sian of ppl replying "oh come on, dun be lazy" seriously, you don't tell me you never lazy or tired before...

I'm used to be someone who make a fuss if you don't tell me the date/time in 2 weeks advance if meeting out. Now no! I can't foresee my schedule... *Play by ear mode on*

Super tired today.. Tmr work one more day and is my off day. Won't be at home anyway, tues my family day. Going to sleep!

Oh ya, just got to know Glenn and Nicole gets into relationship. Wish them all the best and enjoy! He better treat her good unless he want to turn into ash. Hougang not very big x)

Found Job!

October 05 [Fri], 2012, 17:45

One of my worry is settled! Working life gonna start next Friday :) Well, I need a job to solve my financial crisis Lol. But after getting a job, I realised I don't have enough days to spend time for friends. So my schedule is pack until.. wow

Kinda glad that I'm still able to blog using my phone if I'm not able to on my computer during working life. There's a special apps for iphone user

Aik pmed me yesterday! She's so sweet. One of my Fw online friend. We chat thru Facebook messenger, and she told me Jay and her miss me.. I was so happy, and sad because I don't have time to go online game compare to last time. But thought about that, I think if I give up is abit waste of money I had lost count of how much I spent on that game lol.

I online on FW now, and I'm patching myself *updating* with new things happening in there. New fashion available too, and I'm able to buy new clothes because of enough soul leaves *woots* But I think, I will save that for later on. lols. (I miss my fw friends)

Is raining out there, cool weather.. I just love rain


October 03 [Wed], 2012, 19:49



Can't sleep

October 01 [Mon], 2012, 3:45

Is already 3am plus, I still can't fall alsleep. I know the reason ofc, played too much this year and body alarm go wrong timing. Is not easy to adjust back, but is possible once I get a job. I want to get back my life to normal track!

Didn't play Fw for a 1week already? I did online once or twice but is so coincidence MrBunny is offline. Maybe he's not as active as last time, but if I'm him I think I already quit lol. Real Man always stay longer than women in game, kinda true.

Have to start serious diet as soon as possible. Not much time left to reach my aim. Too overweight! Infact I love dancing, like those kpop groups. I always learn the dance steps from those songs that I like, SNSD, T-ara etc... Is kind of exercise for me Hope one day will able to sing out loud while dancing "is not easy, really!" However, my aim for sliming down is not just for dancing, but some other reason.

Forget it, I should just roll on my bed like making sushi!

Thoughts when I'm bored

September 23 [Sun], 2012, 16:11

Suddenly thought for what to do and get when I found a job.. Ewww, long list! But I won't be able to reach them anytime soon because I have a debt to pay. Well, although Aunt said she sponsored me for my Diploma, but I think is still better to pay back if able.

I want to go many places.. 1st stop maybe either Korea or Taiwan. Yea I went to Taiwan 2years ago but I wanna go back again! Is super nice place for Chinese :p Then also follow slowly by NYC, Japan, Australia, China, Egypt, Perth, UK. I think I gonna take more than 10years to finish going all these places LOl.. Wonder why I want to go Egypt.. Because I'm really curious about that place, and since I'm a Christian, I really want to know how that place look like and want to explore how big is The Red Sea. *OMJ, like that when can I save my first 10k in bank!!?!

Buddy said that I won't be able to tour so many countries in future as I might get married or have children in future. I replied, I can't foresee my future.. Just go and do whatever I want year by year. Who know I might be always single? I can earn money and explore the world~ Fill my life with fun and experience is kinda cool too. I want to earn money and let my parents enjoy going overseas too. They work so hard for half of their life for both me and sis. Is time for us to repay them? :D

Today is the last day for Nicole to play Fw with us "actively". I wish her all the best in her studies, and really hope she can go to UK smoothly, and found her future husband there~ I will go visit you when I have enuff saving :p Is great to meet you thru this game. YAH Baobei, no tearing ok? :) I believe you will come to Sg again, or me and jy will visit you in KL maybe next year hehe :) We still can contact thru Viber, facebook, wadsapp, skype, email, sms, OMJ! Did you notice so many ways!? I'm worried now, you can find me and Jiaying so easily! Hahaha..

Everyone have their own life, to work for future, to achieve goals.. Remember, we can't re-play our life, we can't pause the time. So lets live happily and meaningful! Hwaiting!


September 20 [Thu], 2012, 1:52

These 2 days really very bad day.. Too much things around me and buddy. For him, his matter had never stop since he started current job.

For me.. Sigh.. Well.. I don't know where to start off.

Skin Itchy
Skin have not cure since January.. Well, blame myself for missed 2 appointments. Now have to wait till mid of Oct to see skin doctor at NSC. I don't know what really happen to my skin or body, it gets itchy anytime she wants.

Irritated by friend
Seriously.. Why do you keep asking questions which I already answered you? And why do you want to ask me if you don't trust the answers I gave you? Really irritating..... Like really? If you don't trust me, then don't ask me?! After I answered you, you went to ask others to support my answers.. Insulting my knowledge and experience indirectly? I really don't like people to ask me question since they don't believe my answer. What really irritate me is not you went to ask others, is because after you got the answer from your friend then come back to tell me "Hey, she says the answer is A (where by I already said A)" zzz Oh my gosh, If I'm you, I wont tell you that i went to ask someone after I got the answer from you and your answer is correct.. You buay paiseh?

Entertain people
If I don't know you well, I won't spend time to entertain you. I don't care you handsome or pretty, tall or short, round or flat. Either I won't talk or you will just hear short reply from me.. I used to be Ms Okay, but after these few years I'm changed. I'm not everything okay now. Last time i used to only say positive things about people, now I think I says negative things too. (HeyHey Elaine, you gets to be more n more 直接哦!) Yea, because I get to know, if you don't tell them, they will never change and will never know what stopped them from moving on. In fact, I normally won't "直接shoot" unless they really over limit. Like, is too exaggerating till everyone know and you still don't know what you did.. Well, that only apply on friends I care. For those I don't care, sorry, I don't think I got time to shoot you..

Okay, let me enjoy few more days of private server and will return to main fw soon. Got to get a job really soon. I need to save money since many invitation to go overseas. Friends asking to go Korea, Taiwan, HongKong, LegoLand, Thailand. Thank you for asking Ladies and gentleman, give me some time! Student is always poor xD

P.S: Just noticed that using phone to see my blog is still very neat and same theme


September 15 [Sat], 2012, 5:04
对有些人来说五年很短, 对有些人来说很长。 。





Fish Manhanttan Dinner

September 12 [Wed], 2012, 3:55

Had a nice dinner with Dad, mum, sis and granny at Fish Manhanttan! At first is mum's treat but end up Dad treating us! So sweet! Love Dad and Mum

And bought this, Gel nail remover :) Is $9.90 but I think is still cheap than let those nail salon remove 10fingers for $10.. I remove myself is much more cheaper

How to remove? See the pics below

After finish, file and shape it, apply new nail polish and done :)

Vendetta is still down! Rawrrr... Is TheSim3 pet expansion again to save my bored night!

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