2007年10月15日(月) 22時59分
i have a wart on my nostril.
it's such a weird and ugly
...i should go to dermatologist for this problem,
the sooner, the better

three times 

2007年09月27日(木) 20時58分
i went to k's-denki three times today.
first, i went to buy a PC card adapter.
then i came back home nd it put in my PC.
but it didn't work.
so i went back there again(twice) whith my PC.
i asked a salesperson what was wrong with my PC.
he said he would check my PC for a while.
nd i went back home.

two hours later,
i was warking around
while he made a telephone call to me.
and he want me to pick my PC up,
then i went there again.

i've never had before 

2007年09月19日(水) 22時09分
my car didn't work in a intersection
i got into a panic. then dad drove instead of me.
so,as soon as he drove, my car engine started.
my car had never happened like this before.
i think my car need to i'll bring it to car dealer.

almost done 

2007年09月01日(土) 12時00分
i almost read the end of "the princess diaries".
i wonder what i read next....
i want to read a book by Meg Cabot.
i'm looking for ones at AMAZON.COM.

no idea 

2007年08月16日(木) 12時00分
i had no idea what i wrote today.
but,i had to do.
i read "the pricess diaries" by Meg Cabot.
you know,this book is for young adults.
i'd have it since junior highschool,but
i'd not been able to read it.
becouse it is original.
but now i could do
i try reading a lot of books by original

i was happy 

2007年08月09日(木) 12時00分
my sis nd her hus came back from Bali.
they gave us a lot of souvenirs,-cosmetics,
they said they'd had great time there,
nd showed us a lot of picters they'd taken.
they looked sooo happy and enjoy staying luxury hotel.
the hotel prepared a bath where many flowers were floated.
it was gorgeous!!!

i got a post card from my friend who stadys abrord in AUS.
she wrote she made many friends there and fun.
i hope i'll go there sometime.

so sad 

2007年07月27日(金) 12時00分
i watched a documentary on tv
about two young brothers
who worked like a slave at a cacao plantation.
they'd NEVER eaten any chocolates in their life
they wanted to go to school but couldn't.
my heart ached for the poor brothers
and at the same time
i felt ashamed that i was CRAZY about a choco stuff
so, from now on, i must taste one heartily


2007年07月18日(水) 12時00分
though i'd said "i have to diet on",
today, i ate choco ice cream at 31
i kind of regret i ate it
it was sooo delicious,though
....i might as well go for a jog immediately

actually,i was looking for a job. 

2007年07月02日(月) 12時00分
today,i scanned through the help wanted ads
at employment bureau
there were two companies i wanted to join.
but, i couldn't decided to choose only one
from these.
one of these companies will give me better-salary
on the other one might be rewarding for me

incredibly nice! 

2007年06月30日(土) 12時00分
we(wiz my dad nd mam) went to a chinese restaurant
for a lunch on our way to a hot spring hotel
i had a fried noodles with a lot of vegetables.
it wasn't salty and tast was really good

when we arrived at the hotel,
we had a welcome-desert from the hotel.
it was a paer ice cream nd tea.
we took a hot spring bath.
it was incredibly nice baths
i spent some quality time with them
for the first time in ages
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