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September 23 [Mon], 2013, 9:44
new balance 620 sale What Will Happen In December 21, 2012? - Nothing And Here's WhyIf you have watched the movie 2012, then you are probably dreading the fact that it's going to be happening next year. I mean, all those earthquakes and tsunamis plus snow and a great flood, how could any normal person survive that, right? Before you pack your survival kit though and stock up on food and gas, find out how the doomsday theories regarding December 21, 2012 came about. Only then should you decide whether you want to still continue with your survival kit or maybe move on from all this hoopla about the world ending next year.Doomsday Theories: Just a Big Jumble of BeliefsDoomsday theories have always been there.

I mean, what could be scarier than the world ending? And the fact that it's going to end in no glorious, peaceful manner but in some sort of devilish ball of fire or snow or flood that is guaranteed to be painful and messy just makes it a more sordid yet absorbing topic. First off, doomsday was actually first used to depict the second coming of Christ when the wicked ones will be punished and the good rewarded. In the Bible, it means the end of the world. Now why December 21, 2012? How could they have picked that particular date and say that it signals the coming of Christ?It is weird because though doomsday is generally connected with the Christian religion, the date they picked out is actually based on a pagan tradition.

new balance 595 mens Ironic right?December 21, 2012 marks the end of the fourth world age according to the Mayan calendar. The Mayan believed that time is divided into "world ages" and that we are currently at the fourth. They followed a system of days and millennia even to measure when the end of a particular age would be and according to their calendar, the fourth world age would end on the said date. Now, how could that be the case? How can two supposedly separate traditions just borrow from each other? Personally, I just think that we are all afraid of the world ending and being caught unprepared. That is why we are easily swayed by speculations of these and that because we know in our life that we are not yet ready to live this world.If I were you, I would focus more on achieving goals and making meaningful relationships rather than spend time reading on how the world will end or when the world will end
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