and Ufa coalition since the armistice

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July 1918 14rì23: 35 Moscow Kremlin coalition Ufa telegram to the Kremlin in the Soviet Union zhōngyāng large conference room they are in runaway state committee, optimistic and pessimistic views of half and half, Kamenev, Sverdlov insisted that Kolchak and Ufa trouble breaking the coalition, which is Moscow Ufa troops to seize the opportunity and signed the armistice agreement, a free hand to put Kolchak and white guard fat could beat a good opportunity. Pessimists such as Bukharin and Zinoviev, that can not be excluded Ufa coalition and Kolchak together to sing a double reed, with Fudge Moscow may xìng, according to the Battle of Ufa is obtained by victory opportunity, for who is the commander of coalition forces Ufa is no reason to pay and Kolchak would rather risk breaking the truce and Moscow alone, this thing is completely unscientific thing! Of course, Bukharin said, Ufa no Allied countries zhèngfǔ Combined Forces Command authorization right to arbitrarily decided to give Kolchak regime's argument was refuted Zinoviev, Novi during the quarter husband also seems that the coalition commander Wang Geng Ufa, in the single-handedly created the rì alliance after the fact has become the uncrowned king of Asia. Allies in addition to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson zhèngfǔ and the king also apply a bit of this Chinese influence, the British and French zhèngfǔ simply not the Chinese king's eyes, while the rì two zhèngfǔ itself, in fact, There is basically no warlord Wang Geng this new capability of checks and balances. Whoever dares to challenge the Times has been evaluated as Chinese national hero youth? Who dares? Even from the United States returned by news that the Chinese Wang Geng, is simply that the Chinese Prime Minister Duan did not get married uxorilocal! Probably before the end of the official would have married a girl home Duan Duan House when Uncle went home. The final challenge had Ulyanov and Trotsky in this text of a force the Soviet Union zhōngyāng Commission two chiefs to make a decision, Ulyanov could not spread to the Dzerzhinsky temper again body, "Felix 埃コ蒙多维奇 not I say you, Cheka intelligence work, especially foreign intelligence work, have to continue to strengthen, if you are at the moment from Kazan or Ufa internal things that real materials intelligence come back, we need it most of the night wearing a heap here guessing what? "Dzerzhinsky face smile, spread to proceed quietly muttered," Vladimir Ilyich, Cheka altogether then point people here Ufa put people and the coalition of Russia Kolchak temporary zhèngfǔ personnel are evacuated to the east of the Ural Mountains to go, my people have sent to the Ural Mountains east of no less than thirty group of people, almost annihilated the devil knows how coalition forces that the gendarme's nose will be so spiritual, almost no chance of success over the radio to the ship. "" Kolchak in the all-Russian provisional zhèngfǔ not have your instigation who what, how the message has been passed does not come back? our side two of a smear, with adverse Cheka intelligence gathering have a great relationship, I told you many times, do not be afraid to spend money, Czar rubles We are not the same as something like waste paper is to throw out ah, the bourgeoisie is the guy more money eyes, afraid that they do not bow to the rich? "Ulyanovsk thinking jump quickly, totally do not sleep telegram from coalition midnight prescribed less than half an hour left, but here the same leak grabbing hold Dzerzhinsky, it seems as long as the words of effective intelligence gathering Dzerzhinsky, Moscow and the Soviet Union zhōngyāng Commission did not fall into the dilemma now! "Vladimir Ilyich, this thing I know, it really can not blame Dzerzhinsky, Tsar paper ruble early as grungy street with nobody wanted, and I heard that Kolchak's All-Russian Provisional zhè ; ngfǔ inside, now popular Chinese banknotes Ghost, that thing is the most strong, in addition to what is that gold bonds and grain food stamps, our new ruble ruble and the Tsar's old unwanted fundamental right bank of the Volga, is on the left bank , we the people do not want to! "speaker was Zinoviev, the Soviet zhōngyāng councilor and" Pravda "deputy editor as Asian intelligence analysts, and Dzerzhinsky's friendship is also good, this time stand up and said something justice. "Vladimir Ilyich, Cheka was set up according to your instructions, I remember your saying that I had just founded an" extraordinary measures used to fight with all counterrevolutionary organization, and then I will be the task of the Cheka summarized as follows: "In the nationwide eradication and suppression of counter-revolution and sabotage acts of its activists by the court, but also for pre-investigation and pre-trial. Cheka's main functions include the arrest of domestic counter-revolutionaries, and is responsible for management of prisons , search, arrest, detention "These are you and zhōngyāng Committee had agreed on, and our intelligence work had focused mainly on the internal report and reconnaissance,Coach Crossbody Cheap, the enemy is still beyond the reach of the temporary camp, and, although you ordered the funds allocated in part, but at the moment to counter-insurgency and the formation of branches around the Cheka and internal security forces, as early as 7788 to use. Kolchak there in addition to gold and silver jewelry, the ruble does not recognize, say, you let me do Shang Naqu gold bonds issued by the Chinese people and the money they go? "Dzerzhinsky Tanzhao hands complain. This guy actually did not say that, due to expansion of the Purges and red sè-terror policy implementation, and then be as early as luring white guard generals or Kolchak All-Russian Provisional zhè ; ngfǔ officials inside it was a nightmare, the families and relatives of these people to stay in the Soviet Union as long as the control area does not follow the run, basically have been sent to a concentration camp or the Soviet crackdown in which case you want to follow them survive Kolchak and white guard the children who betray their own class and then secretly defected to the Soviet Union for the red sè regime effect, what is the extent possible xìng? And whether in Kazan or in Ufa, the coalition air reconnaissance radio listening very intensive and efficient, the Soviet Union lurking here several times on radio is basically useless to expose the target to be removed. "Yakov Mikhailovich, you give back to Clarence Ter Base Minato-point gold and jewelry, we must be placed in the coalition headquarters eyeliner, or two a discredit each other we always follow the baton, that what, forgery is not your strong point what, looking back more than a few disciples cultivate, deed Carry head not just a bunch of Mangfu, starting a brain know what? "Ulyanov turned his close ally Sverdlov, waved under a directive, Sverdlov heard gently nodded his head," Well, Comrade Chairman, I think of ways to give them Cheka funding for things that come out, the Tsar in the Kremlin palace of gold jewelry can be left not much left, but the golden treasury Kazan falls Kolchak hands, or else how can I stick to the white guard now, however, Comrade Dzerzhinsky's Cheka in the eradication of nobility, bourgeoisie, landlords and rich peasants in the process, should also have a lot of harvest, the issue of funding nor Moscow alone, the bulk of them had their own way! "Sverdlov this guy's dad is a document forgery experts, there are rumors that after the victory of the October Revolution, Comrade Ulyanov took Kremlin copied out gold jewelry are handed over to Las Gould Love Collection custody, and for the main leaders of the Bolshevik prepared false passport so that I can withdraw unfavorable situation to go into exile abroad, of course, at the moment the Soviet regime have grown up, so pessimistic outlook hardly appear may,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, of course, if not for this new coalition Ufa, but people are deeply troublesome enemies appear, Ulyanov and Sverdlov confidence will a little stronger. "Leo Davidow Davidovich, things are difficult before, the office had to do? Decided to move south, we had to make a decision, do you think that we can and Ufa coalition that China Wang Dacheng armistice demarcation agreements it? Obviously the most important military and you are Chairman of the Supreme Military Council, I would like to Listen to what you really think! "Soviet Russia zhōngyāng committee chairman, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, this is really a little anxious no account, seeing that from 12 midnight draws near, Comrade Chairman looked helplessly in front of Tuoluo Ci group, would like to hear his opinion. Trotsky listened Everyone rushes before the debate, at the moment of course, he did not dare to vote on the name of the package says truce is not Ufa coalition trap, but from practical perspective, is now riding a tiger, even in order to gain time, they have to talk to the Ukrainian-French truce again, as the next, only increase jǐng Ti play it by ear it. thought here, Chairman of the Supreme Military Council cleared his throat, Jan Road from the eyebrows, "Vladimir Ilyich, comrades, zhōngyāng members, I think, no matter what the coalition is playing tricks, and regardless of Ufa coalition and Kolchak is not really breaking up, we should go at their own pace according to the armistice is our current best choice, at least after the armistice, we can seize the time to integrate the Soviet Union Red Army, the establishment of the Volga Military District and the Army, get weapons and ammunition from the German high shè cannon machine gun and so on. Only armistice, we can strive to time, Kolchak to attack it, no matter what time he always did not give up, and kept fighting he should attack,Coach Bags Outlet, and Ufa coalition since the armistice, there are still weakened Kolchak, contain live in the footsteps of the coalition forces to cross the river, we have nothing to worry about it! "" Big deal, that time and then continue to play Bale torn face, we now abandon Tsaritsyn, you can shrink the front, the South and the East Army Army two fists molded into one, and that is under the control of Sarah bracket coalition - Kursk and Tsaritsyn this land, but also cut off from the Don and the North Caucasus white guard the route to attack us! I believe that in Kazan westward direction Kolchak alone is absolutely not hit Moscow come, even. . . Even. . . And coalition armistice demarcation, we can Ufa coalition with weapons, ammunition and food purchase! Why not? "Trotsky said the more the more confident enough, apparently, no matter what the idea of ​​the coalition is playing, riding a tiger and the Moscow Soviet Red Army and coalition forces must be able to fight any chance truce! Supreme Military Council Chairman's remarks impressed The presence of all zhōngyāng members, what is the backbone, this time saying this could inspire the morale of everyone from the stakes and the direction indicated, is the backbone of the same character and leadership, at the moment Trotsky on to play such a crucial corner sè. "列夫达维多维奇, that's good! Well, I believe that everyone's views are unified, and so do, Kamenev, or to draft you call back, we accept the armistice demarcation Ufa coalition agreement, so be it! "Ulyanov fiercely waving his hands, made a final decision!
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