Some people are poor in their lives did not understand what is happiness

February 22 [Sat], 2014, 18:28
For example, with a salary to mortgage, but also credit cards, spending a lot of their wages is limited, then happiness is very low, not even happiness. However, if the mortgage all at once over, spending more than enough income to deal with, then all of a sudden there is a sense of happiness. However, we must first know how to get happiness is satisfied, if the heart is always unbalanced, then do not feel too happy. For each person, the urgent problem is different, happiness is different; different level of the same problem-solving for different people, happiness is different. Happiness is actually very simple, happiness is everywhere, everyone has their own happiness, to discover on burberry bikini your own. Sometimes people ask for too much, they did not find themselves already own happiness. Only good at seizing happy people can know what is happiness. healthy living is a great happiness. Not the lack of joy in life, you find missing is happy eyes, missing is you feel happy soul. Perhaps you are not rich, but you have a healthy body; perhaps you do not have the status of Superman, but you have a happy family; maybe you're not famous, but you have a quiet and undisturbed life; do have love things like people together and have a happy; wish came true, but also happiness; to encounter a pair of happy couples, but also a very happy thing, because happiness is contagious. As long as the mind somewhat satisfied, somewhat consolation is happiness.

In fact, happiness and unhappiness in your own mind, do you think happiness is happiness. As long as you consider yourself satisfied, so happy quietly came to your side. happiness nowhere to be found, but everywhere, life bit by bit all breeds happiness. Happiness is a warm word, but also everyone strive for the goal. Some people are poor in their lives, did not understand what is happiness. And some people, the moments of happiness aura around because he found a pair of good at happy eyes, there is a perception of a happy heart.Substitute climb years not understand all the love can say, as I love to do; sun shining most people, unwittingly stood on the pulpit of three feet. In fact, the entrance exam of the day, it is the end of the eighties, employment still have many choices: You can go to Guangdong job, and with my level and ability, not difficult to find a clerk. In my village, I am less than a few reading, a lower level than my peers to burberry bag seek employment in Guangdong, were later developed, car home room, envy; can be traded business and eighties, it is most likely to do business money, they can be said to be lucrative, the village did not read many books of several partners to pull some star anise, cinnamon and other sundries from the countryside to the city off, and from city to pull some clothes, footwear or date back to the village to sell groceries, a few years time, actually can make money to build a house, marry a wife;
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