in love with one of the people should

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 13:05

If destiny, you fall in love with one of the people should not, then how painful. If you love people who simply do not care about your feelings, then you do not love it? Fall in love with a man should not love, obviously, in front of you but can not say when she left you, you will be heartache! Can not see her, the whole world have lost meaning, do think of her, can not do anything. Because you do a lot of stupid things, had a lot of ideas, in the end they understand, because you do not want to lose you. Own hiding crying, until tired, sleep. Wake up in the morning, I will think of you also, so every day kept yourself busy Kid's UGG Bailey Bow Clearance, to not think of you, during the day passed. Night to own what do not, can only sit there staring blankly, thinking about the past tide happy every day, to cry. I do not know who lost who I only know, who fell in love with whom. Let you go, can only say that once loved, can not say to you, I still love you. Not see you every day, do not contact you, to the end they find themselves deeper and deeper. Know that we can not be together, but also know that you have your life, but why would this process, why that person is you, we have happier, you still lost regardless of how I feel, I said commitments I seriously, the original wake up and just lie, willingly on you when, so you lie to. In return, just damage. This article from the past touching story I have not seen you North Face Boots. Not not looking for you, because they are afraid to find you do not know, how willing to leave. Asked you like me to say like, know how happy I am you and asked you care about me, you say cares, and now think only my unrequited love it. Separate day, I was crying, very sad, and I will never forget you, although I know that we can now say is a friend, but this friend can do and how long. You my affectionate UGGs Roseberry Boots Sale, no matter what the situation, so I can not feel, even if it is a little bit of friendship between friends I feel. To live with the time to be a long or a short time, may not matter to you, but for me, my life will not be forgotten, because you are by my side is my happiest moment. From the first time I met initially, to deeply fall in love with you. Doomed I ever will because you lose too much fun. Every day I thought so happy, but do not know why cry. I remember we began to bicker, who none of us ignore, but you know in your heart how sad, the more you care, the more I want you to care. So you know I have laid down the fundamental. You go, it was all over, every day with a smile not to mention, what. What ever favorite people to leave you. Heart tired, just want to have a good rest, Why do you want are you. I remember once I call you baby, baby, I want you. Now, I feel heart is dead, originally thought he still had a trace of worried about, even the hint of worried also taken away. This article from the past and moving story every time you contact me I see you are afraid, you can not say like you, and do not you say I love you. You go, live your own life, I also live in a past life, and do not want to come out. I'm thinking that it would be happy, I'm happy not to them. The time being by myself Northface Women's Windstopper, like a lot a lot, and I really fell in love with you. Original really not together, to know love. People fall in love with a fall in love with someone else. Baby: every day you are doing what you thought of me, how can you appreciate my injury! ! Baby: because you want to forget you, I want to get married and the other girls, I know that this is unfair to her, and now unable to manage too much, my injury I have not own the rule, because to forget you, I once again I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I love you this article from the past touching story (past and moving story)

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