The angel in white light hands

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 10:36
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultBut in this time ,the lightning blade ,side draw halberd ,thunder sword ,purple Thor needle ,and other strange and eccentric weapons ,all at his head down .
The angel in white light hands ,these strange and eccentric arms wrapped in the arms of all ground ,incorporating Liu Zhiping atop the crown !This seems to be even mouth doesn go ,direct hard plug !You ah ,what do you mean by that ???Liu Zhiping was about to speak ,found Lao ,Jieyin Buddha ,the angel three phantoms soar up to the sky ,a three-color light illumination ,high above glimpses of a giant shadow ,is the era of the door lurk ,was discovered !Liu Zhiping be startled at ,how the matter !Era of the door was not wounded angel ?The series of fighting, thousands of years too close to normal ,era door how to get rid of ?They are angel .
.. ... Liu Zhiping was a born foreboding .Just as suddenly ,between heaven and earth in the tremor ,immortal Thor guns huge guns sounded, the thunder light filled the world ,Liu Zhiping eyes is a ray of light, ear rumbling ringing ,apparently both visual and auditory were temporarily suppressed !Could not open the eyes, ears to listen to my xxoo ! !Immortal Thor cannon launched ,it seems the mother of creation with the method is not correct, this method only ! Although Liu Zhiping heart was instantly alerted body keeps changing ,moving ,still was a heavy blow ,general Crystal Kingdom crackling burst into pieces ,falling down, the flesh is almost destroyed most of Canada Goose Citadel Parka.
Have collapsed, fragmentation trend .The gun back to the real owner of immortal Thunderlord hand ,hot shot out of the thunder light Tianjie, power was so amazing ! Twilight of the gods ,everything to me ! Liu Zhiping roared again and again, systemic ,out Twilight light notes ,the visit power rapid reduction into the most primitive vitality ,then absorbed ,almost all Liu Zhiping visit are captured ,all flew in, thorough repair Liu Zhiping .
Liu Zhiping body crack flesh essence ,fast repair ,restore .Immortal Thor gun Lei Jie aftermath non-stop impact on Liu Zhiping ,splattering his body, but his body is constantly refining Lei Jie twilight for the gods ,not stop repair ,achieve the dynamic balance .
He summoned several phantoms is going on ,feel that several phantom body than God is strong ,and the light of phagocytic Tianjie supernatural powers ,heard of ! Dozens of heads of powerful demons watched Liu Zhiping Lei Jie ,receiving top nature artifact immortal Thor cannon and Thunderlord bombardment ,but can use the phagocytosis of Armageddon ,rapid repair of flesh ,Armageddon quenching flesh more and more violent ,all shocked face twisted ,a half-day speechless .
Originally, they also have to look into the robbery cloud ,at the cost of his own ashes to ashes Liu Zhiping injury ,Liu Zhiping was taken to attack the ashes to ashes ,but Liu Zhiping did not give them a tiny bit of opportunity ,because every hit, Liu Zhiping will be in the blink of an eye, the fastest recovery .
Force is not affected in any way ,at this time Timberland Womens 8 Inch, into which ,undoubtedly have a death wish .See Liu Zhiping ,these demons trembled all over with fear ,dare not enter Canada Goose Lodge Cheap. ?This man be insatiably avaricious ,once had taken ,I all escapes his clutches .
An old demon be puzzled ,trembling . too afraid, even if the person in a strange supernatural powers, can quickly use light phagocytic Tianjie recovery damaged body ,let the body even more powerful ,but in doing so, his visit will be more and more serious ,the light phagocytic taken speed definitely limited ,can not be infinite ascending velocity !Even if the infinite promotion recovery speed ,Thunderlord at immortal Thor gun must have after strokes ! The White Peacock variation of powerful demons white man spooky said: we took him crossing robbery ,infuriating exhausted body injuries ,heavy ,showing a failure situation, with one action kills, naturally .
.. ... This is the best ,the most prudent choice, unfortunately ,the ancient demon city some treasures ,is how much we heart collection ah ,there are one hundred and eight immortal level spiritual pulse ,.
The deer head demon is the most parsimonious ,natural very distressed . Success ,this also nothing . Purple women face is as calm as water : this man value ,even if it is a little gods wish ,a little flesh are far greater than the ancient demon city .
On crossing the soldiers ,king ,God of death is very good !Just to have a look and so on ,specific how should do ! In the woman voice soon ,suddenly Liu Zhiping twelve white feathers on a fan ,drilling Armageddon ,was Liu Zhiping pop roar ,and the roar Thunderlord fulminate, Wan Lei ,tremendous energy mutual crit ,issued a day out to destroy crash, put in the sky to the bombing of thunder city into two halves ,immortal Thor cannon also appear to be greatly disturbed, and shot ,no target .
Thunder light mixed together, flying everywhere ,a huge mushroom cloud fly up .The other energy is completely suppressed ! Come back !This visit by his injury ,thoroughly mixed variant ,is too hard ! These demons see huge mushroom cloud wave approaching ,know the bad back ,immediately ,a demon back slowly ,on the spot by a huge mushroom cloud fallout involved ,emitted a shriek, die an untimely on ,even the eternal one golden Xianzhen spirit ,soul is buried into the flesh the huge mushroom cloud aftermath .
Liu Zhiping visible injury ,thoroughly mix the variability of Armageddon how badly .Liu Zhiping felt that with the twilight of the gods repair itself is not the answer ,right start counter .
Twilight of the gods to the cloud ,robbing the detonator city completely broken up, and the immortal Thor artillery forces together ,had a terrible giant mushroom cloud !But ,the thunder city was a rout ,visit did not disappear, but is more powerful ,the door has been three era phantom diversionary ,so is the world itself is not willing to Liu Zhiping such a strong person through unscathed ,after all the people on the world of law have great influence and destruction .
Can even !Liu Zhiping said such a comprehension process is complete ,you .Has been on the world rule has a great impact and destruction ,Robel ,inevitable to the days of jealousy .World law ,for someone like Liu Zhiping ,must be killed by .
And the human body immune system to destroy the virus is a reason UGG Flare Flip Flops Slippers.Ray City burst, Thunderlord phantom is mysterious smile ,behind the emergence of era door shadow ,visit again !Rob cloud fast flow ,it condensed the Dragon Huzhen shape ,beasts of the Pentium ,a vision ,and lightning to coalesce into stars ,big world ,another empty all emerged .
Vientiane armageddon !It is all taken !To him also to have ?Reportedly ,only in the king combined forging demiurge implement when ,appear unscathed ,rumors ,and rules for Space-earth artifact king ,were killed .
God is king realm ,is equivalent to the world ,the world will certainly not allow such a rule exists .Must destroy . An old saw the Armageddon appearing eccentric graphics ,suddenly back again and again for a few miles ,the rest of the old demons seem to see the world the same ,a rabbit run faster, without the slightest hesitation !You don Does this person is God is king reincarnation ?And hold the world realm ! The White Peacock incarnation of the old devil man ,also back again and again, for fear of being taken into : so, we in the Archean demon city is destroyed ,still without a price !If the person was taken because of death ,the body Air Max TN Womens, the soul ,true spirit, nothing there at all !Then we have nothing .
all these Armageddon appeared, no one was a close, involved in Armageddon ,immediately had stigmata .Nothing there at all ,but in vain ,but the demon city be destroyed ! Purple woman devil shook his head ,face flesh aches .
I think otherwise ,this person strange strong ,taken to phagocytosis ,not being killed ,leaving something is certain .Heaven realm ,this is the dream of many magic realm ,even some nature artifact are not able to have ah !If we create a Pacific City ,put his seal device in which as a spirit ,that is not a creator of artifact in some capacity ?To continuously improve ,manufacturing artifact king ,God is king ,we are not afraid of the Dark Phoenix into old devil ,the most good at mixing device ,eyes flashing a naked, be unable to hide one ,looked to Liu Zhiping as a masterwork weapon material .
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