Either the arms or of God

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 16:16
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High Fiao thanks again !!!Now they see ,Chinese empire is subjected to a first treatment of the Empire ,make good use of it, can provide Chinese Empire added several layers of fighting capacity .
Either the arms or of God ,for a sacred overmatch is very important, nine level fighter can play into the three attack power ,to the sacred strong play into the six attack power ,to the time God level if it can play the one hundred attack .
In the face of such opportunities ,as long as the head is screwed up to catch that kid, the other into the Empire range ,to the will ,are you going to excessive say out . From now on ,we will be sacred strong together, personally killing the demon warrior ,offered above ,is the demon hunting ,it only a few people know us ,who passed away, on the ground .
Big offering Sen cold road .Chinese Empire all these moves ,are privately ,as is not caused people ,once on it, things to put down ,then some problems, at least the allies must be asked .
.. ... Completed the first business ,Yang Lin earned a little .The three hundred Viscount of demons ,for his own words ,at least for a few days ,but in a huge empire rise of the machine .
Everything will be easy .In handing over the time when God is .Yang Lin thought the other will be reckless with greed to rob ,therefore ,made heavy ready ,once struck, absolutely will not let them have what good fruit to eat .
After a few days ,all be in smooth water ,did not have what people came to the meeting UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint Cheap, Yang Lin knows they will not come again ,nervous heart slightly down ,facing the top old monster .
He doesn is the master .Seen the demon limb regeneration difficult to imagine God level peak badly .That evening, Yang Lin found a surface of the metal ,the weapons dealer in . Yang brothers ,you are just in time .
The production of a number of fine quality God armor and weapons ,want to have a look UGG Amelie Shoes? There smiles the play a long sword demonstration up .Yang Linlianlian stopped ,he can not see today most new weapons and armor of god .
I have a thing to ask for your help . Yang Lin was a direct say out .Ducky plainly ,a resource the interstellar merchant ,if left one word ,it somewhat greatly ah ,eyes naked twinkle ,said : can help, my dark without demur ,will help you to do .
Yang Lin waved his hand again and again . There is nothing ,nothing but is wants to buy a batch of defective goods ,do not know ,you whether to have the goods ? When it comes to some embarrassment ,Yang Lin ,after all, this is not a good thing .
Defective goods ? There is doubt whether she thought , well ,is defective goods ,it is your production down out of the goods ,the surface looks good ,play a function .Once on the good God ,direct be chopped off the defective goods .
Ducky. Oh knowing what it was ,before the Yang brothers intend to shoddy, businessman likes to do most .He is also in love ,there is rich and generous profit . this little meaning .
Ducky look cheerful . We metal surface of metal more special, but the same ,produced the scrap weapons and of God is everywhere, that the effect is very good ,just look at the surface to see ,unless the comparisons between the following .
Purchase of defective goods ,Yang Lin besides inside for profit, is to weaken the Empire between attacks ,seemingly a God exists, but the defective goods ,so the overall strength does not increase too much, there is another reason ,God level too good for it ,then who will come to buy .
Using earth the old do not ,the new do not come .Shoddy, have a brilliant future .The merchant shall learn tricks ,even the defective goods ,in the mainland ,it is also important .Mike soon found a handle bright sword ,on the surface words ,do not see any different, even if the two sword together in a single ,not with the naked eye ran among them problem ,once the two words collide UGG Tularosa Route Cable,defective goods show the prototype to the .
That this defective goods ,compared to the native inferior goods ? Of course it, local weapon selection above has many defects ,impurities in the production process is not clean ,a variety of reasons together, become a waste of the goods ,the defective goods ,is completely attack force and stiffness is not only out of it UGG Classic Short, buy defective goods ,local strong, could not see the authenticity .
The bicycle in a few days later, finally dry in Prague city appearance ,but the queer-looking ,let everyone felt a curious ,not they see familiar appearance .Their understanding is based on the carriage to be viewed ,now looks like really vary greatly .
So great that they don what this bike has surprising places ,how to look, feel this is not what transportation .Deep root concept has been retained in everybody ,if not blat city many things beyond everyone imagination ,and now I am afraid I will be frightened by this bike .
The bike is not a monster ,regardless of appearance ,or color, are they never seen before .Sales are placed on the city held on the square .The outer and inner city .Built a huge square ,area relative to the inner city square to a number of large, can be used to host some square ceremony ,at the same time can accommodate thousands of people in the square .
Today the square is crowded, lively and extraordinary ,one of the true face of Mount Lu bicycle .Some people think that good-looking .Match the color is very attractive ,also some people ,do not see any transportation impression ,but the two stem in wheels ,seemingly a little bit when the car .
In the square of exhibition of bicycle many styles ,mountain biking ,portable and so on some scale is not big ,see everybody is see things in a blur ,it is hard to believe that this is the castellan of grown-ups invented .
Although some of us don ,but it has never seen a bicycle ,let them have very strong feelings, the original can be assembled bicycle wheels ,strange ,strange chain and so on ,is not what they have seen .
Suspect is a short ,however ,when the brake close along the street ,a car bike ,they were terrified .All the time since, they are sitting in a carriage, but never seen with both feet on the pedals to move with the odd .
This will they see ,the eccentric wheel keeps turning ,plus it is beautiful Catwoman in riding a bicycle, to produce a unique appeal .The elegant figure ,light action ,at the instant of conquer the public eye .
Then ,we come to the square, found the road blocked ,it will also feel at a loss ,in seeing the bicycle appears, we realize ,the bike seems rather than the more easy to use ,especially in Prague city size is not a street in .
The carriage is too huge ,although comfortable sitting in the street wearing ,not too easy, bicycle lost land should not be the case, with a small body ,in the city can be relieved through a blaze .
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