Rihanna song debut photo exposure

March 31 [Sun], 2013, 18:35

The Rihanna song debut photo exposure comb plate made stunning Chinese

American R & B days after Rihanna recently the first to expose the play with the famous British rock band Cool (Coldplay) collaboration "Princess Of China" MV latest promotional photos which Rihanna retro shape of a Geisha interpretation is in place, the concentration on his face makeup and exotic black the geisha wig hair clasp echoes modeling are in place,cheap wigs online, fans in the amazing taste of I could not help to produce numerous curious and looking forward to this MV.

According to foreign media reports Rihanna plans to launch their own clothing line brand with several well-known fashion designer. It is understood that in 2005, Rihanna debut album, "Music of the Sun" to become a household name in popular Lotte Since then she has worked with Armani (Armani) designers teamed up to launch a range of clothing and jewelry(wholesale jewelry) in the autumn of 2011 and the spring of 2012. Now, the international superstar is planning the creation of a personal design brand. However, she said, before formal cross-border, she will strive to improve their fashion sense, to prove their strength in fashion design also has the talent and ability.

Bruni exposes often wear a wig disguise out security checks at the museum

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 13:06
According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on April 5, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy recently accepted an interview with French Nouvel Observateur magazine (Le Nouvel Observateur), the identity of the "first lady" and not to cause too much pressure on her daily life, she often wore cheap lace front wigs, camouflage to go out, can successfully avoid the media tracking.

Bruni says: "celebrity status does not give me too much pressure, at least I can be disguised himself, such as wearing a cheap wigs subway, no one can recognize me." Bruni disguise obviously very successful, she also exposes a marine museum in Paris to accept the security, the security personnel did not know that they are checking the package of the president's wife.

In the dawn of the French presidential election, Bruni made ??the remarks seem to be the "first family" looks closer to the public in order to help her husband to get rid of the label of the "rich man's president". In fact Bruni practice is not very strange Not long ago, the wife of the President of the United States, rice Michelle Obama also said, more to communicate with the public in order to get rid of the shackles of the White House, she had disguised Go supermarket shopping.

Bruni camouflage expert in. Allegedly, in 2007, Sarkozy and Bruni married, he told her, paparazzi containment may be dating him, then Bruni replied: "In dealing with the media, you amateurs. Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones lead singer) secret romance eight years, we have almost been to all the nation's capital in the world, but no one could take us. "Sarkozy asked confidential method Bruni replied : "It's simple, I disguise myself, and sometimes glue a fake beard, put on the craziest hairstyle with cheap human hair wigs".

How to define true and false hair when buying a wig

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 21:44
Buy a cheap wigs how to define true and false hair? This problem has plagued many hair loss patients and Amy, Let's listen to the views of an expert.

Wig, as the name suggests is a fake hair, generally wig is made of filaments, low price different styles favored by many low consumer groups; filaments direct cause skin itching, ulceration, red envelopes, pustule injury, real hair wig made acclaimed This is HPS patent wig.

Most of them will not grow out hair wig the gold starting HPS hair recycling technologies to make out the hair, there will be a lot of people think that is a wig. In fact, recycling technologies, HPS hair woven hair wig - hair personalized service concept design elements and humane solutions - based on replacement technology, after bold innovation and improvement in the production process, the newly developed national patent technology of a comprehensive solution to the hair loss, hair problem. Has: a simple, convenient, safe, comfortable, realistic, natural, fast, for any cause bald, hair loss, baldness, hair sparse white hair, chemotherapy, alopecia, head scars, and feel their own hair hair , not ideal hairstyle fashion people, fast hair and recycling technology, natural and realistic, fast and comfortable, to make your hair perfect reproduction cheap human hair wigs.

Wearing a wig steps

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 21:33
The cheap wigs is a good thing, when you dismay minus the long hair and want to have cute short hair, you need it to help you. But many people do not know the wig how to wear Oh, today to tell you step by step.

1, the first he had wrapped hair, finishing clean, secured with a clamp.

2, bring the the wig front to back order, forehead to wig front-end to withstand, and then his hands pull back the wig to cover all their hair.

3, finishing burst. Check the exposed burst into them.

4, carding wig. Adjust the wig around, paying particular attention to the position of the ears, and then use the comb.

5, disrupt hairstyle. Sprayed with hair spray, hair hand free to grab the chaos, looks more natural cheap human hair wigs.

The man wig feelings in France

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 21:22
cheap human hair wigs in ancient Egypt there, but it carried to the stage of history, but it is the imperial power. In ancient Greece and Rome, the hair is a status symbol, those in power will be sweating braids. The Romans even had intended to let the Parliament by Baldy Act to prohibit the bald man running for the Senate, bald slaves can only be sold for half price.

To the Middle Ages, the king long hair, while the barber became to deal with enemies or criminals. Clearly, the Frenchman did not discard this tradition, Enlightenment thinkers, Diderot, he compiled the "Encyclopedia" wrote: "The hair is a symbol of glory and freedom in ancient Gaul dynasty royal blood symbolic, others based on the rank order in turn cut short. "

King Louis XIII may have heard this so deliberately long hair at a young age. But the older he began balding, so I had a wig to cover up, but another more life to say, It is said that at the time of the French, thick hair was regarded as a symbol of male. Imposing the Bourbon king certainly do not want to be laughed at, so wear a wig, long and buttocks, seems to be in show: I know is how men see my hair length. Since then, the courtiers imitated by the court and then spread to the officials and businessmen gentleman.

If His Holiness wearing a cheap womens wigs to vanity, Louis XIII and Louis XIV, the French judges wear wigs, mostly from the following court atmosphere, a symbol of life or death power of judges, the grandeur and power of the kind of law odor wig and everything passed. So, in the 17th and 18th century Europe, wigs became a symbol of the aristocratic and privileged class.

Sun King (Louis XIV) in 1655 when the country he once hired 48 wig master for his manufacturing wig, who loves dance king let the wig outside the aristocratic model of the artistic temperament. In the second year, the French set up a the wig manufacturing line will. The wig Since then become the fashion in France, and the judges of the European DAI Qi wig.

France write science fiction and drama writer known for Messier, ironically Luo lists several of the most beloved wig: the principals of the Paris suburb of the choirmaster, run errands court, servants, cooks, kitchen odd jobs, did not tell the royal family and nobles detached are vanity at work. Which in the end is a the poison tongue writers gag, or wig flooding during the Paris really vanity flooding it? The wig master number can be proved.

In Paris in 1673, only 200 wig master can to soared to 945 in 1771, even the small town of Rouen wig master between 1680 to 1781, a hundred years from 20 to reach 83 wig apprentice even be impossible to count. The small town of Rouen, a man named Le Terry wig master shop a year can do more than 100 wigs, so the city 83 master can do 8300 wig Imagine the whole of France a year can do how many wigs(cheap lace front wigs)? Therefore, 18 century France, wigs became a big business, it is no longer a luxury object.

The difference between medical wigs and fashion wigs

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 23:26
Medical wigs

Generally applicable to the head have undergone surgery, or hair loss after chemotherapy customer

First requirements such customer multi wig comfortable, shaded in direct contact with the scalp, so the fabric wig use more harsh, generally applicable to the contact with the skin of the Class A material. The soft material is more suitable for contact with the skin without causing redness and swelling, and allergy.

Good permeability, contribute to the recovery of the wound, head pores can breathe freely, exhilarating!

Wear and have good stability. The traditional pawl can not be, the fabric elastic fixed wig is the best choice.

Hair more natural color, and health.

Fidelity requirements higher, hair, no hair, is more concerned about whether others can see that was a wig, so realistic requirements higher. Distribution line position often the scalp or delivery needle craft.

Fashion wigs,cheap wigs

Fashion wig hair is generally more suitable for white hair, or hair color frequently, constantly changing hairstyle customers.

Pursuit of fashion wigs hairstyle novel, varied, more style, suitable for different occasions, so the hair is preferred.

Wearing a stylish wig, fixed their hair, mesh cap often than their head circumference is more suitable for large about 1-2cm.

Many fashion wigs for order to match different occasions, wig-wearing time is not too long, the process requirements of each medical wigs, so the cost of the process is often cheaper than the medical wigs, however,halloween wigs women, long-term wear, but also suggested that Select the permeability better hand-woven process.

About wig price determinants

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 23:25
A. Properly wear wig

First, all combed hair, broken hair clip- Long hair best hair up to a flat plate, oh. Or wearing a cheap lace front wigsprominent to be difficult to see.
False hair combed smoothly. (Combing method is very particular about following wig maintenance Intro)
Then, start to wear. Short hair and long hair, like wearing the law, but the long hair and the best was to assist the hairnet hair completely stuffed Home, as far as possible with relatively tight, or easily exposed to real hair. Bow, and then find a good wig middle part of the front-end, hand bangs hair root partial address, long hair, all the hair fell forward, and then pulled the fake hair backend hair completely sets inside. Then grab the hair down in the front, on the back slowly. Straightened up, wigs natural vertical, especially long-haired!
lace front wigs, then please combing method and to wear before, above 1M long hair do assistance to others, or more and more chaotic. If the static electricity from the water on drying with a comb, then gently combed. Remember. . Rejoice ad kill people. . .

II. Wig care

1. Comb.
Please wig worn on the dummy head. . Real willing to help can also be, or a lot of trouble, in short, must let the fake hair natural vertical. The Shorthair very good combing say, here we said long-haired. If you care agent or fake hair oil spray.
Comb the bottom of the fake hair first, then the middle and finally combing above. All OK to take it from start to finish, if you encounter a tangled guy with scissors to solve them.
2. Care.
Each halloween wigs women seller will sell care oil, very cheap, combs + networks + oil then you have not seen more than 40. The following references REIN care options:
"As for the maintenance and care of wigs recommend the purchase of special care packages to + special leave comb ~ first nursing oil, pro rata against the good water, spray the wig on the wig special comb combing the best, no comb, directly by hand, Zhang open fingers, slowly combing care oil will stick to the hands ...
Is critical to take care oil care if good hair oil diluted spray then hung to dry in the shade will appear very magical thing ~ ~ ~! That cis wow ....> / / / v / / / <
If wig placed crease can be placed vertically for some time, let it droop and care solution jet wet, attention during dust-proof, anti-pet play
3. Store.
Fake hair are all life, unless you do not love them, are generally required to keep it. I remember on the fake feeble network, then placed the bag imitation tide
Long hair is more fragile, can not be folded more, up to 2, do remember not to put the weight to pressure oh.

Wig classification, characteristics and distinguish

Many wig classification, my favorite wigs Carney the Kalun (Kasi). Although the most expensive but the cost is very high, and can be used for many years, often buy bargains better than it is. Here to talk about common words
Sequence arranged by price from low to high
1. Domestic wire. Let's just say, is this past balding aunts and uncles who wear silk. . I really no way to support domestic products. This the fibroin this no long, who sell long be Masi pigtail kind of silk, a kid with a turban on. Take pictures and flash and chaos, very suitable COSER use. Long hair is basically a one-time, run out of the kind of completely dead. Nanning China-made silk more common
I recommended: long hair -0% -10%; short hair; hair -5%
2. Korean silk. Do not believe what they say quality Korean silk. Do not look at small Koryo have everthing China Diao, this thing or are on. I have one regret. . The main features of expensive than domestic silk, the color is more or and flash have chaos, the okay of short hair, long hair on it can not be used, the general type of hair are inferior production Korean silk, domestic silk absolutely rarely short hair, at least I see in Nanning.
I recommended: long hair -0% -20%; short hair; hair -5%
3. K the wire-P wire. Both wire in the end is not a wire, I still do not know which Daren did not understand. But from the appearance point of view, are very, very flash, and almost wire with plastic wire. . Usually stage performances, COSPLAY is not recommended. Overall soft, easy chaos, the length is not how easy to use, but the color is very beautiful. This stage with a wig in Nanning some special color silk
I recommended: long hair -10% -10%; short hair; hair -0%
4. Day silk. Indeed, the concept of the day silk is difficult to say, Kasi also may ** produced it. Generally speaking, when the hand through is not very slippery, Bi Kasi hard, touches almost the thickness. 80CM below is not very easy, static electricity, do not flash photographic effect. But more than 80CM is not recommended, because still see the wind to die of something. . Anyway, than the good of the Han silk, oh yeah and short hair is very easy to shape, like Claude's hair day silk best. Nanning 60CM so good silk are generally silk
I recommended: long hair -50% -90%; short hair; hair -80%
5. Ma Lunsi. I rarely use this wire, because the price was not Bi Kasi much cheaper, so I generally use Kasi, this is very much like silk from the surface and Kasi Although Kasi good quality, low durability Bi Kasi , but less than 1M almost no difference. Above reflect 1M the Kasi advantage. But the long-haired Bi Kasi easy chaos
Short hair better shape. This Sibikasi crude, which is to distinguish them the best way. There are currently no encountered in Nanning.
I recommended: long hair -80% -100%; short hair; hair -70%
6. Kasi. Do the best silk wig. Points ** sub top Kasi, A wire B wire. China domestic Kasi. The most obvious advantage is Shun! Very smooth. No matter how long, do not abuse like save are a comb in the end (but best not to such a comb injury wig) especially in the 1M over fake hair, not Bika Si better wire advantage is obvious. The only drawback is that pure Kasi Shorthair If you want to use the hair mud made Claude hair is more difficult, unless special shape. Other do not find any problems. The photographs do not flash, the scene is chaos, not afraid of strong winds. . . Sure enough, benevolent ah. . Anyway, I used all this
I recommended: long hair -100% -90%; short hair; hair -100%

V. The wig general hairstyle terminology, other terms of interpretation and common problem

1. Hairstyles term

Knife flat: front fringe is very flat, like scissors suddenly cut flat named. Like ** doll. Miko same common

Before and after the knife flat: bangs and the back are very flat very homogeneous.
Long bangs: bangs generally to the chin, and elsewhere by the data on the length of the
Bangs: bangs and around the back all the same length, the length of all data
Under the waves roll: the above is straight Shun, Here is a Large, the volume particularly large.
The water waves roll (gentle volume): on the volume to the next, but the magnitude is relatively small. Not volume, is more natural bend
Large: strictly speaking should roll from the top to the next, but natural, are generally from the neck volume. Circle, but not the magnitude of the volume like Rome volumes the same powerful
SD small volumes: all volumes, from start to finish, BJD dolls are relatively long with
Rome volumes (the European palace volumes): Very very volume. . Even became a bunch of laps. Such as complex Versailles as volume rose as the European court.
Ion the straight broken: Yes to the hot hot plasma as straight, before and after the tail broken. It is natural
Mixed silk: different kinds of silk mixed advantage is the relatively good shape, generally the Kasi AB silk mixed, or Kasi mixed Malun Si, other
Mix + colors (such as mixed gold, gray mixed): mixed color with a color, the advantage is very natural

2. Questions and answers about straight hair pull volume ~ (FROM REIN)
Q: I want the blue-black of 115CM. Kasi electric rod can make a roll to the right?
A: unlikely burns after and made of curly hair is so volumes to
And the manufacturer's nominal volumes straightened a certain distance from the straight and volume to
Slightly curled especially bangs can be rolled very natural to
In fact, the best way is curled volume on wax plus low-temperature electrical volume help to
Not to hurt the hair but also the volume of it is natural. Answer finished to = v =

Six. Fake hair color
Each has various color version, generally gold is commonly used more and more, pale gold, mixed with gold, is gold, gold and silver color mixing and so on. . Swatches more and more now, we are in contention to make the latest hair color, now it seems up to the color up to issue the most suitable COSPLAY professional Kasi wig REIN home wig, anyway, I have been using, but also the most expensive 's. . But the price is the absolute value of the won!
Domestic wire 30 or less: short hair, long hair and less than 50, overpaying do not blame me. . .
Korean silk 40 or less: short hair, long hair and less than 60.
P the wire: general are special modeling stage wig, such as the explosion of curls head. 30-50. . .
Day silk: short hair 40-50, long hair 1M 60-80,1 M over its own discretion to add money, seldom more than 1M Japanese silk
Code Lunsi: short hair 50-70, long hair 1M 80-100,1 M-150CM general 100-150
I am more familiar with Kasi, this classification. Above, several are not generally valuation.
40 ~ 50CM ----------------- 60 ~ 70
50 ~ 60CM ----------------- 70 ~ 80
60 ~ 70CM ----------------- 80 ~ 90
80CM --------------------- 100 ~ 110
100 ~ 120CM -------------------- 120 ~ 130
150CM --------------------- 180 (very rare, need to order)
The special styling plus 10-50 ranging from special color increases, the thicker longer bangs fare, the curls the fare increase, no net beauty tip (Big Bang like) the most expensive cheap human hair wigs.

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