unconsciously looked at first yoga belly

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 15:34
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIt is ready ,but the beginning of Yu see butterfly ,jade butterfly that moment, also a wayward regret not good .
College of the two sisters ,the elder compliant amorous young smart ,amiable ,himself being the potbellied .Just in front of Cao Yong alone ,she would have no disguise ,reveal the truth, and in the presence of outsiders ,she still maintain a consistent dignified smile .
Butterfly ,Jade Butterfly ,two sisters ,see Cao Yong them in, all stood up ,and said: Cao ! Eyes are naturally or half unconsciously looked at first yoga belly .Cao Yong helped the early Yu waist ,on two humane : my wife ,as I see the garden today ,know that you are in ,and came to have a look you ! Butterfly and Jade Butterfly busy both worship : seen a lady ! Talking at the beginning of Yu said: the two girls not to bother, just to listen to two voices, it is good ! Butterfly ,butterfly : dare not even green when Mrs.
praise ! Cao Yong see them a few small woman ,this book ,secretly funny ,said: even if the polite greetings ,also need not stand all the time ?The house bored ,moving chairs ,we sat down to gossip ! Butterfly Cao Yong talking ,watching his wife ,two people do not match ,the heart can not say the envy .
The surface is not significant ,laughing lotus leaf and lotus moved the chair to command ,and specifically asked for new .The chair to move out ,Cao Yong helped early Yu waist go sit down over there .
At the beginning of Yu see he did not avoid the outsiders ,so close to his ,both sweet and timid ,only the hearts of the regret has disappear in smoke .Butterfly OK ,no matter how the heart ,face is not significant ;Jade Butterfly really young, outspoken ,see Cao Yong so with great care to protect his wife face ,eyes turned .
Furrowed eyebrows ,tilting his head, smiled and said : you jingdanban road to pry, to change the pebbles ,is it right? Cao ,afraid of sister walking foot slip ? Butterfly look faux pas, just want to reach for the sister clothes ,listen to the beginning of Yu asked with a smile : the Cao Yong sister said ,is what the story? Cao Yong recalled the last time was Jade Butterfly joke thing ,began to feel funny ,it is a little chit of a girl .
How to make ,but also when a woman look ?See first Yu also looked at themselves, nodded : Jade Butterfly say is ,I think we will .Every evening in the garden around, activities bones is also good ! Jade Butterfly thought, said: this garden is also because of this reason pontoon ,change ? Cao Yong smiled and nodded ,Jade Butterfly giggle laughing on Yu : sister really are a lucky man ,marry a thoughtful and interesting man ! Beginning yoga to see her lovely face ,with no trace of haze ,think of home and almost from the same mother sister ,think again before listening to her husband about Yangzhou jade tragic .
Heart pity at college .Cao Yong saw the sisters refused to sit ,and said: just us at the door ,listen to you both get Shaw ,was she !If the two bit is convenient North Face Men's Denali Hoodie Sale,please enlighten a ! Two sisters that sit, but not just those who only played the tune .
Butterfly opening sings : don see the flowers of Guangling .Don old cloud five .Fengtai good gorgeous ,soil dust of xi .To chant Hongyao word ,shift and spring ... ... Beginning yoga is enraptured ,Cao Yong mind while thinking of fetal education ,thought .
If it is not .On the establishment of a class placement this sister ,let them right in front of Yu sing a few songs .Do not know the baby has the advantage of No .Strange to say ,now and then look at the two sisters ,but is the two naive girl .
Butterfly just poems strike ,listen to somebody at the door .Very good .Listening is Mr. Zhuang voice ,Cao Yong startled, come here to find their own ,then ?Cao Ying Yong went out ,come more than Mr.
Zhuang ,standing beside it a smile Yin Yin Cheng Mengxing .The original process Mengxing decided to leave for Yangzhou ,not with Cao Yong to say goodbye and feel rude, Mr. Zhuang directly bring him in .
Some of Cao Yong accident ,smiled and said : Mr Cheng was so hurry? Since from afar, he no longer with Sir poly two days ? Cheng Mengxing smiled and said : already seen ,this concern ,leaving no sense ,it would be better to return ! The saying is there are a few were twisted ,Cao Yong slightly puzzled look to Mr.
zhuang .Mr. Zhuang also like some chaos ,then think of what it is like ,sigh .Process Mengxing : just lucky ,listened to such good music, and this is ... ... Mr. Zhuang laughs: Wuqiao ,you mean? Don that red is not you fill bar ! Mr.
Wu Qiao ! Yard came to cry .I don ,Cao Yong heart immediately think of the Qin ,Liu never to ,not by guessing, is it right? This process wit poems also everybody sing ?Road house ,residential .
Amethyst sat on the dresser ,looking at the mirror in the face, gently smiled ,mirror man smiled too .What is the suspicion of his older, or suspected of being small ,Amethyst oneself also say not clear .
But ,if the larger ,... ... If small ,no ... ... Even if the final is not regret, but some unwilling, will be heard by Cheng Mengxing touch .College Amethyst slightly lowered eyelids ,can be in the hands of the mirror under the button ,pick up next to the Diamond Sutra ,I say .
By the next year he things, have a standard ,Cao song here, unlike in the past those blossoms ,Tsao Yong arrangement ,every morning, along with Korean grand theory game theory .Originally Yong is specially Cao please sir ,Han touts is idle ,Yamen and light ,will offer one .
Like Han touts and touts the ,able to do platform yamen adviser ,is for fame .The game is not teach Cao song ,more than sufficient .Today, master Han ,although look pleased with oneself ,off the reel about .
Cao Song is not said to irritability ,just feel very uncomfortable ,for no reason at all uncomfortable ,but I do not know what the situation is .Be not looked at the window before the two pot of daffodils, he can be realized ,thought oneself be rather baffling send what dagger ,he regretfully hung his head down UGGs Mens Neumel Short Boots,sighed .
Han Shiye heard ,look to the Cao song ,thought he was for work upset, comfort: our master ,now under June, from February next year first half of the year examination and whole ,need not be too impatient ! Cao song see face concerns ,not by God for his run .
Honestly nodded .Yesterday ,today is on .Beginning yoga has some tired ,Cao Yong is called happy cloud ,color two to attend ,please send them back Wei black belt .He left here ,and Mr.
Zhuang Road Air Max 2009 Shoes Sale,to Cheng Mengxing practice .A direct hit from the restaurant and ordered two table and a table to send ,Butterfly Sister yard ,a table placed directly in the garden to the pavilion .
Watching and Mr. Zhuang talk cheerfully and humorously to process Mengxing ,Cao Yong heart sincerely admire .Talent ah, that is genius .No wonder this is the story of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies .
Just in the side yard there, Cheng Mengxing with Mr. Wu Qiao was ,and look pleased with oneself ,to listen to the butterfly ,butterfly two ensemble piece of jade .Casually pointing two ,it makes the two little girls with light .
The process for Mengxing temporarily ,also ask the song ,Pieridae and Jade Butterfly is both worship ,offer oneself as a concubine ,serve mr. .Cheng Mengxing also thought that two people skill is uncommon, it is this appearance style ,also do not hate .
Only after all in Cao ,but do not know their Yongdi relationship with cao .A search for meaning, look to the Yong cao .- if not lost ,it even for the two girls from the mind ,but see their attentions on Cheng Mengxing this or some to eat .
On second thought ,look at these two sisters are obsessed with art .It is a voluntary process Mengxing follow .Not say this is a good result .He offers himself as a concubine to words, Pieridae and Jade Butterfly to see some reckless .
Although the eye and deed in his bosom ,but after all, is Yong Cao kindness ,side also did not have the license ,then self portrait .Is not appropriate .Therefore .Two people all took place at the Yong color ,cao .
Road : this ,Cao ,can make ? Since their two sisters with their choice ,the other is the family wealth ,the character well process Mengxing ,Cao Yong nature is highly praised .Although the added white butterfly ,Jade Butterfly and the foursome ,but just hired two carriages .
After lunch, Cao Yong send them out of the gate .Looking at the carriage away ,Cao Yong and Mr. Zhuang to mount a horse, return to the Tao House ,he praised Cheng Mengxing ,he admired the boy affair .
Watch butterfly and Jade Butterfly two Cheng Mengxing look ,if nothing unexpected ,presumably lifelong also count on him .Turn around ,and concubines ,Cao Yong suddenly produce a perplexity of nature ,a trance ,almost fell off the horse .
Fortunately, the instant hold the reins, did not fall to the ground .Mr. Zhuang tiger jumped ,busy reined up ,asked solicitously : ,if ,all right ? Cao Yong felt his eyelids some jumping ,hand rub ,smiled and replied : sir no worry, perhaps just fasting to eat drink sake ,some heavy head !Stay back .
A ,it is good ! Jiangning ,Cao house ,courtyard bungalow .Cao Tang is in bed ,sunken eyes ,lips cyanosis ,pale ,slightly moved mouth ,they could not say anything .Economic stand up on the earth ,see the husband like this ,where we stand , hum cry .
Lee is also red eye ,took the veil tears .Cao Yinzuo in front of the bed chair ,see only brother like this ,my heart also sour hard, the surface is to pretend to be relaxed ,said: the second ,as your brother hit to the state ,to calculate the time, now might have seen their brother ,nephew is back ! Cao cough ,face much blush ,eye also not like just like that of turbidity .
Cao Yinxin the bad ,know as the doctor told ,Cao was a spent force .Have been sent to school ,with their brother Cao shuo .Look outside rush anchor step ,it is their brother back .
Cao Shuo them into the house to see his father ,so ,is heartbroken ,but dare not crying ,afraid to scare to father ,only down tears .Five sick ,not in front of ;economic the four sisters by holding ,were also in the room .
She will be two years of age ,have to learn language, like feel Pro unusually long ,kept his mouth and said: father ,father ! Hear the more sad .A few days ago Michael Kors Gansevoort Outlet, Cao and disease ,at first is not serious .
Cao Yin has orders in Cinchona ,when sent over visiting .Who invited to Timberland Roll Top Boots Sale,but has become today like this .Cao spirit look a lot better half ,struggled on ,had a look at the house of his sister-in-law ,face reveals a troubled .
Cao Yin sigh ,know he is worried about female ,warm words : five infants have been without problems, about a few days ago going to empty some ,just hit to see, was now asleep ! Cao face a difficult to smile ,nod ,dummy track: free is good ,stand I such a father ,not a blessing .
To support her for a time ,always do not think to father a ! Cao Yin was annoyed ,could not help but want to ask him to make such a decision ,do not take into account ,other relatives ?However ,he is also a father, thinking if a Japanese encountered the same problem ,if will be the medicine to his son .
Cao ,from a few son was swept ,said: you will become bigger, back to uncle and brother ,well filial you mother ! The Cao Shuo brothers have cried tears fell down ,Cao Master said: father education ,son will bear in mind ,dare to defy, also look for infants and young father ,take care of himself ! Cao see sons sensible, comfort ,want to have a look in the bosom of the four female ,then look to the harem ,gently said : of ! It is economic nickname ,economic very soft body, don let me down ,biting his lips moved to her husband .
Cao sighed ,said: marry me this good-for-nothing husband ,it is hard for you !Even if I have not ,always one finished, all is finished ... ... You pull the sons ,is less care ,would enjoy the sons of fortune .
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