to discuss with Chen wall Jun

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 9:46

> Whampoa six September enrollment Dai Li has been to get admission passes can be six months or harder to resolve Zhuang Jihua advised him to stay in Guangzhou get paid less does not matter he is not in the future where the main do not let yourself get too busy to see more book study The present situation Dai Li obey the Zhuang Jihua recommendations to Sun Yat-sen University to find his friend. Day holiday is coming to an end WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM completed it Zhuang Jihua Liu Yin Shu reluctant to part with the eyes of a boat carrying luggage go Shilong. In another pier National Government high officials gathered in a Soviet flag hanging ship slowly dock pier drum gongs dozen high nose Russians walked down the winding stair Bubnov this on behalf of the members of the delegation The group is the actual delegation of the Communist International. Comintern leaders extremely excited Japanese imperialism on behalf of Chang Tso-lin has been driven out of the Shanhaiguan Beijing regime fell Feng Yuxiang in the hands of pro-Soviet fast Guangdong and Guangxi, Southern KMT-CPC cooperation Fair unified revolutionary forces from the situation in China at the end of 25 so unprecedented ,UGG Brookfield Tall Outlet. To more accurately grasp the actual situation of China Communist International decided to send a high-powered delegation to the Chinese delegation Long Far East Bureau of secretary of the CPSU library than by the director of the Political Department of the Soviet Red Army, the Communist Party's Politburo members the Bubnov served as members Jacques,michael kors outlet, chairman of the All-Union Central Council of trade unions column Phouesay important leaders in February, they arrived in China, visited Beijing, Shanghai and other places to examine the workers' movement, the work activities of the political and economic situation as well as the Soviet advisers in China Guangdong Their last stop. Sent this delegation is also the Soviet Union intensified internal differences in the results in order to ease the tense international relations Stalin in the Soviet Union in 1925 in one country socialist theory According to this theory must abandon the strategy of exporting revolution in the Soviet Union is favorable to the Soviet Union; However, Stalin advocated was Zinoviev and Trotsky against Zinoviev According to the theory of world revolution. Proposed to strengthen the national liberation movements in colonial and semi-colonial. To promote the arrival of the world revolution, and particularly pointed out that China is breaking the imperialist chains key ring to prove correct Zinoviev on behalf of the Comintern sent a delegation but Stalin is not willing to admit defeat his own ground cronies Bub Ivanov sent to the delegation and served as the leader of the delegation. Course at the pier to welcome the KMT-CPC officials do not know which door mystery. However, the lively the welcoming ceremony can not cover up the a moderate undercurrent of Guangzhou political arena. These days Guangzhou city, rumors that one will pass you to do is to warlord Wu Pei-fu, as is the military to get their Fourth Army disarmed; street from time to time someone scattered Chiang flyers in the most powerful of these rumors is the Chiang Kai-shek to move rebellion expulsion of Wang Jingwei and Soviet advisers. These rumors reached the the Chiang Kai ears Deng Yanda and Liu Zhi has brought against Chiang flyers Deng Yanda attitude is especially ambiguous. The one hand, he brought the flyer the other hand, suggested that the contents of the leaflet pure fabrication; consultant reconciliation of Chiang Kai-shek and the Soviet Union do not spin too stiff. Chiang Kai-shek to accept the recommendations of Deng Yanda he intends to find a time to talk to a good-to-quarter Jiashan can subsequently give up, he really did not want to see the quarter Jiashan face. After thinking it over Chiang Kai-shek, or does not want to understand that those people what to do in the end but he instinctively felt the danger approaching. Chiang Kai-shek is not any to discuss it again to the Wang Jingwei resignation resigned from the Military Committee, resigned from the garrison commander, resigned from all positions of the Central Military and Political School principals. Abroad to study. The Wang Jingwei holding some angry e resignation from two large, Chiang Kai-shek Nao Yixian trouble for three months. Each meeting must reprove quarter now Jiashan meal, have to resign last so last resignation had told him again to make such a request. Be sure to discuss with him. Words, especially in the ear but again repeated. Being careful flower arrangement ground wall Jun Chen side manicured squid side asked: some supplies and control consultant in the hands of what can I do. Remember to Chiang Kai-shek immediately say that the Soviet Union against us to put aside their own Northern Expedition Soong no money to replace him. Wang Jingwei, of course, impossible to accept. Say? The line; him is what a violent households to fight two battles great world what think. or to lift the Soong duties? Chen wall Jun then the acerbic but judgment is accurate Wang Jingwei this step so that can not afford; lift the quarter Ka Mountain duties. The Wang Jingwei imagined. Lift Soong ground duties he can do, but to do after it? Wang Jingwei's political prestige undoubtedly plummeted after Wang Jingwei think firmly secured this position impossible. Why resign? He did not on the whole failed? scornfully. He was just embarrassing things to discuss with Chen wall Jun the wall Jun Chen often give him a good idea,UGG Roseberry. Two but in public places is more attentive to The Wang Jingwei never asked her if she can not easily chipped wall Jun Chen. Wang Jingwei is afraid of falling wife interference in domestic affairs of fame the wall Jun Chen is terrifying words Wang Jingwei state policies from boudoir arguments. light winds blowing added: even he was Chiang Kai-shek sent troops under. First Yingqin help them up anyway, now he is the commander and troops actually in his hands of Chiang Kai-shek can control only two division Chiang Kai-shek was gone then Wang Dongcheng called back to let him regain the Second Division, this is not to end . Chiang Kai-shek's mind indeed as Chen wall Jun as concessions in force Wang Jingwei Wang Jingwei neither accept nor approve this very clever hand Chiang Kai-shek feeling uncomfortable and embarrassing anomaly. Feng sly learned that Chiang Kai-shek's resignation to news the next day to the afternoon he immediately furious and almost spit Chiang look spittle. Now the face of Chiang Kai-shek's embarrassing inquiries von sly said coldly: to go. Feng sly a sneer: Then how can I do it? He thought stood back to the desk to pick up the phone. Jingzhi eclipsed repeatedly asked. The Yingqin suddenly understand the Chiang Kai-shek which is in and asked him if he fight back the military will not listen to him,Brand Winter Jacket Online. He Yingqin not hesitate to say: he Yingqin also decline. Whampoa Department within the Chiang Kai-shek's status behalf. Put down the phone Chiang Kai-shek to see the Feng the sly Feng sly nod: Hejing of those ** member of the pros and cons of reliable and unreliable enemies you have to face not only within the party as well as the Soviet Union. not yet active they want to move them is also easy as long as a command can be seized all of them. the will he stand up and pretend Chugong like a private room door his secretary, then followed out they did not speak down the aisle turn laps turned into another private room Feng sly is sitting at the table since the bottles from the drink. <

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