the absolute is very terrorist .

November 11 [Sun], 2012, 17:56
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHear the vast empty god respect then, dragon man day heart could not help but show the figure of a man ,an old figure ,it is dragon Aotian understanding chaos.
When in the dark, help yourself to the mysterious man ,who gave the Dragon Aotian feeling of absolute have no bottom ,even their own master I can not reach that level ,and the chaotic Ding Kunlun mirror master ,that is likely to be the creation of man ,the absolute is very terrorist .
Dragon Aotian bet if they two if ten vast empty god statue of enough people in one hand ,and of course the Dragon Aotian nature is not to say . Well, 1 little guys ,I don ,some things must take account of a !I hope you can listen good ! The vast empty god statue suddenly said seriously .
Who you ! Long Aotian then said seriously . Well ,you listen, I had time and world Finnegan UGG Boots, a space law has to reach the peak of perfection level ,by virtue of this ,in the spirit world in no place to stop him ,so he lifetime collection is also very rich ,the so-called big power treasure library but I was after Hu āparkonly, so you have to remember ,to obtain the deity of those things that you should if you want to live, the best kept secret ,or otherwise they will be hunted down the whole community ,with you I anybody can kill you ! The vast empty god statue of opening .
Generation Ming diameter in the heart ! Dragon Aotian respectfully and said . Well ,second points, one was set so many tests ,and that this could find a successor ,but just look at the little guy you found something, I than deity is wise not to know how many ,so let you give up is clearly impossible, but Starscream also do not want this lost ,so I hope you have a chance to find a person to help him find a successor or ,of course also not importune ! The vast empty god statue at Dragon Aotian look disappointed and said .
Descendant ?Rest assured ,seniors ,juniors will try our best to find a person to be your tradition passed down never let your heart deserted ! Dragon Aotian solemnly said . I hope so ,but this is also the force did not come ,want to get her inheritance ,its qualification must be very but the most important is the heart of X ì ngto pass ,otherwise not eligible for the deity inheritance ! The vast empty god statue of opening .
This is a natural ! Dragon Aotian nodded and said . Well ,there is one thing ,it is the most important thing, you listen ,now known as one world even those forces are compared .
Their deity ,hands in the deity here with garbage no difference, the original deity God when in the street hit when you have there is such a day ,so I use mana in strange gods to open up a space so the vast majority of baby are deities to stay in that place ,but this office space ,with one real collection ,but is the drizzle .
So I want to get real one thing must be on your own . The vast empty god statue of opening . What ,the real treasure in the accounting field ? Dragon Aotian disappointed and said .
,but the little guy you could not be disappointed ,although these things with him real .Compared to nothing, but for you it is a huge treasure even gods that superpower is also definitely envious ,okay ,I will disappear ,you is there anything that you ask ! The feast of god statue of opening Fancy UGG.
This ?Senior, junior one thing need to consult the elder is the fairy prison planets outside and was covered by a layer of terrorist barrier ,do not know how to, want how to just can go out ! Dragon Aotian opening .
Eh? This is the original ,this is the first time I come to the body of a Lingbao destroyed ,resulting in the place like this ,and for most of the immortals want out so that is not possible, but you did not have what difficulty ,whether you own or your body baby ,want to go out should are not very difficult to this there is nothing to worry about ! The vast empty god statue of opening .
Sorry? The outside barrier was the senior you out ? Dragon Aotian surprised and said ,he did not think this fairyland Jedi should come from in front of the person . This ,indeed ,was himself injured body break gods with fairyland barriers ,the results fell on this place ,because the space barrier to resist extrusion ,so he a treasure bead destroyed after Ling and ,finally let the entire surface in a wrong way ,but also for this reason ,the entire planet everything destroyed ,you now see that this planet .
But is subsequently formed . The vast empty god statue of opening . So that is what it is. But predecessors ,although the younger generation ,can go out ,but the younger generation has the relatives and friends ,and the younger generation in the sector people will rise here ,if can not get out, I of trouble !Why don there is no other way ! Dragon Aotian opening .
Oh? Come so ,wind and thunder bead energy attempts to eradicate it to you now, work is impossible ,even if it is not god statue ,to completely get rid of it at least to God work ! The vast empty god statue of opening .
Sorry? God ?What shall we do ? Long Aotian listens, suddenly heart suddenly sank ,and some ugly . Oh ,well, this also is not no way, there is a way ,there is a transfer matrix ! The vast empty god statue of opening .
Transmission ?There is no access to the outside of the transmitting array ? Dragon Aotian opening . Oh ,no ,but no one column ,only, at that time I see all the things are destroyed, so it is conveniently arranged a transfer matrix ,it can be transmitted through the array .
The vast empty god statue of opening . Transmission !?Do not know who said transmission in what place? When Long Aotian heard again the Xing Fen said . Oh ,the transfer matrix can be more than the average person can find, even the Immortal Emperor master fails, even immortal statue of master if not careful can not be found, but the guide you could easily find ! The vast empty god statue of opening UGGs Short Bomber Boots.
Where the hell ! Dragon Olympic ah anxious said ,also by not long Aotian not worry ah ,to know that this is related to the whole school and his relatives and X ì nglife Neema UGG Shoes. Oh ,this planet transmission in the far north polar ice 11 deep ,specific route deity is printed to your knowledge of the sea ! After saw vast empty god statue of hands played a light fly directly to the Dragon Aotian construal of the sea, the sea dragon Aotian instant knowledge emerges in a detailed map .
Thanks . ! Dragon Aotian again thanks . Well ,don ,well, he would soon disappear ,to refining the God beads ,the beads of God but the God control hub ,most main is the God beads or divine treasure trove of keys ,and the above records where treasure ,of course, want to go there must be a captive of the strength ,in the absence of a God King before, or do not want to ,or to die .
But God ,not to be not as simple as you think ,I hope you conduct oneself well ! Then ,I saw the vast empty god statue figure is slowly beginning to fade .Senior. Senior. Dragon Aotian sees state ,said several times ,but no one response .
Well, master the vast empty mystical soul has completely disappeared ,the vast empty god statue has fallen, masters do not shout ! Banned from the bead once again reached the Dragon Aotian ears .
Fall from the sky ? Dragon Aotian murmured ,heart is some inexplicable sadness ,an all-powerful Super Master was so lost ,let the heart of Long Aotian is also slightly feeling . Predecessors since juniors receive their predecessors all predecessors ,so please be juniors and seniors and worship, assured the juniors will help seniors find a person ! Then the Dragon Aotian deep bow down .
After all ,the Dragon Aotian onto the desk beads above UGG Ultra Tall Boots, in accordance with the vast empty god statue requirements ,dragon Aotian direct bite your finger, and then drop a drop of blood on the moment ,suddenly burst out of a gold and beads s èlight,and then make a streamer head into the Dragon Aotian construal of the sea ,the next moment I saw the Dragon Aotian general domestic Kunlun mirror suddenly Purple Mountain Sheng ,a purple s è lightis constantly bathed the gold s èbeads.
At the beginning of the beads above also came a strong power to resist ,but later, gold s èa bead in apurple s è lighterosion resistance is under more and more weak ,after less than an hour ,he saw the gold s èbeadsinstantaneously issued a strong gold ,at the same time the strength of the resistance is also completely disappeared ,a terrorist information is from the beads above pouring out .
Finally thoroughly refining this God beads ,if let others see dragon Aotian was such a short time after the God beads refining it, I will surprise you fall down, you know this is a God hub ,refining this thing can be difficult is not in refinery a need for God ,even God the vast empty statue probably at Dragon Aotian can initially offering refining expected only, absolutely not the Dragon Aotian can completely refining .
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