from which small building at remediation

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Cattle bb fiction reading Network recommend some equally good-looking and the road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess Xinjiekou the bluestone pavement is not as good as the concubine gold medal Princess a carriage run over, squeak sound. Deep cold winter, road already cryophorus, wagon did not dare to go too fast, the coachman Suwen Mao is carefully light waving a whip, wearing a sleeve around the boots of the Control Yuan six swordsman side with the carriage before the line, side looked around warily, Kai years team members are spread to the homes of ordinary people posing as disguised jacket, hidden on the sidelines of the crowd in the streets. Fan emblem carriage radius of intersecting the golden black edges. Sitting in the carriage in the range of leisure and up to two tiger guard sitting across from them. Fan free complexion quiet, said: what is safe, His Majesty is very furious at the matter, strictly under, and other adults must ensure your safety. home range of the carriage, but also guessed who is sitting in the carriage to carriage cast a strange look. The rumors have been passed down for many days, Fan busy Majesty the illegitimate son of a message, has been deeply implanted in the hearts of the world's people. Look the carriage forward direction, Kyoto people know the small range adults to the palace. Inevitably begin speculation do not know today Kyoto is not in turn will provide people with a more shocking news. The palace seems distant and near. Carriage to the Palace square in front of the periphery will stop down the vacant Temple of afterwards, the imperial guards many apparently fortified alert. Fan idle dismounted car, took the Su Wenmao fed to the cloak draped and took over a crutch folder in the armpit. Up to know paradigm busy trauma has long been, and can not help but be somewhat surprised to glance at him. Fan idle did not bother his eyes, and led the crowd to the tall cool Qinqin but majestic extremely red, yellow, Miyagi at the door. Has not got to the palace gates, guards were responsible for guarding the imperial guards has divided a small team of over then remains silent but very thoughtful for him blocked off by the wind, he was welcomed into the palace gates. Such treatment has always been only those who are elderly and frail veteran ministers can enjoy, even the princes are categorically not so favor Fan idle not help frowned head, heart some inexplicable. ? S / FJAzZ he did not know the great prince secretly under their exhortations. Large the princes he took instructions what's going on, but those who touch the stand have been enough to make clear all the imperial guards generals, the rumors did not hurt Fan idle status, leaving the Fanti the Secretary and large Royal Highness the relationship has long been good recovery. Responsible in front of the castle escorts, is renowned for the range of leisure initial Rugong Hougong Gong, the duo has long been very familiar. The Hou Gonggong face Zhoumei said: Fan ... young master, was the loss I get up early, so where to expect you to actually early. said the official Bureau of the Xi previous palace, should also send him in with how you out today? It is the palace of the the Reds child. Logically speaking, how also round vain he extrauterine braving Fan idle. The Hou Gonggong laughed: Daping all the way to the line through the palace gardens,canada goose jackets, a tie not a tie to speak, after a long while Fan idle finally heaved a breath, and said softly: As usual. chuckled fills fact, he is indeed Xinyousuogan all know their own relationship with the royal family, demeanor will somewhat natural, but is the palace eunuchs who does not seem to have much reaction. He did not know, between Qingguo the palace eunuchs Prince has always maintained a balance, not indiscriminately masters, they better than the Minister, once voted the wrong masters in the future after the accession to the throne of the other party, they only die in envy. So contrary, they with Prince is respected among the alienated, and day-to-day wait on the emperor, in addition to Prince, they do not how too afraid of the rest of the three princes. Fan idle is not a prince, for eunuchs is not important, but his official position, is the eunuch who curry favor ... all the way to the palace of several familiar finally to DragonBooks ago, Hou Gonggong carefully said the sound at the door, turned to a range of leisure, winking, they retreated to the side. after q4z9 `The door opened, and the range of leisure crutches into the room, standing tall bookcase before watching memorials emperor facing Ruanta pretend some unnatural crutches aside emperor line gift. Emperor without looking up, grunted, and said: Waited at the next Hung Bamboo clever, incomparable holding the handle whisk, listening to His Majesty's mean, and quickly went behind the move embroidered pier children out put in Fan leisure side. Fan idle small eunuchs cast a grateful smile, sat down, but my mind was thinking about how a child's acne still so strong? The emperor head down, do not seem to see this scene, but looking at the eyes of the memorials, but flashed a smile. Yushu a quiet room, no one dared to speak, the door outside the eunuchs are not given the slightest sound. Range of leisure and this is not the first emperor of the two alone, that rumors spread after two so alone in a room, his heart is always some inexplicable tension, also some itchy chest. Could not help but cough or two, the Kesheng suddenly Yushu room echoed up clearly immense, but he shocked. Emperor looked at him and said nothing, memorials marking resume. Fan idle quickly sits up on the bench to start extremely quiet on the sidelines with the day-to-day work of the emperor. He knew that this scene not too many people have a chance, too long, some of his walking God actually begin to subconsciously observed from the emperor looks to, although the emperor micro head down, but range from his busy still cleared Jue's face, found a few wipe familiar shadow, accurate, and similar places. This is probably the so-called blood relationship. The emperor marking the time of the memorial is a very long time, many suriko desk. His sometimes angry eyebrows wrinkled, sometimes happy to stretch, sometimes silent sadly, sometimes emotional. Qingguo territory wide systems have seven 20th Home Counties, the counties are just countless Kyoto pivot rule the world, it is a very difficult thing, and the documents sent daily from around the The memorial is more like snowflakes. If the emperor is to pursue Chuigong governance, perhaps under the authority will sent to the Cabinet, their days sightseeing tour to go. Qingguo today emperor, apparently not willing to do the a fatuous Lord, the imperial powers atom of it. So at the prime minister Lin Ruofu out of court, the only set of books sects ... When the emperor really is not anything interesting comparison, Jing Wang general all kinds of flowers, it seems not a bad choice. Sun gradually moved to transit the sun across the layers of winter clouds shone, have been frozen lost all heat palace of people seem to have forgotten the hour. It at this time, the emperor finally end the morning of Royal Assent, closing the last of a memorial, shut our eyes to God slowly possessor of God, finally 伸了个懒腰. Eunuchs were filed in the towel, Qingxin tea, snacks, wake up incense to the emperor's body stomach cast. Range of leisure noticed the towel in this winter did not take the hint of air conditioning, frowned, and asked: : too warm and comfortable, and I fear that they will fall asleep. scalded. emperor suddenly exposed a touch of meaningful smile, looked in his eyes, and said: Emperor's eyes, the heart can not help but sigh: Could it be that Zhenkan do not understand the good son? . He got up and walked outside to DragonBooks motioned to follow their own range of leisure,Canada Goose Hybridge Vest Cheap. Range of leisure and quickly pick up the cane, the Emperor laughed and said: Fan idle just right slightly surprised a moment, it seems I did not expect to the emperor actually ... did he reprimand himself, followed by is chuckled, threw the crutches aside and walked out with the emperor. Fan busy with so-called ------ Walked along the long eaves of the palace to the northwest, gradually dilute temples along the way, to those behind Han Guang Dian Tai Jidian the grand architectural flung behind. All the way to the palace eunuchs seen humble bow so incomparably Road, behind the emperor and range of leisure, the only flood bamboo small eunuch. Gradually walked even the palace eunuchs are rarely, Winter Park immense silence clear rockery on occasional Canxue, early birds nor insects, but sadly quiet. Fan idle knew going natural silence, the emperor seems somewhat unusual, mood, and did not say anything. Until the Lenggong have disappeared, the house has significant run-down of the state, the emperor was stopped. Front party quiet small courtyard,Canada Goose Victoria Sale, small courtyard inside only two-tier Mulou, and some dilapidated buildings, many years no repairs. Emperor climb the stairs and into the room, Fan idle mood began to tense up, took a deep breath. Worn outside of the small building, and the building is clean and extremely Xianchen not dye should be the perennial someone clean this. On the second floor in the main hall at the emperor finally heaved a breath, out of the outside the building looked the the terrace opposite of the garden long silent. Corner of the terrace in front of the Royal Palace, the Imperial City's most remote and quiet place, no one to take care of the garden flowers, just keep growing wild. Then autumn dew of the mad snow a bully, slumped dumped on the ground, looks just like the countless bodies killed. Yellow and white bleak. Distant faintly visible the Huayang door turrets. Fan idle silence standing behind the emperor, of course not good opening, but peripheral vision has halls sweep again, and did not see them that their own unexpected portrait. Like the small the eunuch flood bamboo like magic, I do not know from which small building at remediation out of water, bubble tea, and respectfully on several on honest downstairs, dare waited on in the next. ...... when once said, so sometimes I have to give up something, even something quite worthy treasure you Dan State sixteen years, you do not complain I. well very solid mentally prepared for this language, but Zhou Wen, still could not stop a chill along the back of the neck to the top of the head to kill the Zhenli I do not know how the speech, after a silence, he suddenly Yaoxia Chun, clear sound Road : , which the people of the earth, even if I have the meaning of resentment in her face in front I'm afraid no one would dare say it, show it ... Anzhi, you really sort of the legacy of your mother. perverse silent. natural son. Some disconsolate, actually forgot that step to start earlier, since the palace, he is in the performances being planned or already completely substituted into the role of the emperor was an illegitimate child, it was actually difficult to play! He told the emperor deep line Yi Yi, but still refused to say anything. The emperor's groan, Fan idle sentiment manifested completely deceived the past, said sadly: Kyoto rumors, I present from time to recognize, but I end is to be recognized, because the security of your final ... I own flesh and blood. emperor approached him, looking at the front of this beautiful young man face unique determination and stubborn hard look, color a surface pity now that is hidden, there is no requirement Fan idle must answer what, but self-serving, said: slowly said: I discovered that their own Born 18. emperor gentle smile, the see of the child before the more like subconsciously said: must be quite hard to find a day, I also go to Dan states to look at the elderly ... safety of elderly body recently how? ... I often communicate with Dan the state. Dialogue with a pretext, range of leisure seems to adapt a little new ... Please read the following piece of doggerel. Range of leisure is the son of the emperor. At first the emperor did not know the Fan Fan idle idle know is the son of the emperor, the emperor knew Fan idle guessed range of leisure is the son of the emperor. Fan idle initially wanted the emperor does not know that they know, he wanted the emperor to guess just know but do not want to know,Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Sale. So the emperor did not know the range of leisure Fan idle knew emperor. Emperor when the range of leisure son, Fan leisure improper that he is his son. This is a mind problem, which is a psychological problem. The first step starting from the entered the palace gates, range of leisure on the use of this, a step-by-step concessions, but also a step-by-step attack. Upstairs finally quiet down, sectarianism played between the monarch and his subjects in right, some the extrauterine's gossip, in Dan the state of life in these years, the family gossip like. The emperor began to revel in this atmosphere, which is precisely the range of leisure need. Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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