neck to the ground and hit

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 15:18

> What! immediately after the lethargy of the past did not take long before we faint woke the whole portrait changed man, his face no unruly naughty before seemed to have matured a lot. saw the Linger hat off a beautiful black hair drift down slightly aquiline nose Joan eyelashes black dense slender mouth rosy dripping, the whole oval shape, match as natural made seem handsome incomparable, see the crowd burst dizzy, only Hua Tuo If I had known that she is the female body, just kind eyes looked at his beloved disciple. He can not help but have some doubts about their eyes up. Zhen Cai> (| tense, looking back and forth sights in the Linger Jiaoqu, could not take his own doing the Linger various parts compare to see which one is better. Later Linger say one for all unexpected. Even Hua Tuo also stunned them,Victoria Parka Canada Goose. where, many times an insight into all the shameless Liu Da ear hearts very despicable. the Liu Linger answer allows the people feel some incredible. Liu Linger Then think of some childhood past, sometimes sad hearts, crying out loud. plaintive ululation is pity. everyone some comfort. Liu Linger This stop crying. utter a very shaking murder startle smell. saying the Liu Bei juvenile death of his father, the Liu Bei juvenile death of his father, sister and mother with a young earth hard to get by a person living woven mat shoes by traders, life's hard, but also very comfortable. father LIU death, Linger was three years old, Liu Bei fifteen siblings difference between the age of twelve. Liu Bei had always displayed naturally honest love clean,, outside addition to Daily woven straw sandals mats trafficking, are almost always stay home rarely go out, and no friends, only to do is to help mothers care younger sister. Linger age was still young, amiable brother impression is idle Snooze most profound memories is close to home with his brother play under the big mulberry still all day in addition to hit the autumnal equinox season favorite snacks beckon Sang is also the brother and sister duo. Linger-year-old that year, Liu Mu see son had twenty-woven shoe seats, they do nothing, worried that he will not survive, think at that time still under the Lujiang any prefect Lu Zhi is also the county origin, the father of former years and Liu Bei Liu Hong friendship is very thick, then the correspondence is one, and ordered Liu Bei to Lujiang handed Lu Zhi, thanks their teacher. although Liu Bei lazy idle, but the mother Shiko not dare go against the orders of the mother,Solaris Parka, the moment to pack salute go Lujiang the Liu Mu with Linger, full of tears watched Liu Bei to leave, I hope the future Liu Bei and come back, won some fame did not expect to Liu Bei this go it into Farewell This is also the last time I saw Big Brother Linger Liu Bei. Liu Bei first to leave County excursion out, one o'clock juvenile Mind Daihatsu, mother Chin bade million charge has long been cast him to the back of the head, while on their way to customs around the side of the tour starting this way, after a full month, the job to Anping Anping territory, Liu Bei to get to know the life of a friend Boy. This horse youngster is Youzhou who, since childhood, from a poor family, outside year round to wander about, get involved in many bad habits, and his Jianhua cunning two pubs in the city to meet Boy see Liu Bei look of simplicity, know that is honest and kind of people they approached was approached by two drinking and chatting up Boy walking the lakes for many years, the knowledge is quite extensive, meal wine down, will say to the north and south. Liu Bei early rookie of the house, shallow knowledge that by maintained stable boy, eloquent in full flight, his impression of a great moment. duo immediately decided Jiebantongyou. Liu Bei are quite simple, unsuspecting that the stable boy is he worth the friends you make, then without preparedness, under the cross-examination of the horse boy, eleven will own all the things said out Boy see Liu Bei is a countryman of the market have not seen, originally intended robbery in the sparsely populated at the start, when informed that Liu Bei is Jing of Zhongshan descendants are heading the Lujiang prefect Lu Zhi at the coach immediately dispel the idea immediately praised Liu Bei plus meal boasted down straight to Liu Bei, Hude faint and speak, and this horse innocence is Xiangfenghenwan At this point in Liu Bei know where the stable boy harboring evil intentions Boy see similar to Liu Bei age, physique looks quite a bit similar, from the minds of the replaced but fear being see through, we decided to take advantage of this time of Liu Bei to Lujiang, learn more about some of his family to do. Liu Bei did not hesitate when the Boy go hand in hand with the road proposal, they promised so two such old friends , all the way toward the Lujiang away a month later, the two came to a short distance under Cai has Liu Bei fully understand thoroughly the stable boy, began exposes his wild ambition by drinking his wine in drugging fans turned Liu Bei Liu Bei then pack to a mass grave, leash, to understand the lives of Liu Bei and Liu Bei's face cut badly mutilated. Finally, pick up the luggage of Liu Bei, panic and to go. poor Liu Bei, the young, they brutally Henghuo Instead, friends, and finally even the dead do not know how it is submerged in the mass graves of countless wreckage Brokeback this must say is a sad thing. Boy posing as Liu Bei holding letters of Liu Mu land came Lujiang prefect Lu Zhi see enemy of Wars of sub know Liujia although abjection, it is also a pro, immediately accept this promising Liu Bei (Ma Tong) apprentice. stable boy is acting extraordinary weekdays pretend to be honest and kind, hardworking academic Lu Zhi also often go home to help chores made Lu Zhi its much appreciated. seen as nephews to be of very thick so horse youngster posing as Liu Bei in Lujiang spent studying for four years, it can not be denied, Boy entrepreneurial spirit and talent than many that caused the death of Liu Bei high, after four years of studying hard, and have a fairly good knowledge Lu Zhi see Liu Bei (stable boy) hard work and academic success also quite pleased when his upcoming Beijing office Yi Lang, the defendant Liu Bei (horse Tong) is to side, the fate of their home to visit Liu Mu played for the court waiting for the opportunity Boy then some panic, if back, sure to be the Liu Mu spot to see through, wealth and status with their own missed. maybe even lost their lives on the spot more than anxious heart, but also give him extermination Liu Bei home the idea of ​​the moment, the mentor of worship other Lu Zhi Boy instantly pack up to county. since Liu Bei left home to Lujiang school, disappeared without a trace, Liu Mu no son to any message anxious hearts, every day the highly anticipated, hair graying gradually God-shaped haggard. Linger saw his mother, so worries hearts, in order to allow the mother to have a good rest, she all size things taking on himself the night woven straw sandals, daytime pick out trafficking, mother and daughter two days were quite impoverished This year, twelve-year-old Liu Linger day,Metallic UGG, Liu Mu-like with the past, while woven straw sandals in the hospital, while waiting for the son of Liu Bei ground news. suddenly a person to enter the courtyard, its shadow outline of Liu Bei is very similar, Liu Mu spirits pick up, raised his dim old look up to, was not the son of Liu Bei, only somewhat similar body, the mind is very disappointed. bearer is posing as Liu Bei horse Tong, see this old woman should be the mother of Liu Bei, then approached a ceremony: he ordered me to come for their visit aunt. sit Boy into the house, the fire in a look, four walls,Coach Shoulder Handbags Outlet, see only their duo, evil Dunsheng Liu Mu, taking advantage the Liu Mu turned to the end of the tea, so he took the already prepared dagger, looking grim, evil Henhendechao Liu Mu back bar to go to. Liu Mu scream behind blood inflow Note down in a pool of blood, a time not given up the ghost, the body constantly twitching Boy in the stimulation of blood, frantic, toward the ground twitching Liu Mu, grabbed Liu Mu in the neck to the ground and hit, pull out the plug the Liu Mu behind the dagger pierced dozens sword toward the neck, face, waist, and also worried that Liu Mu undead he took the side of the wooden bench Bash DPRK Liu Mu's head a few times, Liu Mu spot Qijueshenwang ground wall spattered with blood and covered with the blood of horses youngster standing inside the house, the bloody dagger drop to the ground. not at home, the moment he was ready to the place waiting Linger back again extermination. passed a long time, the sky grew dark and down, and still have not seen someone come back, Boy never patient wait, and my heart began to suspect that Liu Bei there This sister, worried that they continue to stay here will be found a fierce stomping, galloping away. stable boy dreaming I did not realize the dark corner of the window, double eyes filled with blood and tears, totally see this frenzied scene. chilly night wind from the yard roaring past, , think of the mother waiting anxiously at home, they rush back to an admission, we heard the house the Liu Mu cry Canhu Linger quickly came forward a few steps through the half-open windows, open to the house to scene mother down in a pool of blood, the face hideous devil frenzied scene, see the razor under the stimulation of the mother's body, the blood was spouting Linger suddenly terrified mind blank, involuntarily hid in a pile of shoes behind the eyes through a blink over the windows watching the brutal and bloody house this way, a little bit of time goes by, and finally, that the devil left Linger first thought is rushed into the house to see if the mother is, but no matter how she forced never been able to move one step mind to do just that brutal scene the mother screams devil diabolical smile, the razor look under pierce the body of the mother, the mother's blood looked splash ...... ! ...... living adequate out of the door after a few days, see never did any movement outside, Boy gradually settle down heart, seems that Liu family in the county did nothing status the dead rulers do not send people to be investigated. then swaggering came to the street, to go for a long time, nothing happens, stable boy at the moment really calm down. Subsequently, the stable boy ready to leave the county, had just reached the gates, I would see a lot of people talking about, turned out to be Youzhou animal husbandry and Liu Yan to resist the Yellow Turban thief released recruitment proclamation, he felt that his opportunity to defend the gates before recruitment annunciation, hey boo heaved, scratching, hypocritical made a good burst when he feels are the sun was a bit dizzy, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu appeared meantime also met Hsiao Zhao brothers. Finally, Hsiao Yen Zhao brothers left, but Guan Yu and Zhang Fei Liu Bei Ma Tong Yijiejinlan posing this, this stable boy really humble shallow and shut down two of sworn Liu Bei (stable boy) came with two brothers, leave this county, chasing his ambitions away if not Liu Linger recovered memories, that this shaking bloodshed will be lost forever. <

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