or energy can be instantly restored

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 15:44

> Underground came Biological Laboratory, pleasant to the eye is the huge container, only the time of day, the color of the liquid in the container has a lot of light, and careful observation, you can also find liquid silver is visible speed fades inside a woman's body outline faintly visible. The woman of WwW, qUanbEN, cOm The lamentable said. degree of paragraph Hong Yuping said calmly. Left the lab, Duan Hongyu and the Dulong two big men on the idle down, bored Remaining Portion of Hongyu put magic Tianshi Genkai heart out and together they study, but unfortunately, even Dulong had the recognized experience two things,Uptown UGG, there is no research out something of value. But from the mouth of the Dulong's segment Hongyu learned a message, that is, before San grade Mech Warrior, and almost all remain in the day level protoss, and in recognition of two things, you will qualify for St. level, but the length of time only, rather than Mech Warrior St., San grade level protoss is rare. Although paragraph Hongyu hands of the magic days of stone and magic sea of ​​the heart has been recognized by the ancient night out, and even if the ancient night died of his stay at different things in the spirit of the mark did not disappear, but the segment Hongyu or intend to two things left to Cher to do research, Maybe not necessarily have unexpected gains. Paragraph Hongyu is how to get rid of the ancient night, Dulong did not ask, ancient night Duan Hongyu kill, he is no longer influenced by the subconscious, and see that he did not want to mention that his resentment of the word, paragraph Hongyu also play gooseberry land subject whither guide. Four days soon passed, when the experiment is nearing completion, the paragraph Hongyu came to a biological laboratory, and the Dulong you with Ice refined soul went to the mechanical laboratory. Duan Hongyu came before a huge container inside the liquid has become transparent, and only a trace of silver slightly visible inside the girl's body fiber cents, silver hair, Jiao face, perfect body, just looks like only fifteen or sixteen, and the whole person exudes a chill. Time minute by minute the past, when after the disappearance of the last trace of silver in the container, the girl moved slightly, the liquid in the container move suddenly, as if a boil water boiling and reduce liquid although fewer, but the height is not reduced, but to continue to move closer to the girl. Soon, all the liquid in the container disappeared, replaced by a layer of silver in the body of the girl's soft armor, even a butterfly-shaped face mask, the girl the whole parcel filed But that tight style allows the girls seem beautiful no party. The next moment, the girl opened her eyes, shot a silver eye like a real coldness, the entire container suddenly started cracking, and then into a small piece of debris falling on the ground, issued a burst of crackling sound. Opened his eyes on the girl the moment, one gushing out like a real spiritual power, huge space as if the moment solidified generally makes it difficult to breathe. To paragraph Hongyu holds many lessons tyrannical tremendous spiritual power can not match it, and which also comes with a role in the freezing cold on a spiritual level. No time to think, paragraph Hongyu side pushed the internal forces to cover your own body, the side with the spiritual power to confront, but the situation is not optimistic, although the body did not feel any chill, but he felt they were about to be frozen, not in * * on, but in spirit,UGG Ultra Tall Boots. Has reached its limit in paragraph Hongyu, when the girl's spirit force sudden changes, there are still substantial spiritual power has no kind of intense pressure, the chill also become warm, and there with a a deep sense of joy and attachment. You told me what? Let him feel very uncomfortable. Duan Hongyu guess, the reason why the girl to him as the closest possible because spirit fluctuations reason, the ancient night here, then, the with tears, said pathetic. Looked at the girl immediately necessary to floods posture paragraph Hongyu sudden burst of a large head. 'Brother' is something wow ...... father Do Binger. Two drops of tears dripping onto the icy mask on, and turned it into ice pellets. Listening to the cries of the girl earthshaking, Duan Hongyu immediately covered her hand to her mouth. Ooo, ooo ... , just the people closest to the mean. gray wolf. Although the beginning when the girl called his dad a little awkward, but it is a bit warm accustomed feeling very happy, very satisfied! Duan Hongyu heart Antan. The segment Hongyu looked at the front of this lovely girl, how nor can she Bionicle linked, but from her ability to describe in the mouth, however, he had to believe that this little girl in front of the holy-level Bionicle will also be a holy level Mech Warrior! Degree of Binger only one capacity, that is, with Ice attribute spiritual power, but do not underestimate her ability, she may control the low-temperature and low temperature to substances or energy can be instantly restored into a particle state The most terror Once the low temperature of the object to a certain extent, to the time that the object will be completely under her control. Addition to spiritual power, the Binger only some simple fighting skills, in fact, that is with the mech guns use a simple fighting skills. Know, understand and verify, paragraph Hongyu skills which the spiritual power and fighting skills are not in her mind by learning to, but naturally appear in her mind, it should be implanted in the experimental, and she The nature of those little girl is entirely her own. To get Binger consent, Duan Hongyu directly in the laboratory teaching, and hand him over to Binger is mainly unarmed combat skills and spear, that he did not think that this girl fighting talent really did not have to say, less than an hour, put two fighting skills give all master degree of proficiency in that and the ability to use like After decades of hard training. Duan Hongyu reason to teach her fighting skills, is not she inadvertently used her spiritual strength, and that really is a terrible force, when she woke up, but inadvertently distributed spirit fluctuations make him a bit too much,Liberty UGGs, if her conscious who to start with, so that the results can be imagined. The paragraph HongYu not want to see friendly fire, and to know that he is not a total one. Learned these fighting skills sufficient self-defense purposes, this will not be easily use your mental strength, you know? Binger reason why this character is not accidental, not a set of ancient night, but because the ancient night after the death, the experiment has been a step - induction of consciousness, and that makes her in just five evolution of days out of his own character, otherwise, she will only be a cold killing machine,Canada Goose Baby Elijah. This is the first paragraph Hongyu sneak into here, the ancient night here reason. But all this paragraph Hongyu is not important, important, Binger is now a lovely little girl, of course, is a very little girl fighting talent and ability. Moreover, it is an obedient little girl! The book is the first. Your message even if it is only a (* ^ __ ^ *), will become the power of creative efforts of filling it! (Novel network www.quanben.com) <

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