let start from where clean?

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 18:44
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHalf an hour later ,negotiations with Lu Jiang still continues ,but has made good progress .
.. ... You mean ,you help me kill zombie ,then my army go occupation zombie area is ? Lu Jiang asked . Yes Ye Tao nodded ,he really mean it ,for China, this is an opportunity ,an extension of oneself ,become a global hegemon opportunity .
So you ,let start from where clean? Lu Jiang asked . First begin from the inside . Ye Tao said yesterday I swept the southwest region ,now that the area inside the zombie distribution area ,and northeast area and northwest area and southeast region and central region ,where you try not to let the power team ,to avoid harming innocent people ,I will be in three days cleaning up China zones inside the zombie ,then we can talk the next step of the plan .
Ye Tao said . Good Lu Jiang as coruscate youth brilliance ,spirit spirited appearance ,the rise of China ,maybe in today . Then I say goodbye ,my news . Ye Tao is ready to leave, to go to clean up China zones inside the zombie .
. Lu Jiang block road first do not worry, I will take you to meet other members ,know each other ,after all you are one of the commissioners of the . Oh ye had nodded .Lu Jiang took ye ,out of room ,next to the stairs to the upstairs along ,upstairs ,feel very luxurious decoration ,they went into the conference room .
The room ,no one here ,but there is a large display in .Lu E seems to be to start something, all display above are beginning to emerge. Connection ... ... Word. Soon after, the display started to show video ,is a very old men and women, some wearing military uniforms, some dressed in plainclothes ,some are looking down from the point of view ,some are open .
Lu Jiang put the table above the camera to himself and Ye Tao ,and then block appeared on the screen two of their image ,the display people seemed to have seen them, someone said : Lu president ,who is this ?How to be into the conference room ? You don know, recently the southwest regional zombie disappeared ,seven hundred million zombies ,a disappeared the north face!I kid you not say ,this is the little brother of seven hundred million zombies ,an elimination of the .
Lu Jiang looked to ye ,eyes appreciation of the eyes . But also because of elimination of the seven hundred million day, he became the first Chinese rely on the integral promotion of the highest committee .
Lu E continued .Sorry. Even the destruction of seven hundred million zombies? Is it true? ... ... Committee members are shocked ,look at Ye Tao filled with wonder ,is buzzing .
Good to be quiet ,now take him over, is mainly and members to meet ,after all, he is a member of the following members ,many Chinese region of the things ,can be at his disposal ,I am ready to send an internal circular leaves office ,announced that brother ,you see ? Lu river .
Well ,should be an internal circular ,let everyone know ,we have such a good member . An old general said . Well ,little brother is very good ,should be respected . A look old and clumsy ,but the eye is a spirit of the old woman said .
.. ... The members talk with each other ,that ye may be competent new member functions . So be it ,I go to prepare the internal circular ,announced that ye little brother China has become the seventh highest members .
Lu Jiang nodded UGG Finnegan,Ye Tao can not deny the merits ,only the Supreme Committee Office ,can have what he . Well, this meeting has come to an end ,then I will give Ye Tao little brother a cipher and communication watch ,we then can contact him ,I think you must have many words to say to him ,his watch is numbered 07 ,like this .
Lu Jiang said ,then off camera ,another screen ,members have also cut the communication . Go ,ye little brother ,I take you to send a internal circular course before ,you also need to have a photo .
Lu Jiang said . Well, ye had nodded .About a few minutes later ,internal circular formally issued ,all Chinese officials ,is that a young man called ye become China area seventh top members ,a term is ,life !Yes, the term of office of members of Chinese supreme is lifelong system ,that is to say as long as no dead ,Ye Tao has been a member of the Chinese supreme ,however ,he is going to die ?When their term is actually a lifetime moment ,do not know how ,ye suddenly had a strange feeling ,but just smiled ,did not say anything .
Life ? Ye Tao himself .Lu Jiang will be a communication watch give ye ,then took a piece of gold cards give ye ,gold engraved with a string of characters . Ye ,your number is 07 ,means that you are the seventh highest member ,then the card is communication password ,first open the watch ,need to enter the password ,you try it .
Lu Jiang said . Well, Ye Tao nodded ,took a look at the watch ,watch the screen above ,showing it and ordinary table ,is transparent to the table frame and the inside of the pointer ,but Ye Tao knows it it ,sure enough, on his press start button three seconds later ,the screen switches to a high resolution liquid crystal display Timberland Slippers,display : start .
.. ... Seven or eight seconds later ,successful start ,display ,please enter the password ,Ye Tao looked at the gold ,according to the above character input ,touch screen liquid crystal display above with virtual keyboard ,Ye Tao point ,quickly enter the end point ,determine ,landing into the system .
This is a chat interface ,friends there are seven ,01,02,03,04,05,06 and 07 respectively .Represents the seven highest members ,online options there are hidden interface ,there are silent and hidden ,chat options which are video and voice ,text legend ,and other options, the top state ,with the intensity of W tips ,ye asked : Lu president ,the strength of W is what meaning ? It is suggested that satellite signal strength ah ,this watch is to rely on satellite communications .
Lu Jiang replied . Well, Ye Tao nodded ,said he knew ,he chose the silent and hidden option ,and then the screen suddenly back to prior to the transparent sheet frame and a pointer appearance, if not carefully read ,look not to come out and watch what the difference is between .
Then I say goodbye . Ye Tao said . Lu Jiang block road ,and from behind the cabinet inside out a silver Gauss pistol give ye said: this is the member with the pistol ,and now to you, there are a number of named files and documents ,then will give you .
Took the pistol ,ye find this pistol is very detailed ,it is difficult to follow ugg classic sale, it was suggested that the identity of the role . Well ,what else ? Ye Tao asked . This badge on your first with .
Lu Jiang took out a gold badge to Ye Tao hand ,the member status symbol ,although only a small badge ,but it represents the Chinese Supreme right .Ye Tao saw the badge is displayed on the display screen a such information :Name : Ye ,post : the Supreme committee .
Accept badge ,Lu E will be a map to ye Men's UGG Neumel Short,painted with the Chinese district map ,also details the use of red line delineated zombie distribution area .Take a map ,ye will finally leave, leave, Lu Jiang solemnly shook hands with him ,said : leaves little brother ,Huaxia hope of revival ,in your body, must take care .
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