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January 09 [Wed], 2013, 15:53
Some analysts accept that North Korea in November 2009 ordered to assassinate Hwang Jang Yop, a above secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, as the arresting to activate the arrest on the "North". Above Secretary-General of the Workers' Party of Korea, Hwang Jang Yop, the astral official of the North Korean Cheap Nike Air Max NZ Sale defection. He was already a acquaintance of Kim Jong-il's father, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong-il's mentor, is amenable for his education. Hwang Jang Yop appraisal of Kim Jong Il: "Kim Jong Il is a ruthless, durably appropriate ability at all costs." Hwang Jang Yop aswell accept that the framework acceding accomplished by the United States and North Korea in 1994 was a mistake, as continued as the U.S. continues to accommodate Nike Air Jordan Shoes Online bread-and-butter abetment to North Korea, Kim Jong-il will aid acclimated to accomplish missiles and nuclear weapons, because he is absolutely not the affectionate of being who is accommodating to reside in peace.

November 2009 to December, North Korea's State Aegis Department chief, Vice Minister Yu east of the People's Aegis appearance Zhu Xiang-cheng visited China, may altercate with China on the North by the Korean Central University Professor Li Zuo far. "Especially in the North to achieve in the country to go to China briefly absent contact, alone this year took abode 3-4 up. According to the inter-Korean sources said, the North Korean government has issued a apprehension "completely Nike Air Max 90 Mens Shoes abuse North and added civic alienated forces" to the bounded accessible aegis organs. Since then, North Korea has the accomplished area began to agilely investigate and off the association of the North, such as the alfresco world.