against the demon king

September 18 [Wed], 2013, 16:23
; Full text no ads two hundred and twentieth chapters in addition to Yang Jian 's anger saint large array, a large array of these quasi- holy ' Heaven large array ' outside , in the case of ten must array kind of ' Avenue matrix ' strongest , such as flames array, but the fire had Chiyang cloth under the matrix , such as golden array, it is got Xeon light cloth under , although not as disillusioned astrotech dust Heaven FIGHTING FIGHTING Huiming ( meaning good fortune derived from the world of Heaven ) , North Face Denali Fleece Clearance Sale Zhu Xian Jian Zhen open days ( meaning heaven and earth derived prehistoric Heaven ) , but not ordinary people can break . Ten days king repair itself and twelve cents gold similar , placed under the array to , twelve cents gold must first make people get rid of murderous dead , then let Yin Yangjing , earthshaking India like the treasure to Destroys . Ao letter fell into the cloud , the outer wings of a fairy wings , clouds that conceal matrix was blown away , exposing the ten groups of about five hundred meters radius of smoke , fiercely radiance , it is truncated to teach well-known ten must array . Morohito fairy wings looking for a change , to hear Nezha laughed and said Ao letter fell into the ten must array , the heart is thump , Ao letter but the core cutting days , many Beastkin is to ensure he came , Ao letter if it never really died in ten array, the crowd was too humiliated . At the moment a lot of demon king are absolutely crazy array rushing toward ten , ten must array is still very strong , but one thousand years people have some big fuss a lot of research , ten must array has no secret , either four demon king , or sworn six holy , as long as Kim Tai Sin powerful point , there Destroys possible, one not on a few more people Beastkin anything less is to many people . Lute and Halloween fairy princess, big spider has dog eat dog , although the strength of the two weak, but also towards the ten must array direction of attack to go dark and stormy hundred head gods and king worry that they hurt , they keep in their side firmly , eighteen will follow closely. Many demon king , god , are gathered in the array must come to ten , ten must array into a center of the fighting , as the meat grinder , like every second fragmented killed hundreds of people were beaten , the bodies falling Huanghuashan ! Stop me and die ! Pipa cents finally use his own trick, one hundred and eight town constantly refining Gang magic man tear . Golden bottomless ! Hundred head gods even more terrible , this fierce battle , if he retain power , it is simply seeking death . He tore his clothes , ribs one thousand eyes open , like a radar lock on to targets , like dozens of thousands of people within moments there was a circle of God read lock locked ...... this concept of God is very weak However, Sage has seen a few ! This seven hundred head gods see product pinnacle moment of locking tens of thousands of people , hundreds of Sage are slightly surprised a moment, underground passage Truly this man was a good eye , a good concept of God , there is this locking capability , if he had used arrows a kind of magic, certainly alarmingly high hit rate ! But even more shocking thing happened ! Head gods one thousand one hundred one thousand golden eyes launch ! Short powerful ! Then continue to launch , it is like machine gun jet flame , continuous ! Of course, the Story below the level at intervals not see these light , only to find golden one , Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Cheap from the highest heaven , were all under the golden hooded jiu arrived . All accurately hit the golden heavenly locked eyes ...... What is the fastest in the world ? Out beyond time and space Upanishads , is the speed of light ! Hundred head of one thousand golden gods is emitted beam , tens of miles range, only a few people escaped this beam , tens of thousands of people have been hit by the beam eyes ! Some eye pain gall crack died more is clutching his eyes, fingers cracks outflow of blood ...... and these people in the eye Qunyao slightly startled for a moment , and then is launched Thunderclap ! Tens of thousands were killed heavenly moment ! Hundred head gods and cast a one thousand gold, but also tens of thousands of people killed ! 'Good horrible attack ! ' Distant Emperor are seen chilling, seven hundred head gods goods pinnacle moment to kill so many people, of which there are eight products , and other gods became Story hundred head , that had won ? He drank a moment , and said: four kings , to kill the woman and this man with a golden magic ! Everyone is aware of the terrible gods hundred head , instant kill more than 100,000 people , one hundred gods head record is not weaker than yellow eyebrow Buddhism , and Yellow-browed Buddhism 's strength also a lot stronger than him , and spent hundreds of thousands of North Face Down Clearance heavenly magic ...... rushed over, the powerful gods broke Beastkin defense , to kill the head of the lute cents and one hundred gods ! Pipa cents struggling to resist , constantly refining Gang man torn up, but nonetheless too many enemies ! Insisted on her own difficulties , not to mention helping law enforcement hundred head gods ! ' Oh, no, continuous use twice this spell , his eyes could not bear it. ' Gods hundred head clutching his eyes, his eyes are also co ribs up , he felt a heavenly close. Good brother ! Well done ! Fast medication restored , then follow me ! There I was they hurt you ! Fine black bear an accelerated , and a peak of seven items god himself staggered, clutching his gods hundred head forward and chase lute Halloween fairy princess, flew some 100 meters , the day of the mouth of God suddenly sprayed blood fell on his back ! Black bear playing with a stick fine golden light , his strength is close to the lute cents monensin thousand gods contend ! Finally, the emergence of several powerful gods , he was suddenly a mouth, the mouth spray hidden in a dark and stormy winds bags ! Was a dark and stormy in touch , it will freeze into ice ! Breeze gently blowing , the peak of the gods seven items will become powder ! Hundred head gods taking immortality, being dragged along fine fly bears more than a dozen interest , he finally opened his eyes, and a two-edged sword Quick Kill ! Ao Shun arm in addition to his wife, except for lute cents , the original two are so powerful demon king ! Hundred head gods good group of offensive spells, black bear fine group of offensive abilities, but it is rarely singled out rivals, one hundred head gods much wisdom , black bears fine and honest, two perfect match, complementary Yique , known as Ao letter two Deva kings men ! There is an enemy , the enemy with them , there are one thousand enemies , they are still together against the enemy , guarding the left-right torn god fairy lute defense , nearly ten must array ! Although the strength of small Halloween less impressive , but her magic very much, did not actually lose ...... with big spider abilities, but she used a white silk woven spider silk is very powerful , there are already hundreds of people have been rolled into her Huanghuashan dumplings leave , she did not fall behind . Ao demon soldiers under the command of all Kongwuyouli letter , just as later the three trapping camp , even though few in number , but the rattling , field operations , are the drawbacks , Kills efficiency is actually the first public forces , Marshal canopy Tianhe navy one hundred thousand partial division had been defeated them ! Is here ! Went into the array ! Ten days then powerful monarch , and so many of us can not fight ! Gods restored five hundred head into strength , and today he should still give one one thousand gold . Men demon king said to be virtuous , to little more than bullying against the demon king Men 's style ah ! It singled it ! Men Jun singled to ten days thousands of people ! Hey smile ...... bear fine lute cents see Rebels waited at sounding , big shouted : scumbag ! Want to die, go away ! Rebels surrendered after the flesh sanctification ninety-six road demons, however , eyes are one hundred thousand demons ...... breaks against either hero or a fool, it is clear that neither Rebels , although he anxious hearts , but let opened a road. Golden array, Ao Shun action step faster , a halberd cut to the altar ! Carbazole ! Bang ! Altar apart ! Twenty mirror disappears , golden array plume dispersed ! Ao letter to the golden left hand shoved beat Notre Dame , big shouted : Crane Xiao nine days ! Our Lady of the golden golden letters left hand playing Ao pain, golden palm of Our Lady is trembling , and together they were Zhentui few hundred meters ! Ao letter horde stature but quickly saw his men, can not help but laugh: fits the bill ! Impossible ! Golden Virgin Mary clutching his left wrist speechless , her wrist fracture ! Letter Lang ! Are you okay , great ! Ao Shun brother ! Demon king ! Haha, lucky win a game ! Golden array has been broken ! Kenjiro door , come with me , let me to experience the world warlords Huanghuashan force ! Ao letter laughed . ( Tanabata ! Seeking votes ! ) ! @ #
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