Although we can not swim

July 01 [Fri], 2011, 19:10
When the evening, dressed in red veil of the sea, more prettily, thousands of charm, and the sky burning with orange glow, chasing the sunset trail. Junction with the sea in the day, emerged in a huge golden Dragon, wanton dance, confusing, winding stretch, What a magnificent view.
Soon, a shower hit, we fled the same as the place to find shelter.When I afar in the rain, thick clouds, such as Mexico, down almost to cover, the setting sun had disappeared, the sea Jinhuang Long also sneaked into the sea, I saw the light cage Mist, curl rises, the sea lover Island shrouded by dense, really as a younger lover happy nestled in the romantic picture. Gradually the rain was heavy, the sea became very silent, a deep sense of depression gradually any spread of the dip, Lili rain mixed with deep Chaosheng, like a woman who tells of the thoughts, muttered from language, look faint, it is heart-rending and fascinating.
The rain stopped, we immediately swim in the sea. Although we can not swim in the sea in a clean and fresh as the Tamsui River in wanton fun, but the sea with its broad, magnanimous, gentle but heroic mind to accommodate those of us who earthly noise, cleanse our mental and physical fatigue, gives us passionate emotion and pride gas red sky, as it also has a broad and vast, the daring, ambitious vision.
Tired after the tour, we enjoy the benefits of beer on the beach with barbecue and bonfire at the point and tug of war activities, we play beautiful wanton, play and forget. The sea has been quietly watching, listening, accompanied, as an elderly mother, guarding her children are naughty.

I have seen too much

July 01 [Fri], 2011, 19:08
One night I work overtime late, when he opened the door could not help but blame, how it come back? I almost want to call to your company. His concern is the routine it, in fact, no, we are students, we are familiar, like friends, we generally just do not know why, I am so touched that night in his small living room next to the water, I watched his back was going to go over, leaned on his shoulder, I hesitated for a long time, or not. I know he told me just friends, but I told him, all the goodwill, but this time, he for me fill up my empty room.
Two weeks later, he left, my house and down the deserted, I do not know how to do that empty room. I thought about leasing, but I never thought of the familiar unfamiliar faces, or forget. I told a friend, I'm afraid unsafe, in fact, I did not say, but also because I fear that if the tenant is male, and I will love them. If this is really love, nothing down. But you are afraid I love, but it was accompanied, will be temporarily off the feeling of loneliness. So even if I like a man, I have always felt not really like it, it has been reluctant to admit, has been to avoid the ...
As a hard hard barely numerous cities in the shelter with the single girl, I would rather step on a blind date set foot on the long distance, but also do not want to just fall in love with a man. Just as lonely, just because palpable. Because in the hard process, I have seen too much, the fate of many women around, such as the clear nights the lights and tell me lonely in love who can only love their own loneliness.
Lock lock mountain mountain fog fog, days even water tail-water pinch, hug blue, deep, vast and mysterious sea boundless is everyone's dream. From a small window overlooking the classic poetry, the tide can be heard at the shore, waves to see flying, rough, Haiou fly. I'm not a born in the sea, there is no singing sea songs grew up listening to the sea are not even sleep or calm the passionate or charming Chaosheng, it is full of expectations, love and reverence.
When I was camping with the Rover's red team to West Beach, both feet on the beach in the soft, inner excitement, encourages, and the antithesis of the surrounding environment, everything is so clean, mild, slowly with a cool breeze breath, playfully grazed my body. The sea in front of a bi ten thousand ares groaning, but is very docile, like lying on the foot of sleep for several days, thousands of young red Beaulieu, hearts for many years, "surging" of the screen at the moment vanished. I can not wait to come to the beach, the sea rushed to the beach stir-stemmed small waves, that is not the same as a cup of beer debauchery acute Chung, different volumes of all things heavy rains flood the general anger. You see, the sea of rippling waves, layers, and sequential rolling slowly toward the shore, like the girl wearing a beautiful spring folds of the skirt, walked Ana scene, confident and elegant pace, in the light of the fine small fluctuations in the more mellow cool, The beauty of dancing. Some people say that the wonders of sea spray, like a dancer, showing the light and graceful dance, make people do not consciously put aside worries, enjoy the ecstasy.
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