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> Chapter Lorraine Battle of Würzburg strategy a bit of the battle the Emperor of Germany, Bavaria, Emperor of twenty - two thousand coalition defeated the Austrian Emperor Union sixteen thousand people. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM discerning eye can see that the emperor Union of Bavaria obtained in central and northern Germany is far more supporters duchy located in southern Austria cent more a lot. Almost four million people in the war, casualties on both sides, but 56 thousand people, mostly broken up. Bavaria emperor Union foreign claims they smote the number up to ten thousand of the enemy, their losses but two thousand people, while the Austrian duchy Union back to Yan sè said they killed the enemy more than eight thousand people, their loss was four thousand more, the reason for withdrawal for strategic purposes. In short, now Emperor of Austria, Albert II is equivalent to sè column regularly with a dry tissue, they say they won, who do not believe, but sè victory column say they rarely suffer questioned. Bavarian Duke Wilhelm opened it mén red, the momentum is even more arrogant. Duke of Lorraine is part of the reason why the emperor William III, Duke of Bavaria, the identity of the emperor sent a harsh wording, accusing the Duke of Lorraine to a mere term Elector's identity nòng what Roman peace conference as soon as a new attachment The emperor is the truth. Almost at the same time as the characters, the Duke is Duke of Lorraine with the Elector of Bavaria, and the parties qualification almost gone. Single-handedly trying to do the emperor Charles Duke of Lorraine where willing willing to bow. Duchy of Austria's supporters in Germany and Central allow supporters of the Duchy of Bavaria defeated, lost for many reasons, coach idiot, agriculture soldiers lax, more emphasis on the Duchy of Austria region but not in the middle of southern Germany, but in There, the Duchy of Bavaria's influence favorably sè. Corbin riding horse,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, like a dead dog tired in general, from Tours channeling back to Metz, he learned the news two weeks ago. It turned out that this time, work has been dilatory Germany nobles came from the south, the latest German emperor battle the latest news. Bavarian duchy main Duchy of Austria in the east of the main collection of Passau. Passau in the Bavarian duchy Duchy border with Austria is Austria's only way leading to the Duchy of Bavaria. Here is located in the plains, the Danube River and Ilz rivers due jiāo Survey Office, so here is the southern region of Germany called Three Rivers, fighting broke out in the local people named the Battle of Three Rivers. As we all know, a strong Swiss mercenaries not suddenly pop out. The mountain areas of poverty hone their physique will and provide the foundation, but repeated attempts to invade the Swabian League Austria Schwarz Duchy Pradesh state is pushing oil the wheels of history. Over the past hundred years, the Duchy of Austria launched the invasion of four well-known war. Every time the luxuries thousands cavalry battle, meaning yù winning Schwartz. Results Well, four-game losing streak of the Austrian duchy knight numerous casualties, stunned the crowd wild unruly nòng became almost universal soldier military aristocracy. But the forces of the Duchy of Austria is still very strong. But also illustrate another point, the Austrian duchy poor mountain warfare, but unexpectedly suitable plains warfare. Two male territory, can wait up to fifty into the coffin of the old man,Jordan Spizike Shoes, down to the age old enough to play soy sauce which is not conscripted abducted kid actor gave up, even the strongest fùnv are tightly However, an ax, a two-edged manure fork, soldiers do during the day, at night to do the military special forces appeared! Austrian army of the Duchy of Bavaria duchy first step together to complete the main house, after all, a lot of people, but there are more than five thousand people gathered experience. Sanko bī nearly all the way against Ben Passau, the Bavarian duke still assembled army. Duke of Bavaria men knight estimated that no Austrian duke so much, but his men farmers soldiers actually stronger than the Duchy of Austria on the lot. The reason is simple, Xi Jisi méng Germany that the goods before the king as the Romans did little in the territory of four he moved to Germany. As a supporter of the Duke of Bavaria, of course, have provided troops to support agriculture wherever he goes. And the edge of the Bavarian duchy is bō Xi Miya kingdom beast, Bavarian agricultural soldiers often have to respond to the call of the Lord to bō Xi Miya on the border to engage in income-generating Kingdom. Duke of Austria, led over twenty-two thousand peasant soldiers,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, four thousand five hundred infantry, more than six thousand cavalry, a total of three million people known as fifty thousand troops. Albert II attack Kepa Shao easy, but they corrected after several rì, Duke of Bavaria known as ninety thousand troops, although actually it is only more than forty thousand soldiers, farmers, more than five thousand infantry, three thousand cavalry, three thousand crossbowman, a total of about five million people stopped in the road. Agriculture soldiers data, in fact, both sides in order to facilitate, casually pull a number out. Anyway, a team of over a million on the boundless, Duke Albert II of Austria was feeling good on the casually we have come to a fifty thousand troops, and Duke of Bavaria in order to stabilize the morale of the army came to the army which we have eighty thousand. Wait until the two sides laid out in front of Passau near the plains, when in fact we are just about the same. The two sides battle, fight like a swarm hún rogue battle, almost one day, a handful of name of the name became a disc intestinal war. Heroic or equivalent without the brain, regardless of Austria has launched four cavalry charge, but four were repulsed. Bavarian public good at the front of the battlefield ** team contest, the Austrian agricultural soldiers under the leadership of the Austrian aristocracy insisted for a long time was only Bavarian duchy agricultural brigade soldiers rout. Knight arm injury against Duke in Bavaria, Austria, Duke of excessive and sudden disappearance of pigs, but reached the other side of Lorraine Duke of Bavaria became injured died, Duke of Austria died message. But the real battle lasted until dusk Austrian duke's brother things are impossible to see, sounded the retreat ceremony considered the end of the real numbers to end the fighting. Austria ** collapse go public, many tens of thousands of infantry recruit up all collapsing, with them, like Duke, raw but not people, dead but not dead. Walking squire infantry remnants 3,000 people, left more than two thousand cavalry. Duchy of plate armor knight against strong survived, they account for a large part. Bavarian duchy soldiers with farming life and crossbowman go withstood the impact of the Austrian duchy cavalry, some fight down, tens of thousands of people, but the number of intact half of the original Bavarian duchy cavalry died 7788, left a few one hundred look, but keep walking squire mén touches the basic fighting left four thousand or so. Bavarian public ** is to win, but to win badly, at least a short time there is no evil in the Austrian Duke's ability to advance base camp. Duke of Lorraine Duchy of Austria glancing so not to force, for fear of a careless finish off, it does not become so Corbin sidelines Bavarian duchy a single large yet. So take advantage of the Duchy of Austria defeated the momentum, Duke of Lorraine emperor, intended to draw to go along with the Duchy of Austria do not see a bright future for Germany and Central nobles. Two competitors are dead, no reason not to emperor Duke of Lorraine. In other words, Luo Lingong country who determine the side hit the region throughout Germany emperor title ownership. Army expedition that day. Luo Lingong country lit a sixteen thousand people had an impressively army in a different landscape. Like the ancient Roman Empire, a group holding eagle flag and eagle emblem in general, under the command of the Duke of Lorraine, who appeared a group holding the flag, the flag that says there is not spqr Roman Empire on the prod-paxromaningermania, Roman peace in Germany. When the construction workers came to Luo Lingong country of Germany were all put on a spear provided Duke of Lorraine, looks burly also got the shield, two thousand two hundred people a group, headed by the Duke of Lorraine's henchmen, his nephew also want a group or his own money to build a group, the result was an excuse for the new army combat Duke of Lorraine unstable and Luo Lingong country does not have so much money they sent away. Subsequently, the new Army, Duke of Lorraine chōu a lot of tough guy to compose 1,500 Guards. With iron armor, helmets, shields, spears, and if those armor sell better again, and that is where infantry were pirated Hollywood blockbusters. Corbin became the command of the army. One thousand Lorraine cavalry, three thousand infantry squire, the team formed by the Luo Lingong aristocracy army is responsible for more than two hundred knights. Eight thousand new recruits that, plus fifteen hundred recruits to strengthen teams and two thousand five hundred Swiss mercenaries. The army is the main north Luo Lingong country. The cavalry is not much, but also not a lot of Luo Lingong domestic portion aristocracy. Duke of Lorraine did not chōu tune too Luo Lingong country henchmen aristocracy, is to stay in the country they will be in the public defense ministry doing to prepare, Swiss mercenaries who did not chōu out too much, because they want to meet national defense native Luo Lingong , as well as their old enemy now jǐng Ti Swabian alliance. Because the purpose of attacking Zhezhi Corbin proposed Brabant Duchy Duchy and the Netherlands as well as the Duchy of Burgundy, which is Germany's lowland areas! Germany lowland areas are urban areas throughout the territory, the cavalry is not appropriate where, làng fee food is not that siege, when the cavalry in addition jǐng quit, can not do anything, because the rate of Burgundy Flemish public ** Fernandez went to Germany and Central main, they got the news hard to say what, even got the news that they had to withdraw after a series of Flanders after the Netherlands principality, until the Duke of Burgundy return Flanders, waiting for his the city will be easy to master, and the city of Rome, fluttering banner of peace. Luo Lingong country's strategy is simple. Positive response Brabant dukedom do not welcome Philip Duke of nobility, first sent messengers, contact them and then draw this part, and then promote Flanders, due to the local people through tens of thousands of Germany's attack a few years ago, the local fortifications certainly compared to the year Corbin led the French army offensive in Flanders a lot weaker, and most importantly, Corbin accounted for Flanders in France where he has a down payment cannon. According to his knowledge, there has not yet fallen. Flanders attack from the south, along the way to get through to the hallway where Dunois to Flanders for cannon, and then all the way from west to east, to advance to the territory of the Netherlands principality. Finally, from Hamburg, Bremen march, to surrender to detonate the Duchy of Bavaria and Austria opposed the Bavarian - 因戈尔斯塔特 branch of the Duchy of Brandenburg, Lubeck Bishop State, Münster Bishop State, acquire autonomy in northern Germany recognition of the city, then, if this strategy is complete, Duke of Lorraine will be true Germans deserved Roman emperor. ! @ # <
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